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Leadership is a significant concept to be adopted within an organization. It is very important for a company to ensure that all its operations are properly managed and led by effective leaders. There are many examples and cases that show the success of organizations with the effective management of this concept. This research is based on studying the significance of leadership within Aravind Eye Hospital and managing the restructuring of its business with the implementation of concept of McDonalisation. The overall aim of this research is to understand the significance of effective leadership that has been managed at the hospital and helped it in achieving success and recognition in the world (A Case Study on Aravind Eye Care Systems, 2011).

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Aravind eye hospital is a hospital that was founded by Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy in the year 1976 and is managed at various locations of India. The hospital grew up as a network of hospitals that dealt in eye treatment for millions of people that were blind and mostly due to the problems that is curable. The hospital is said to attend around 32 million patients in 36 years and is known for many of its surgeries that have been done at cheaper costs or free. The hospital has been receiving much of appreciation from all over the world and thus has led the researchers to study its management and leadership responsible for its grand success. The key aspects that make the hospital successful are its innovative approaches and treatment along with the visions that it aspires to fulfil (Chaudhary, Modi and Reddy, 2012). Aravind hospital follows unique models of management and provides free of cost treatment to people who cannot pay and have affordable costs for rest. The hospital is known to possess a well coordinated work environment along with its effective culture and structure that involve all employees to work in better support and integrating various facilities that are required (Prabhu, 1999). Further, the leaders at Aravind Eye Hospital are also involved in providing better trainings within its premises for surgeons, eye care managers, and personnel involved in support services. It also provides better training to all its personnel in order to provide more improved care services to all patients and at the same time, also manage opportunities for education for their personnel to develop their skills and manage lower rate of attrition amongst them (Brilliant and Brilliant, 2007). The management of HR within hospital has been a recent topic of study within many organizations to understand its effectiveness in bringing more improved services and the best pack of care workers. After number of studies and articles, it is also realized that hospital managers have been paying more attention and efforts over engagement of their employees considering them as the backbone for achieving success in effective service for the blind people (Rangan and Thulasiraj, 2007).  

Leadership at Aravind is all about what can be stated as the reason for its widespread growth and success. This defines the role of leaders at the hospital that have led it to reach such heights.  Leaderships play a significant role in any organization. The vision and purpose laid by the leaders, the style of management, strategy and the engagement of employees, all are key aspects that must be considered under the scope of studying leadership (Smith, Bond and Kağitçibaşi, 2006). At Aravind, leadership is all that give it the credits of number of success and achievements. The leaders at the hospital have a strategic vision of not just making an earning with its hospitals but to reach every area of the country and serve the blind patients. Further in managing its employees, it has also involved in providing them enough opportunities and responsibilities that make them more accountable and accomplish their duties with better efficiency (Williams, 2013). Another aspect of leadership that is significant in Aravind Eye hospital is innovation that leaders have been adopting in effective management of their employees. They have been framing number of policies and benefits for its people to work within the company with better commitment that will further help them in bringing motivation in employees in providing effective care to the patients.

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The leaders also focus on the key competencies of their employees and have well organised feedback mechanism that help in solving any issues facing employees. The leaders are also visionary in terms that they have been providing better roles and responsibilities and allotting smaller goals that furthermore combine in achieving the overall vision of the hospital (Tuan, 2012).  With the continues growth and development of Aravind as an organization, the new leaders have been given the responsibility and positions where the key founders and leaders will be acting as mentors to them in supporting the next generation leaders and hoping for much better success for the company. The leaders have been taking new initiatives and strategies of building Aravind as a care hospital having reach to all people. This has made them to position themselves and their services in the rural areas that are seeking these services and care more as compared to cities (Tabin, 2007). Apart from innovation, employee engagements and strategy planning, the leaders have been following consultative approach that helps in providing all employees with a support within the organization and make them work with more coordination.

Concept of McDonalisation is another inclusion that Aravind Eye hospital has carried out and managing its strategic success within the society. According to Ritzer (2011), McDonalisation is all about a process of rationalization and restructuring of an organization that make it move from traditional approaches to modern approaches in management. Here, the organizations adopt better changes within that are based on scientific management and rational thinking. Earlier, the organizations used to follow bureaucratic approaches involving strict rules and policies that needs to be revolutionised to a culture that is mostly adopted at the fast food restaurants and providing a better responsibility and interaction within the company (Ritzer, 2011). The case model to understand the process of McDonalisation is served by McDonald’s in the earlier 1990s. At Aravind Eye hospital, the leaders have been highly fascinated with the services and model followed by McDonald’s, the fast food chain. This is understood as the ways that how the fast food company has been expanding its business all over the world, on systematic way and managing higher production at affordable cost. Further, Aravind hospital is also influenced by the way that McDonalds’ follow the same model at all its locations and provide consistent training to all its employees in providing better services (Pahls, Pons and Díaz, 2010). Just as the key aim of

McDonalds is higher volumes of production at low cost, Aravind hospital thus involved in the process of McDonalisation by managing its concern over Aravind Eye care system from hospitals. In this care system, it had also involved in developing factories for producing lenses, training centre, research centres and an eye bank. Further, adoptions of this model as a strategic vision of the leaders, the eye hospital has involved in expanding its services to the rural areas, managing better care of people, providing cheaper and free treatments (Turner, 2003). Further, they have also developed the vision of providing services to the people and identifying their problems at the earlier stages thereby managing a better care and services to the people. They have also involved in building better medicinal facilities and providing successful treatment to the people. In terms of employees, leaders at Aravind Eye Care have been managing equal attention over the development of employees and bringing in them improved skills and competencies to serve the patients and blinds by facilitating training and education programs (Dustin, 2012). In adoption of the McDonalisation, the company has involved in bringing developments in overall productivity as per the model of McDonalds by focussing on new areas of services, training, education programmes for employees, research and development for new and innovative treatments and along with it, managing the factory of eye lenses to achieve satisfaction of patients and make them available the best ever services all under one care system.

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With the effective leadership approaches at the Aravind Eye hospital, the management has been able to see success in its operations within India and all over the world (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2010). The hospital founded by Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy is said to have strategic vision and leadership with his presence. Further, it has been found that he was highly fascinated with the business model of McDonald’s in providing standard quality and services at affordable costs that he also aimed at implementing within his care systems.  Further, he identified the system of McDonalisation to be implemented within his hospitals to maintain standards of quality care services to patients and at affordable cost. The hospital aims in managing equal services for rich as well as poor and eliminate the blindness within the country (Edwards and Ferner, 2005). Moreover, they have also been providing assembly line services that involve managing faster service and treatments at lower fees. The aim and vision of leaders does not just ended at managing standards of quality service but they also aspire to have a reach to all the blind people and provide them treatment that could be achieved by organizing free camps and checkups at the rural areas. Thus with this management and leadership, Aravind Eye Care could achieve better success in its operations.


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