Internet Marketing

Elements of the Internet Marketing

Introduction to Internet Marketing

In the technological advanced scenario, the companies now a day’s concentrate on targeting the wide customers range through the effective medium of internet marketing. The internet marketing is being termed as the tool that is used by the organization to advertise or promote their products via internet. This modern marketing tool will assists the company in targeting the large customers of the different segment and also drive the sales of the products. The present report is conducted on the Primark company, it is an Irish clothing retailer that mainly serves in selling the diverse range of the fashionable clothing apparels, branded cosmetics etc. while, the company also deals in selling the fashionable apparel at the reduced cost.

The report mainly focuses on the different ways in which the businesses sell their branded and the high-end fashionable products to the customers through the internet medium. Further the report also concentrates on designing the internet marketing plan so that, they should render the diverse products to the market customers.

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1.1 Elements of the internet marketing

Internet marketing plays a vital role in advertising and promoting the products and services of Primark Company among the large market customers by covering cast geographical area. The key elements in the internet marketing are:

Online marketing

Online marketing is the key element in the internet marketing that help the firm in promoting the Primark product and services over the internet. As, in the contemporary scenario all the organization mainly focuses on marketing and selling the fashionable apparels through the online modes like PPC advertisement, E-mail marketing etc.

Social media marketing

Another element of the internet marketing includes marketing through the social media sites. Right now, the social media marketing is getting popular as compare to the other online medium. It is essential for the Primark, as it emphasizes on attracting the customers by displaying the wide range of the fashionable apparels for both men and women. Thus, it will also result in increasing the sales pitch in the market.


It is also termed as the electronic commerce, as it will help the Primark Company to ensure trading in the various products and services via adopting the internet. Thus, it will also result in delivering the products and services to the proper place through the single systems.

1.2 Measure the internet marketing mix

The internet marketing helps the Primark Company in delivering the convenient services to the customers so that, they can satisfy the requirement of the customers. The proper marketing mix will help the Primark in marketing and advertising their wide range of apparels in the different geographical region:


The first element in the marketing mix include Products, this determine that what range of the fashionable clothing products is being rendered to the customers for meeting their changing demands and the preferences. The selected product which should be delivered through the online medium has to be attractive so that, they can influence the decision of the buyers in purchasing the products.


Another element of the internet marketing include price. Price is also considered as an effective element that influence or persuade the customers in purchasing the products and services. Primark Company while dealing the products online usually set the low prices to capture the large market customers.


For ensuring the internet marketing, the Primark Company mainly sets up a website for promoting their products and services. The customers can conveniently order the clothing and the apparels from their respective place. Setting up the online business will help the Primark Company in avoiding the extra costs while, it ensures in timely delivering of the products and services to the customers.


Promotion is also an essential element in the internet marketing mix, as it will generally drive the sales of the fashionable products in the market. The company often promote by using social media marketing so that, they can capture the wide range of the customers.

1.3 Comparing the internet marketing tools-e-tools

The internet marketing tools-e-tools assist the Primark Company, as it may act as the driving force that will ensure in generating the sales of the high-end fashionable clothes in the market. Through adopting these tools, the company can also promote the products to the other customers of the varied segment. The two internet marketing tools are:


E-mail is the oldest internet marketing tool that ensures advertising the sale of the fashionable products through circulating an E-mail or the message to their market customers that prefer to purchase the clothing from the Primark Company. The company mails the discounted offers to the selected customers who mainly buy the products as it does not serve the large customers. While, the firm mainly sends the E-mail to their customers once in the month.

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Social media marketing

The social media internet marketing tool is far different from the E-mail. As, the company by designing their official web page will advertise and promote their products to the broad customers which visits the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, instagram etc. the Primark management should continuously update their page by the new products and the offers so that, they can attract the customers in purchasing the clothing products.

1.4 Examine the interactive order processing of the Primark

Ordering processing is being defined as the procedure which is related to ordering the clothing products, packaging and delivering the clothing products to the market customers. While, the Interactive Order Processing is a kind of e-commerce method in which the Primark Company can increase the sales and logistics of the fashionable clothing products through the internet technology. The Interactive order processing of the Primark includes:

Selecting the supplier

The first step in the interactive order processing include choosing the supplier that will supply the raw material for the clothing apparels so that Primark should produce the final product.

Selecting the products

After choosing the supplier the company will select the product that they want to sell in the market as per the requirement and the needs of the customers.

Placing the order

After selecting the product the company will place the order of the raw material that they need to purchase for manufacturing the high-end fashionable products.

Online confirmation and delivery option

After placing the order the Primark should confirm the online purchase of the raw material. While, they should also view the delivery option that are available to them.

Authorizing the payment

After that the company ensure the payment of the selected raw material. As, there are number of option available to the management like cash on delivery, card payment etc. they should clear the payment option.

Tracking the order

The order processing also ensure the tracking of the order that is it is being dispatched from the location or not. The manager can also track the location of the cargo that is when it will be deliver to the company.

Delivery of the product

The interactive order processing lasts when the supplier deliver the raw material or the products to the ultimate customers that is Primark company.

2.1 Mechanics of the search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is the modern marketing tool that help in attracting the large number of the customers around the world. While, it is also being consider as an effective internet marketing tool that will help in rendering the quick delivery of the products to the customers without any duplication.

The search engine marketing include search engine optimization as well as the pay per click advertisement so that Primark should advertise their products in the international marketplace. The search engine optimization is the process that increases the customers of the website that result in the making the organization on the top of the result pages. This is an effective tool. While the another include pay per click, this is the another tool of the search engine market that ensure that the Primark will pay the publisher that is website owner when ever the visitors click the advertisement in the internet.

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2.2 The copy for a suitable opt-in email marketing newsletter

With the developing technologies the internet marketing plays an effective role in attracting the new customers, building the brand image of the company etc. while, the appropriate opt-in email marketing newsletter by the Primark company also help in generating sales by targeting large customers.

2.3 Guidelines for best practice in online public relations

The Primark should follow the certain guidelines or the program so that they should render the best practices in maintaining the online public relationships. This will ultimately help the company in forming the positive image of the company among their market customers.

Resolving the issues and queries

The company while, rendering the services through internet should keep resolving the queries of the customers in the effective manner so that in future they should purchase the product from the Primark company.

Display advertisement

The company can also maintain the online public relations by displaying the fashionable clothing apparels in the official website through which the visitors or the customers may frequently communicate with the employees about the product quality and the durability. Thus, this will result in building the healthy relations among their customers.

Update the product information

The Primark should continuously update the information regarding their products so that customers should be aware about the prices of the different products. While for managing the online relations Primark should also update the information about the new offers or the products through the emails, their official web page or on the social media sites.

While, all these guidelines will help the Primark manager in managing the online relations with their customers in the market.

2.4 How businesses can use new digital media communities

In the technological advanced market the Primark Company use the digital media communities to advertise or promote the high-end fashionable and the discounted products among the international market. The various digital media communities that can be used by the Primark include:

Social Media

Through the social media sites the Primark company can easily share the photos of the products and the video of the company to the large customers. With the help of social media the company can easily communicate with the customers over the internet while also features the wide range of the apparels on the sites.

File-sharing sites

It help the Primark company in files that mainly include the images, video and e-books with the market customers so that they should come to know about the company and their services. Different file sharing sights are YouTube, Facebook, Flicker etc that help in sharing documents, images and video to the large customers.

3.1 Conduct secondary market research

The Secondary market research is being conducted to access the information from the market customers about the company that is how they are performing in the market scenario. The company often conduct the secondary market research through different channels like newspaper, internet, articles, researches etc. from the collected data and information about the company the manager of the Primark would frame the effective strategy to meet the requirement of the customers.

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Through obtaining the information the company should also focus on maintaining the relationship with the customers so that they should perceive the long term relationship. Through maintaining the customer relationship the company also enhances the sales of their fashionable products in the markets. Customer relationship management assists the Primark in maintaining the relationship between the customers by continuous meeting their requirement. While, the secondary market research also help the firm in supplying the quality clothing for both men and women.

3.2 The use of electronic customer relationship marketing

Electronic customer relationship marketing is being defined as the effective process that help the company in engaging with their market customers. While, it also assists the customers to access the various and wide range of the fashionable clothing and cosmetics items the is being provided by the Primark company. The various benefit of the customer relationship marketing include:

The eCRM benefit the customers in providing them convenient options to access the products of the Primark company. As, well as it also provide the convenient option in ordering the processing in the effectual manner.

The e-CRM also benefit the Primark in maintaining the healthy relationship with the market customers by considering their negative feedback and by providing them quality fashionable clothing products.

While, it also help the Primark company in retaining the existing and the loyal customers that prefer to purchase the products form their online website.

4.1 An outline internet marketing plan

As, the Primark company mainly deals in providing the fashionable clothing apparels through the online medium. So, the company should outline an proper internet marketing plan that will help them in promoting and advertising their products through the online business:

Situational analysis

For outlining the internet marketing plan the Primark management should measures or determine the various factors that is profitability, sales ratio etc.

Channel analysis

The another important element in the internet marketing plan include measuring the various channels through which the company successfully sell their products to their ultimate customers. The Primark features their authentic website to deal their branded clothing with the customers.

Estimating the resources

The internet marketing plan of the Primark company include the estimating the various resources that is being required to successfully carry out the internet marketing plan. As, to ensure the proper internet marketing the company need the highly technical staff or the employees that will sell the clothing through the online medium.


Conclusively it can be said that internet marketing has changes the advertisement and the promotional activities of the firm. As, these online marketing strategy help the company in targeting the bread customers residing in the different countries around the world. The report has also concluded that the company need an out,line internet marketing plan so that they should successfully lead to target the customers and generate their sales.


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