Food and Beverage System

Importance of Food and Beverage System

Introduction to Food and Beverage System

Food and beverage is fastest growing sector in the present global economy. It involves valuable services offered by restaurants, food joints, pubs, coffee shops, takeaways etc. Presently, the food and service sector is most revenue generating sector that contributes to large extent to the economic development of nation. The major objective of food and service industry is to satisfy the food and beverage needs of its customers. However, the prosperity of food and beverage industry depends upon the quality, taste, appearance of food and beverage. In the present report different aspects of food and beverage industry has been explained. The report states that how Christmas event can be impressively organized through food and beverage management. In addition to this aspect, it involves the characteristics of food production system, types of services, purchasing process in hospitality organization etc. Thereafter, the implication of financial system within pub will be explained.

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Task 1

1.1 Types of food production system

Various types of food production systems are-

Conventional food system

Conventional food systems mainly aims at maximizing economies of scale and maximize production in hospitality industry. It is used because of shortage of labor these days. This system is very flexible, as anything can be included in it because of its fast service to customers. Further, it makes people think of a fresh and homemade product which shows that the quality is good.

Centralized system

Centralized system is very good service system which hospitality sectors are using where the food is served to customers. There are many advantages in hospitality sector like there are cost savings and they supply in a very huge quantity for a large operations and not dealt with smaller operations. Similarly with a centralized system there is a good control over the food ingredients that turns in decreasing cost of food. Nowadays labors and employees are very expensive so they use central food production to reduce labor cost.

1.2 Different factors affecting the choice of menus

There are various factors that can impact the menus and recipes for students Christmas party to be held at community pub pub. They are explained as follows:

Budget for celebration of event

The budget of Christmas party is £2000 only. Therefore, community pub pub is required to design its menu for event according to the budget of its customers. Therefore, the pub should plan in such a way that more services can be provided to customer within the budget.

Availability of resources

In order to fulfill the requirements of customer in better it is important for pub to ensure they have adequate amount of resources. With the lack of availability of resources pub would not be able to manage a gathering of 100 people and individual needs of customers. Further, pub require skilled chefs, equipment for preparing different dishes, waiters, bartenders etc. Therefore, to implement the menu list effectively there must be proper availability of resources.

Nutritional value and ethnicity

The success of Christmas event will depend upon the quality of food and beverage. Therefore, pub should ensure that dishes prepared for event are rich in nutritional value with proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Therefore, the menu should include salads, fruits, energy drinks, juice, organic food etc.

Flavor and appearance of dish

Presently, customers prefer dishes of different flavor and taste. The appearance of dish induce craveability and credence, even before the dish is consumed. Thereafter, the dishes should be good in aroma and appearance. Therefore, attractive dishes should be part of menu of event.

Hence, the aforementioned factors should be kept in mind before deciding the menu. The budget and number of invited guest should be kept in mind while deciding the menu. Thereafter, the buffet system can be adopted by pub as the services are being offered to large number of people. The main objective of buffet services is guest will play main role and there are less complaints of poor services.

1.3 The cost and staffing implications for various system

The staff plays a major role in the success of food and beverage services system. The staff is responsible for greeting the guests, escorting them to their seats, taking their order, making them comfortable, taking their order and serving them ordered dishes and drinks. Therefore, staff plays an important role in the prosperity of food service process. Hence, it is important for pub to select the staff wisely. Thereafter, it is important for pub that its staff must possess various skills that are important to match the industry standards. Therefore, the staff must have good communication, problem solving and presentation skills. In addition to this aspect, the staff should be well behaved, polite and enduring while offering the services to the guest of event. A staff with sound communication and positive behavioral skills intensify the service operation. Therefore, competent staff will help pub in identifying the needs of customers and fulfilling them in better way. This will enhance the satisfaction of customers attending the event and increase the sales of pub.

Further, community pub should investment significant amount in the training of its staff so that they can provide high quality services to customers. The pub should provide training and educational qualification to new appointed staff to build strong skills. The catering staff should have proper knowledge of their professional conduct. Therefore, significant cost is involved in training and development process of staff. Thereafter, different equipment's are required for preparing different dishes. Therefore, it also involve cost of purchasing equipment, cutlery for serving dishes etc. However, the children are special guest of event and satisfying them is crucial task. Therefore expert chef can be hired who will prepare special dishes for kids. Therefore significant cost will be involved in hiring staff, chefs etc.

1.4 Justification of system suitability for local-community pub

Being a event organizer I can justify that buffet system will be more suitable for the Christmas event that is going to be organized by local-community pub. The main advantage of this service is that guest serve themselves and therefore service personnel require less skills and experience. Therefore, pub doesn't have to incur much cost in giving training to existing service staff. Thereafter, it is much convenient option as the number of guest is more and table service or other service will be ineffective in such situation. The buffet system will enable the pub to offer services to large number of people at particular time with less requirement of staff. Further, buffet system gives guest proper time to chose the dish they want to eat. Thereafter, in buffet system the food is placed attractively on table. Therefore, the food is served by guest as per its requirement and like which minimizes the food wastage. Hence, the buffet system is cost effective as it requires less staff for operations. However, for serving hard drinks the local-community pub can use single point service method. Along with these service system, pub can use centralized production system which is cost effective. The centralized production system minimize the extra cost involved in appointing labor and production. Therefore, it is justified that community pub can use buffet and single point service for organizing Christmas event.

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Task 2

2.1 The use of financial statements in local community pub

Financial statement means recording the financial activities and the financial position of business, person or entities. The use of financial documents in hotels are-

  • Dish costing sheets: It involves the costing of dish and also involves labor cost in hotel industry.
  • Operating statements: The operation statement determine the revenue and expense of hotel industry. It determines the profit and loss statement, income statement of hotel for the future. Firstly, hotels are preparing sales budget that includes cash, restaurant, bars, parking revenue, etc.
  • Cost Statements: The cost statements involves income statements of hotel that prepare profit and loss statement. This method is used to know the room revenues, other incomes like spa and health club in hotels, food and beverage revenue.
  • Variance analysis: Variance analysis determines the actual and planned behavior. This is to maintain control over business. When the expense of labor in hotels are more or less as per the hotel's budgeting plan, this analysis can be done. It is to analyze the impact of revenue and profits. Hotel and restaurants have variance due to the cost of supply, labor cost.
  • Sales Records: Sales records is to record all the information about customers that how often they come to your hotel, what food they mainly like, how they pay their bills.

2.2 Use of cost and pricing processes in local community pub

The cost and pricing process will help local community pub in preparing dishes in the provided budget and adding the percentage of margin which is required. The cost and pricing processes help in adopting the proper pricing strategy. However, community pub should set competitive price to survive in long run. Therefore, pub can use cost plus profit method which enable the firm to cover the cost while earning the required amount of profit. Therefore, community pub should keep the budget of customer in mind. Therefore, only those services, food items that fall in budget should be included. Further, quality of services provided to guest should be kept in consideration while determining the prices. Thereafter, the community pub will charge the service tax which is 2%, VAT that is 10% inclusive. The community plan should involve all direct and indirect cost. The direct cost will involve cost of raw material, equipment used in preparing dishes, alcohol etc. Thereafter, indirect cost involve the cost incurred by pub in decoration, appointing chefs, security guards etc.

2.3 Analysis of purchasing process

The purchasing process of local community pub will determine the procedure used by firm for buying different goods, equipment's and services. The main objective of analyzing the purchasing process is to minimize the unnecessary cost and earn more profit. Therefore, community pub is required to consider following aspect

  • Requisition of equipment and supplies: Community pub is required to purchase equipment's needed for preparing dishes and cutlery used for serving food and beverage. The equipment's should be purchased from reliable supplier only. Thereafter, the warranty, grantee of equipment's, replacement if found defective etc should be ensured while making purchase decision.
  • Suppliers: Presently, there are 20 suppliers providing food equipment like, food processor, grinder, crystal wares for serving dishes, microwave etc. Community pub should select supplier which provide best quality at reasonable price.
  • Receipt: The purchase department of community pub should collect receipt of every purchased item to maintain proper accounts.
  • Purchase specification: The purchase process should be appropriately specified to ensure that no important item is left out. For instance, fresh turkey, vegetables, fruits are required to prepare main course. Thereafter, roasting pan is required to cook roasted turkey etc.

Task 3

3.1 Compiling food and beverage menu

The menu of event will play an important role in making event successful. The menu of Christmas event to be organized in local-community pub will be based on a l a carte this assure that food and beverages will be provided at separate counters. In the event diversified range of guest like, children, adults, vegetarian, non vegetarian, diet conscious people, diabetic patient etc. Therefore, to organize successful event it is important for pub to take care of the needs and requirements of all kinds of guests. The menu should involve food and beverages as per the requirements of guests. For instance, for vegetarian guests menu should involve, green vegetables, fruit salads, rice, fruit juices, shakes and desserts. The number of vegetarian guest is low; 30 therefore, the quantity of food should be less. Further, for non vegetarians, chicken, roast turkey along with the beer, wine etc can be served. However, there will be additional charge for hard drinks, best quality wine, fruit shakes etc. Therefore, for serving additional items other than offered in buffet, point service can be used. Further, for children should be served chocolate shakes, donuts, apple pie, puddings, torte etc. However, a special service staff dressed in cartoon character can be hired who can entertain and serve kids. Further, for diabetic patients rice, fresh vegetables, sugar free desserts, puddings, torte can be prepared. In addition to this, fresh fruits, salads can be added to the menu.

Moreover, it is important for community pub to ensure that food and beverages are fresh and hygienic. The prepared dishes should be rich in nutritional value and must be served at appropriate temperature such as main course should be served hot while dessert, beer should be served cold. The cost of dishes of menu should not exceed the budget provided by customer.

3.2 Justification of the selection and suitability of prepared menu

The menu is designed after considering the needs and preferences of guest of Christmas event. Since, its clear from the scenario that different guest will be invited among which 70 are adult, 30 are children. Thereafter, 20 guests among the invitees are vegetarian and 10 are diabetic. Therefore, menu is prepared accordingly. Further, with the increasing health consciousness among adults, the menu includes fresh fruits, vegetables etc. Broadly, there are two types of menu, table-d-hote and a-la-carte menu. Here, the community pub has selected table d hote menu as it is more appropriate as per the situation. The menu is finalized after consulting the culinary expert. For vegetarians, Samon fillet ratatouille stuffed peper. Thereafter, for non vegetarians roast nut turkey is prepared. For, kids there are desserts and honey glazed gammon ham included in menu. However, all the dishes will be prepared separately without sugar for diabetic patients. Apart from the menu there are fresh fruit salad, juices that are complementary from the pub. Thereafter, special culinary experts will be hired for preparing the dishes in menu. The appearance, serving style, quality of dishes mentioned in menu are considered primarily.

Task 4

4.1 The food beverage plan for Christmas event in local-community pub

Ton ensure the successful management of Christmas event inviting 100 people, it is suggested that local-community pub should devise a plan. Plan will further guide the hotel and assist in controlling and managing range of activities. However, it is decided that table d hote menu will be designed which means food and beverages will be provided at fixed cost to guests of event. Thereafter, various factors that should be considered while preparing food beverage plan are explained as follows:

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The planning is done regarding the choice of dishes that should be involved in menu. Thereafter, the staff, waiters, etc that will be required for organizing event will be planned. Also, the local community will plan the chefs that must be appointed for preparing the dishes mentioned in menu. The planning process also involve the supplier that should be selected for acquiring raw material, equipment required for preparing dishes etc.

Cost control

The community pub should determine the cost that will be involved in carrying different functions. For this aspect, budget should be prepared that will involve cost of preparing dishes along with labor cost, expenditure incurred on appointing staff, decorations for event. Here, pub is asked to organize the event in£2000 thus, its appropriate for pub to organize the event in £1000 so that 10% revenue can be earned.

Quality standards

It is important for community pub to maintain the quality standards while providing services. For this aspect the fruits, vegetables and canned juices etc should be fresh. Thereafter, equipment's, raw material used in preparing different dishes should be safe and hygienic. In order to ensure repetitive customers, it is important for pub to maintain high quality standards.

4.2 Implementing the planned service

The planned service can be implemented by local community pub while maintaining the health, safety and security of guests. Pub should appoint security guards that will ensure that no outsiders is permissible within the event. The name of invitees should be provided to security guard who will check the identity, match the name from the list and permit the person to join the party. Thereafter, a special team can be constituted who will look after the management of event. The core responsibility of team will be to ensure safety, health and quality standards are adhered properly while preparing food. In addition to this aspect, the premises of pub should be hygienic and area should be cleaned with disinfectants. Thereafter, needs and preference of customers should be considered properly while providing services. For instance, diabetic patient should not be served sweet dishes, the food of vegetarians and non vegetarian should be on different counters etc. While purchasing the food ingredients the quality marks, their expiry date should be checked properly. The fruits, vegetables, juices etc should be stored in refrigerators to maintain their quality.

4.3 Recommendations for improvement

  • Proper planning should be done by community pub to organize Christmas event successfully.
  • Special games should be organized to entertain children.
  • The theme of party should be based on Christmas. Therefore, there must be return gifts for children.
  • The hall marks should be checked while purchasing food ingredients.
  • The security should be tight and no outsiders should be allowed in part other than invitees.
  • The chefs should be asked to wear hair mask, hand gloves while preparing the food.
  • The waiters should be in proper uniform and their should warmly welcome the guest.
  • Feedback should be taken from guest before their departure.


Summing up the entire report, it can be concluded that it is vital for organization functioning in food and beverage industry to adhere the quality standards. In order to organize the Christmas event successfully the needs and preferences of customers should be kept in consideration. Thereafter, buffet system along with table-d-hote menu can be selected for Christmas event. The cost statement and other financial statements will help pub in organizing the event in the provided budget only.


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