Health and Social Care

Analysis of Health and Social Care

Introduction to Health and Social Care

Nowadays, everyone is looking for the good health in their life. For getting good health, everyone is seriously working over it. Now, it has been observed that the health has become the great concern for today's life cycle. New and advanced technology have been emerged to cure the critical diseases. But, as the time passes, new diseases also have been emerged. International bodies like- World Health Organisation, are seriously overviewing the issues and also encourages scientists to invent the new technologies so that they could get over the newly horrible diseases. Health is one of the fundamental concern. General health and social care is not only the range where individual thinks but also have a greater government concern issues.

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1.1 Powers of various health agency

There are so many health-care agencies which are operating in the country which main aim is to determine level of health and diseases in communities. They can be regional or global. Regional bodies are the main bodies which are ultimately responsible to provides health-care facilities in each country. If any infection spread out in the country then such regional body official would be responsible. Their role includes nursing and detect of health measures and resounding out epidemic investigation to identify the cause for diseases and conduct laboratory testing if existing, debar and managing of the sick, give attention on sick spreadness. The agencies also stimulates and safeguard the health via control, company, novelty, and act in public health and any other modes. To attain this, they are attentive on spread out health, avoid protected sicknesses and injuries, and replying to the community health disasters and infectious illness eruptions.

World Health Organisation is striving hard to create a global investigation system which linked together current, local, provincial, countrywide and global networks of research laboratories and health centre into a vast investigation network of diseases. Administrative bodies such as government and local authorities perform superiority in infectious diseases like UK community Health Laboratory Service, US Canters for Sickness Control and Avoidance.

Public health agency can be defined as the government body which derives responsibility and authority from the local and state laws which govern them. National Health Service (NHS) is the authority which is in charge of the execution of related exercises. Every individual governing bodies and other divisions and administering bodies are going under secretary. Secretary is the person who ultimately provides the legitimate rules and charges to alternate specialists about every one of the medications administration, upgraded invention, infection administration related strategies and procedures. Bureau of Health is ultimate authority who is in charge of the activity plan and usage of the policies characterized and to deal with the better health of people in general. There are various key health experts who are also responsible for doing ground work implementation. One class is the essential care trust, which adopting the general population's health at the time of emergency crisis. There are group of health administration, General experts, dental specialists, drug specialists and opticians. They all are responsible on their individual part to perform their duties in the society in order to cure the maximum disease.

The second class is the NHS trust or the optional care unit. This is the real segment of the health administration. Which has dealt with hospitals facilities and other strong ancillary services. The government on their part and other international bodies and non governmental bodies who specially works for the betterment for the community. Hospitals and clinics are assuming a key part in prevention and cure of the disease. To overcome the chances of future coming diseases, almost all countries are providing Epidemiological vaccination at the time of the birth of newly born baby and after that frequent doses is to be provided to them for prevention of infection. For eradicating the diseases, the hospitals are much important who look after all the patients and also provides the adequate treatments so that the disease could be cured.

Local authorities are managed by the district council, and has wide range of responsibilities and prosecution power in order to enforce legislation and regulation. Its responsibilities area is food safety and hygiene, control of infectious disease, pest control, health promotion etc. Government institutions like department of health and national institute of health are responsible for the promotion of health among individuals. EU has created a health security committee in order to communicate diseases which needs improvements.

1.2 Infections disease

There are various infectious and non-infectious diseases which are harmful for the health of the people. Infectious diseases are like influenza, HIV/AIDS, food/water borne infections, MRSA, childhood illness etc. Non infectious diseases are asthma, obesity and malignant diseases etc.

Epidemiology is the research of how often diseases happen in various group of people and why. Epidemiological information is implemented to plan and review strategies to stop disease and as a guide to the administration of patients in whom disease has already emerged. Like- the clinical findings, the epidemiology of a disease is an inherent part of its common description. The subject has its more particular methods of data collection and interpretation, and its essential jargon for technical terms. There are so many research approaches which can be implemented in order to transmit out the epidemiological research. Infectious diseases occurred due to pathogenic bacteria, like- viruses, organisms or fungi.

Tuberculosis is one of the most common infection which is frequently occurred in European nations. As this is not an easy to cure it completely unless take proper medications for the long period. This is mostly occurred through not taking the cough and cold infections seriously and due to prolonged cough and cold infections, tuberculosis have occurred. After having tuberculosis, there is a need to cure such disease through taking at least 6 months non-stop treatment individuals tent to overlook some an opportunity to take drugs. Because of his if the ordinary tuberculosis transform into extreme chronic tuberculosis it is extremely hard to cure from existing drugs. Taking after insights demonstrate the conduct, examples, and patterns of tuberculosis.

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1.3 Assess the efficiency of various approaches

Health research association has now planed new improvements and methodologies to limiting and abolish tuberculosis from the UK. There are numerous systems used and some of the key areas are distinguished and the achievement of a portion of the territories have been mentioned hereunder:

Invent new vaccine

TB vaccine which is still used, was created in 1921. this vaccine was used to help out and protect almost 40,000 kids each year. Due to the increments of HIV. It is spreading there is a necessity of investigating for new antibodies or vaccine so that these diseases can be cured.

Invent more effective medications

Drugs which is still used, had been found almost 40 years back. Regularly it have to treat numerous moths. Patients who do not take the adequate treatment course, are may get into medication resistance TB.

Emerge effective diagnosis

Current system of diagnosis "sputum smear microscopy". Which is 100 years of age system of recognizing the diagnosis of patients and it is so tedious. Now, in 21st century, there is need to emerge a new technology for the diagnosis of TB.

Present advancement in TB control

In United Kingdom, the number of TB patients are increasing and the number of HIV positive are also increased. That is why, it is must to discover new techniques to control TB.


2.1 Current priorities

The whole world is currently confronting a more serious issue, which is Tuberculosis. There are following approaches and priorities of rendering services to the people with disease or illness.

Disease prevention

It is a part of medication which priorities on serving people avoid infectious disease.


Treatment is the most demanded thing for curing the disease. Now, it has been seen that the treatment is dedicated on discovery novel and better operative treatments, medicine courses which could be spread out to recover the life of the individuals with diseases.

Palliative care

It is segregated from the healthcare which concentrates on releasing and inhibiting the sorrow of patients. Various from hospital care, palliative medicine is suited for patients who suffer from whole disorder stages, with those suffering treatments for curable infections and those alive with the regular diseases, and also for the patients who are at their end days.

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2.2 Elaborate the relationship that exists between the prevalence of disease

Prevalence is adopted by dividing the sum of occurrences of the health meter via certain time gap by the proportions of the population of indicator happened. In order to aids and provides social services to individual prevalence is most crucial thing as it aids in planning. This is adequate degree than occurrence when assessing the effects of the disease.

Number of individuals and patients who are getting some restorative testicles does not tally correct number of individuals who has experienced a similar ailment. Same time there are many individuals who don't know that they have officially tainted. Along these lines the correct no of individuals needs to figure utilizing a model, comprehend the full impact to the general public, and prepare for medicine.

Toward the start of the twentieth century, irresistible illnesses were the key causes of death around the world. In United kingdom, three ailments - tuberculosis, pneumonia, and diarrhoeal disease --brought about 30% of deaths. By the finish of the twentieth century, in a large portion of the developed world, mortality from irresistible sicknesses had been supplanted by mortality from chronic diseases, for example, coronary heart disease, cancer and stroke.

2.3 Analyse the impact that current lifestyle

There are huge discarded trends which creates the future health and social care to comprehensive to follow. That is why, there is need to understand the assess the present grounds and the current level of health care is required to be analysed. Life style choices can be defined as the particular choice of the person regarding how to behave and live according to their personal taste, attitude and values. It can also be defined as the way in which people live their life. There are enormous undesirable current patterns which assist in creating the future health and social care to increasingly thorough to serve. In this manner comprehension of the present grounds and the present level of medicinal services must be analysed.

Current fundamental issues

Cigarette smoking is a standout amongst the most risky long term issues. This is because of the current level of smoking particularly among ladies and kids makes the question increasingly basic as the impacts of smoking are conveying towards to the who and what is to come. The present level of liquor utilization is likewise another enormous issue which society is encountering which made overwhelming and some of the time destructive dangers the human body.

Additionally because of the level of changes to the eating regimen which has brought on some long haul harms, for example, gastritis and live issues are should have been highlighted. It is said that there is a 46% expansion in probability of weight which is for the most part due to the eager and recreation less bustling calendars. This has likewise prompted stationary way of life which makes issues considerably more serious. In this manner the recommended arrangements will give a superior stage so as to limit the harms. It is likely that there will be a considerable measure of growth patients because of the use of the cigarettes and tobacco. Along these lines medicinal services association can do advancing the disease alertness programs for the most part over the web focusing on youngsters and ladies which makes the smokers to decrease their propensity. Additionally keeping in mind the end goal to diminish the disease issues, there social insurance associations can enhance safe cigarettes which are of 0% nicotine. Such techniques are probably going to diminish the social weight on disease and heart issues.

The use of liquor is probably going to damage the stomach and liver issues to the people. Be that as it may, it is extremely hard to control the utilization of alcohol as they have no administrative fixations uniquely to decrease the utilization. The fundamental impact would be that there will be substantial measure of liver patients who are a consequence of overwhelming liquor use. The fundamental answer could be that organizations can hope to enhance elective items which contain least level of weight. Additionally the groups can orchestrate mindfulness crusades keeping in mind the end goal to change the essence of the liquor which is existing in the human personality. In the event that the social insurance offices can ask for governments to force increasingly assesses so as to keep the clients from such items will have a negative effect over the usage.


3.1 Interprate the health priorities for individuals

There are different sorts of wellbeing and prosperity needs that associations need with a specific end goal to improve the associations situated to provide food the patients. Advancing better and solid eating regimens will make the people to be increasingly and more advantageous. Along these lines the general population will be progressively and more advantageous and that will make the care of wellbeing setting to be more alluring in the aggressive setting. Advancing locally established activities is another great propensity which organization would pass be able to on. Those will be of high an incentive as the general population are truly needing the locally situated activities the same number of them are not in a position to go to the exercise center as often as possible. Advancing better wellbeing and clean qualities, for example, appropriate arranging will make nature to be more sheltered also.

Health and well being can be defined as the absence of disease, mental distress and health. It is the outcome of combination of social, physical, intellectual and emotional factors. Health can be defined as the sound mind and body. Well being and health consist of four factors that is social, emotional, intellectual and physical. There are different sorts of health and prosperity needs that the associations is required to get so that such organisation is able to serve the patients. Better and sound weight control plans will make the people to be progressively and more healthier. In this manner the general population will be healthy and more advantageous and that will make the care of well-being setting to be more appealing in the aggressive setting. Promoting locally established exercises is another great habit which organization can pass on.

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3.2 Effectiveness of strategies, system and policies

In the wellbeing and care setting there are distinctive techniques which use keeping in mind the end goal to shape better qualities and better propensities inside the human character. When they are actualized the accompanying can be accomplished. Better client fascination can be accomplished as a perfect and slick place is constantly prone to get pulled in by the clients. Additionally when the place turns out to be vastly improved, there will be a decent notoriety which will construct the organization ascend among alternate establishments. Better partner engaging quality is likewise prone to get pulled in when the organizations are probably going to make the wellbeing and care rehearses. Additionally there is a decent plausibility to pick up a superior representative reliability and a social place where the organization turns into an ability retainer and an ability searcher.

In the health and care, there are diverse procedures which are implemented in keeping mind the targets to frame better qualities and great habits inside the human nature. Once they are executed the accompanying can be accomplished. Organisation for service provision include various institutes which provide health and care services to the people who are in need, this may include orphanages, old care homes, care settings etc. Quality provision homes helps in the improvement of people's life who are not able to get proper living. Complaint policies should be made by care settings in order to fulfil customers problems. Involvement of friends and families will help in the quick recovery of patients. Better client attraction can be accomplished as a perfect place is constantly liable to get pulled in by the clients. If the company do the health and care practices, then these activities assists in attracting the consumers.

3.3 Changes which could improve health

There must be a mental change which ought to happen with a specific end goal to make the well-being and care to be more improved. The attitudes with respect to the elderly individuals and kids must be enhanced as those will have a noteworthy effect on the organisational health care setting. States of mind, for example, love and tolerance must be produced inside the human being. There must also an effective dieting practices which could convince the patients with more balanced diet. Better health practices are useful for keeping people healthy. Like- trainings are probably going to diminish the future sicknesses and to stop the spread of the disease.

3.4 Tasks which encourage behaviour change for increasing health

There are so many certain procedures which have been implemented for limiting health diseases. It is prescribed to begin well-being camps from the school level, where entire vaccination and related well-being camps can be held to manage their health issues and protecting them to do. The following most essential arrangement of individuals is elderly group. As per the social security information arranged visits need to manage week by week or month to month to investigate the well-being status of these individuals.

Keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend certain necessities in human services and social care, it is vital to think about various criteria of wellbeing related issues and discoveries. There are a few ideas related with the wellbeing maladies, inability and shortcoming worried with the wellbeing. There are some money related and administrative group bolsters with a specific end goal to give care and satisfaction of the prerequisites of physical and mental debilitated people. The legislature received certain rights for physically incapacitated kids like cancellation and direction act. This correct goes for giving great and well conduct towards incapacity by the social group, in light of the fact that the crippled people are not treated well at the societal level. These are the above ideas and concerns related with well-being and social care.

One of the best practices to limit the disease, there is need to have close investigations of the immigrants during arrival at the airport and if someone is found with any of the viruses then, departments of the health and social issues are need to make close check over it.

It has been seen that there is increasing AIDS and other social sicknesses in the world. These will make the human conduct to be immaculate and the data will be useful uniquely the young to be spared. These will apply to anybody at any stage yet at the same time these techniques have been up to the standard and possessed the capacity to spare many lives. This has additionally made a superior workplace as the energy is won among the working power as there are better connections when the representatives and care labourers are increasingly prepared. Hence these extraordinary demonstrations have possessed the capacity to satisfy the human well-being and care to a greater setting.

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As per the above review it is reasoned that health care is more critical issue nowadays. There are so many health issues which have been described above and it also have been mentioned that the health care problems can be overcome with the help of physical workout and also following the good source of diet. In the above scenario, it has also been mentioned that the hospitals needs to provides their patients a quality diet and also convince patients for the development of their growth. Now, it has been point out that the persons can stay healthy by opting the great source of dieting and exercise. Well-being is the fundamental vital piece of an individual survival. Health is linked with the mental and physical prosperity. It is additionally viewed as social prosperity concerning work force mind and physical needs or prerequisites.


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