Human Resources Management

Various Types of Human Resources Management

Introduction to Human Resources Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) basically refers to function of an organisation which helps in maximising performance of employees. With the assistance of provided case, the entire report focuses on various aspects of HRM practices. Apart from this, the report explains the aims and objectives of HRM at Hilton hotels, UK which is an international chain of full service hotels and resorts and the flagship brand of Hilton worldwide. In addition to this, the report elaborates difference between HRM and personnel management. Other than this, a detailed explanation of contribution of HRM in Hilton hotels is done. The report also explains the immediate objectives of Hilton hotels UK through which objectives of respective hotel can be identified.

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1. Human resource management

Human resource management is inclusive of functions namely planning, organising, directing and controlling. HRM is involved in various functions that are practiced in the organisation. Apart from this, manpower plays an important role in recruiting, hiring and employee retaining process. It helps employees of Hilton hotel to maximise the performance and skills of working through developing various training and development program. Other than this, while carrying out work, job designing, workforce planning and performance management of staff also need to be conducted.

Human resource is the part of multidisciplinary subject which includes study of management, psychology, communication, economics and sociology. HRM is a continuous process of Hilton hotel which is involved in building team spirit and team work. HRM helps to develop organisational strategies that are involved in achieving organisational goals and objectives. Employees also play important role to maintain commitment within Hilton. Other than this, HRM has concern about employee protection and safety at workplace. They are also responsible for recruiting higher level managers who are involved with various other functions of Hilton hotel.

2. Aims and objectives of human resource management

Aims of human resource management

The main function of HRM is to identify that the organisation is able to achieve its targeted goal and objectives within the fixed period of time or not. Apart from this, it also allows Hilton hotels to find new opportunities and activities within the organisation. The main aims of HRM are as follows:

  • Obtain the skilled staff to Hilton hotels which are involved with organisational development of the company.
  • Develop inherent capabilities of workers of Hilton hotel through continuous development opportunities for employees.
  • Develop high commitment management practices which recognise that employees are valued stakeholders of the organisation.
  • Major function of developing cooperation and mutual trust is formed by HRM of Hilton hotels which encourages employees and motivate them towards the work.
  • Create a climate within the company which build productive and harmonious relationships between management and employees at Hilton hotels.
  • Work for developing an environment in which teamwork and flexibility can be enhanced.
  • Help in balancing the needs of different stakeholders like owners, government authorities, employees, customers and management of the company.
  • Ensure the workforce that all opportunities are equal for all the people.
  • Maintain mental well-being of employees through which they can perform better jobs.
  • Adopt approaches which are based on concerns and fairness of people to manage the employees at Hilton hotels.
  • Apart from all this, another aim is to develop high performance work system which includes recruitment and selection process.

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Objectives of Human resource management

Development of human resources

HRM has the objective to develop effective resources within Hilton Hotels which can help to accomplish various tasks. Resources here refer to employees working in the organisation. HRM has the responsibility of developing their skills and abilities through training and development.

Organizational productivity

Human resource has the main objective of accomplishing organisational objectives. This objective can be fulfilled with the help of HRM. This will leads in enhancement of achieving organisational goals of Hilton hotels.

Employee discipline and moral

Human resource has the objective of developing discipline between employees so that they can achieve their targets more efficiently. This will help in developing high morale and work discipline among the employees of Hilton hotels.

3. Contribution of HRM in achievement of corporate objectives

Human resource has major contribution in achieving organisational goals of Hilton hotels. They formulate strategies which are involved in recruiting, hiring and retaining process of employees. Apart from this, HRM contributes in overall business operations of the organisation which promote organisational productivity of the business.

Training and development

Human resource managers are responsible at Hilton hotels for developing various training programs for staff members. As enhancing individual performance will also helps in increasing organisational profits and growth. Their major role in training programs is to identify training needs of employees and work for improving their weaknesses and problems of work.

Employee acquisition

HRM of Hilton hotels is responsible for many aspects which are involved in hiring and developing employees. Their acquisition is very important for Hilton hotels as it helps in improving employee skills and abilities which are essential for organizational growth.

Project management

It can be a difficult tool for the HR in meeting their organisational goals and targets. Involvement of human resources in management of project helps the Hilton hotel to identify costs, benefits and risks of a project on which organisation are working.

Compliance management

Compliance management deals with labour relation and disputes of the employee at Hilton hotels. This role will ensure the company that organisation is familiar with the government policies and regulations which are related with labour and wage law and facilitating equal opportunities to each and every employee.

Cost and quality control

Specialist of HRM helps Hilton hotel to conserve its cost and expenses while developing strategic plans. Human resource managers also works for development the quality of product and find new ways through which quality and cost of the business can be improved. This thing is involved in improving the quality of product which can help to maintain cost and expenses.

4. Immediate objectives of Hilton hotels

The main objective of Hilton hotel is to become the preeminent global hospitality company. They want to become first choice of visitors and team members. Apart from all this, they want to deliver passionate services to their guest which makes them feel special in the hotel environment. Their aim is become leader of the hospitality industry through which they become leaders in their field. They also focus on following their business operations through eco-friendly concepts. Other than this, they have goal to increase their market share with improving their services for customers and satisfying their needs.

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Apart from this, Hilton hotels have the vision to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality. Other than all this, they also want to control their costs and expenses through which they can improve their profitability in the business. Hilton hotels have to become leader in every field in which they are currently working. Hilton hotels have the goal to build loyalty towards their customers and also gain more revenue on per visitors. The organisation is currently working on developing new revenue sources through improving existing and new products. They also want to convert their revenue into profit through hotel operations, processes and procedures.

Smart objectives for Hilton hotels


The main objective of Hilton hotels is to provide best services to their visitors and improve employee engagement practices within the organization. Apart from this, they want to become market leader of hospitality industry across globe and also they have the target of differentiating products through introducing new services. Reducing cost of services is also one of the major objective of Hilton hotels.


They can measure their cost through comparing it from past expenses and costs. Apart from this, they can do competitive analysis to measure market competition and growth of the company. Employee engagement and visitors experience could be measured through getting feedbacks from them which help to identify customer and employee satisfaction from Hilton hotels.


Hilton hotels are able to attain the objectives they had set, as they have the skilled and experienced leader working over there which help to make proper strategy for achievement of those goals. Apart from this, proper training and development programs will be introduced to improve employee engagement and skills of staff which results in satisfaction of customers.


The targets of Hilton hotels are reliable, as they are already a profit earning organization and also have efficient resources which are needed in achieving of organizational goals. Other than this, they also have experienced leader who helps to increase employee engagement activities of Hilton hotels.

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Hilton hotels have the targets to achieve their goals in 1-2 years for which they are managing their work efficiently. As, they have proper resources 1-2 years are appropriate time for achieving organizational goals.

Role of HR in achieving targets

HR manager helps to find out the market competition and strategies through which Hilton hotels can achieve their goals within 1-2 years. HR helps to find ways in implementing the strategies in the actual market. Apart from all this, he also helps to conserve costs which is the objective of Hilton hotels. Competitive analysis is done by HR for measuring competition in market. Employee acquisition is one of the services which can be performed by HR to improve employee skills and increase overall profitability.


The entire report explains the basics of HRM through which Hilton hotels can improve their performance in the hospitality industry. The report elaborates the meaning of HRM practices. In addition to this, aims and objectives are also explained which helps to understand the goals of Hilton hotels. The report helped to understand the difference between HRM and personnel management through which difference and role of both of them can be determined. It explains how HRM is different from personnel management. Apart from this, contribution of human resource in achievement of goals of Hilton hotels is explained through which importance of HRM can be identified within the company. Lastly, immediate objectives of Hilton hotel are explained which assess to find the current goal and objectives of the organisation.


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