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Evaluating aspects of Self-Learning

Introduction on Self Efficancy

The current report stresses on two articles, which are related to impact of self-efficacy on the performance of the employees. In the two articles it focus on the how social learning theory change the belief of the employees. Even it has huge impact on the motivational factor as well employee productivity. Mainly research is done to analyses the areas, which are affected by the self-efficacy of the employees. In includes background, review of literature, critical appraisal of two selected articles and conclusion. Background provides the justification why this article has been chosen. In this case review of literature helps to describe the two articles effectively, which further helps to critical evaluation of the article (Cronin and, 2014).Besides this it even tells that how self-efficacy effects the organization goals and the performance. Whereas in the articles it has given stress on evaluation of self-efficacy of the employees. It says that high self efficacy in human resource tends to achieve the target easily and effectively besides the low one. Cormack model is used to critically analyze the articles and even with the help of this model appropriate result is obtained. The conclusion regarding the articles hasbeen made by critical evaluation of the areas and the entire aspects (Stocchetti and Kukkonen, 2011).

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There are many reasons involved, which are made to choose this topic. The main purpose the topic is being evaluated is because to identify what are the reasons which helps to increase the employee efficiency and the productivity. In present times most of the organizations are keen to know the factors, which can increase the employee productivity, which further helps to achieve the organizational targets effectively. There is growing competition in the organization and increasing demand of the employees so there was need to identify how self-efficacy affects the performance. Besides these treasons main reasons for choosing the topic was evaluation of the employees. Since self-efficacy impact is on the employee's belief and the perception what he perceives in the mind at the time of working. These topics have direct impact on the self of the employees and even to evaluate human resource behavior it is very beneficial. The main reason why I have chosen this topic is because of the increasing performance and motivation of the employees. Most of the time employees' achievement is always given to the leaders who are assisting them. But I found out that besides this self-learning of the human resource also plays great role in meeting the needs and the demands of the organization. Even the increasing job dissatisfaction in the employees is also one of the reasons why I have chosen this topic. Majorly I wanted to know that which self-learning in the employees changes the view of the human resource and besides this helps to attempt new and the difficult task. These are the major factors that are responsible for choosing this topic.


Search strategy

To make the research effective and proper analysis of the topic it is most important for the author to adopt effective search strategy. If the appropriate source is not adopted for the analysis then it will consume a lot of time of the author to find out relevant information. The important factor in the search strategy is that to find out the most relevant topic, which suits, the current topic. Review of literature involves the topic like enhance of employees performance through self-efficacy. Besides this the sources are used to measure employee efficacy and the result which is obtained by improving the learning of the human resource. The next stage is to find the relevant sources, which are used to help in the search of the current topic.

Electronic databases

Electronic database is the most useful database as by using this recent and the latest information. Most of the information is gained from the publish papers, articles regarding the impact of self-efficacy on the employees. Electronic databases are the latest and the most relevant source besides this also large amount of information is gained from it. The most important is that a lot of information is available as the author gets choice to select the information (Jackson, 2010).The topic, which is selected, is the common topic and huge researchers have done research on this. So for the author it is easy to find the appropriate information. Apart from this various types of information are gathered from the online, website, journals etc. This is not only way in which the authors gathers the information as there are also different sources which are used by the author.

Literature searching

Literature searching is one of the best and the effective way to find the appropriate information for the current topic. It is helpful because different types of information are easily available on the Internet and even for the author it is very comfortable to find the relevant information. The topic, which is chosen by the author, is very general so regarding the employee effectiveness and the self-efficacy impact on the performance author can get relevant information (Miller and et. al, 2012).The sources which are used on the Internet to find the information are mainly goggle and the Wikipedia. One of the advantages of this is the information which it gets is reliable and according to the current topic.

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Search terms

Search terms are basically the terms, which are relevant to the current topics as using these terms only the author can reach on the relevant information. The terms, which are used, in this case are majorly motivation of the employees, self efficacy impact on employee performance etc (Fiegen, 2010).This information are used so that the research which is done can be given a direction. Through this research it becomes easier for the author.
Inclusion criteria

Inclusion criteria is the one in which the topics which are most relevant to the current are included. There are various searchers, which are found according to the present topic, but the author has to select the one, which is most appropriate and suits the present topic. This is one of the most difficult tasks for the authors because of much information they get confuse.

Study design- in the study design the articles which have been published in the journals are given the importance as they are the one which have got relevant information.

Language- in case of language importance is given to the journals and the articles, which are written in English.

Time of publication- the publication and the articles, which are selected, are of the recent times. In this case the articles, which are given prior importance, are done between the time periods of 2000-2014.

Overview of literature

Literature review talk about the various types of literatures, which are present by the author. Through literature author is able to find the relevant information on the current topic. The reasons for selection of these topics are that for the growing importance of the employees and the growing strategies of the organization towards employee performance. In the present time much importance is nowadays given to the self learning factor of the employees because of this is has become the current topic of discussion regarding the impact if employees performance. Besides this there are various sources, which are developed by the organization to increase the interest of the employees to the self-efficacy. There are different types of factors, which increase the employee motivation as well as increase the ability of the employees. But the most recent is the self-efficacy or self-learning in the employees. Because of this recent topic I have selected this even I felt it is the best way to increase the employee performance and the motivation.

The topic on which the research is done is not simple because it requires to investigate different factors are increasing self-learning in the human resource. Whereas there are also other factors which needs to be analyzed so that a desired conclusion can be obtained. Since there are several areas, which have to be critically analyzed to, obtained the desired. The important reason to choose this topic was that to find out the employees behavior towards self-efficacy and to measure the performance of the employees through that.


One of the most important tasks is to critically evaluate the article. For evaluation there are different kinds of methodology, which are made to evaluate the article. Research design, data analysis is perfectly done to analyze and evaluate the two topics. For critical evaluation and perfect evaluation Cormack model is used.

Critical appraisal guidelines/ Cormack’s Framework

This model is basically used by the researchers for the purpose of reviewing the article through different types of papers as well as publications. In the authors have perfectly defined and structured the criteria through which the report has to be made (Schwester, 2012).The major importance is given to the quantitative aspect because of this the appropriate result is determined. The advantages of using the Cormack model is that it analysis all the areas as well as all theaspects which are significantly needed at the time of conclusion (Lee, 2006).

Critical Appraisal of the article 1- Impact of self-efficacy on motivation and performance of employees

Title-The title, which is given to the article, is most appropriate one because it is clearly defining that what is in the article. Besides this it is precise and clearly understood.

Abstract- the abstract that is given in the article is lacking importance of the topic. It is mostly focusing on the conclusion, which has been derived by analysis of the report. But the most important thing, which is the findings in the article, is given in the abstract.

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Introduction- in case of introduction as it is little bit confusing because before defining the term it is directly going on the theory which is being used in self efficacy (Scarpa and Azzalini, 2012). Since in this the main aspect has to define the term, which is used by the author.

LR- literature review is given appropriately as it has been bifurcated under different headings which are making the article relevant to the readers. Even through these headings it is very convenient to understand the topic.

Method- in this article no particular method is used to find the information. Only the articles and the relevant information are collected through Internet and different published articles. Because as there is no particular method used it is lacking some of the information.

Subjects- the subjects are discussed very clearly as they are the great help for the authors to understand the article properly. The subjects that have been taken are according to the title.

Sample- in this article no defined sample is selected for the gathering the information.

DC- the data that is collected from the different sources is not particularly mentioned. In this case as collection of data is not defined.

Ethical consideration- in this ethical consideration is given in the article to the employees. Because of the proper impact on ethicality the article is analyzed more effectively.

Results- the result that has been derived by the analysis of the article. Because of the proper analysis it has achieved the desired results. But the main problem is that because of lack of quantitative information some areas are left.

DA- the data has been properly analyzed according to the information given. But the problem arises as in this not diagrams or graphs have been shown to depict and evaluate the data (Whitman and Mattord, 2011).

Conclusion and recommendations- in case of conclusion and the recommendation as conclusion, which very well structured all the important points, are covered. Even the reasoning, which has been made out, is perfect according to the data given. Structured format has been used so as to cover the conclusion section. This has led to an increased understanding about the text. Issues related to given study has also been covered in the conclusion section.

Critical Appraisal of the article 2- Self efficacy in workplace: Implication for motivation and performance

Title- the title that is given to the report is very long as it is making some meaning according to the article. The problem arises as it is lacking the appropriate term employees.

Abstract- the abstract that is given in the article is concise, appropriate and all the relevant information can be easily obtained from the abstract. A clear cut structure has been followed in the abstract. It starts with aim of the report, result of the study followed by the areas that would be covered in the study.

Introduction- in this case introduction has been given properly because particular definition has been given in the article. This has helped to understand the article properly. Introduction has further been broken down into sub sections so as to adhere with a proper format followed by having an increased understanding about the topics under study.

LR-literature review has been given appropriately as different headings are given. According to the importance of the article and necessity different aspects have been clearly defined in the article (Wallech and et. al, 2013).The sources of self-efficiency are very well defined as through this only appropriate meaning has been evaluated.

Method- in this article also no clear method has been defined to collect the information. The author uses simple survey and observation method. This is disadvantage as because no particular evidence is there to get the desired results.

Subjects- in case of subjects, which are clearly defined as well as with diagrams that have made easier for understanding the concept. Even the viewpoint regarding this has also been clear. Under the subjects there are subheadings given which are giving the clear view to the topic.

Sample- in this no clear sample is defined. Only the implications are written which are giving the idea that the information is collected through observing the human resource of the organization (Jones, Crookes and Johnson, 2011).

DC- even in this also no information is given on the collection of data as from which source the data has been collected.
Ethical consideration- in this article full ethical consideration is given at the time of making conclusion. In this article ethical consideration is required because as it is focusing on the employees.
Results- the results have been derived according to the article, which has been discussed. With the help of one diagram result is analyzed effectively.
Conclusion and recommendations- the conclusion that has been given is very precise but not clear as it is lacking some of the information, which has been discussed in the article.


After evaluating and seeing all the aspects it can be said that self-learning is one of the motivation factors in the employees besides this it is the factor which helps to increase the performance. Even it has been analyzed that self-efficacy is effective for the employees as well as the organization. For the employees implications are mostly promotion and the advantage in the company whereas for the organization it helps to meet the goals effectively. Recommendation given for the article is that there is not sample defined as well method used to analyze the data. Defined method can make the findings more appropriate. Even in the article 1 there has to have diagrams or some sort of graph through which article can be understood more properly.


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