Leadership in Organization

Importance of Leadership in Organization

Introduction to Leadership in Organization

Leadership is a form of activity where an individual's ability as a leader of the team is to determine work, motivate and enable others team members in order to contribute towards organisational success. The style or trait used by a leader to lead its team is termed as leadership. It is a set of direction that helps a leader and others to perform the right activities for all the business operations. For an effective leadership the leaders are required to create an inspiring vision and considering that they have to motivate others in order to reach that goal. This report is covering all the essential processes of leadership which are like recruitment, selection and retention etc. Along with this, the study is also creating the awareness of the styles and impacts of leadership. In addition to this, the team effectiveness and needs of individuals development is also discussed in the report.

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Task 1

1.1 Impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the recruitment and selection process for the PM Company

The Company has to face many impacts of government regulations and legal framework while selecting the best candidate as an operational executive. For overcoming the needs of proper recruitment and selection process for operation executive the company is bound to comply with the legal regulations and ethical considerations stated under the policies developed by UK government. It is necessary for PMC to incorporate such regulations in their recruitment and selection processes. However, the laws defined by the UK government for proper recruitment and selection process are:

Equality Act (1995)

The act which compel the company to maintain equality among all the candidates during testing, interviewing and screening (Prantor, 2014). In recruitment and selection process, the management uses high practices of inequality in age, gender, race, colour and physical disability which should be avoided by them.

Sex Discrimination Act (1975)

This act forces the company to avoid the practices of discriminating the eligible applicants on the basis of the gender. It is ascertained that many organisations discriminate in their decision of selecting and recruiting a man or woman on the position. The person should be always judged on the basis of their skills, knowledge, abilities and qualifications.

Both of these acts states the similar regulations for avoiding practices like discrimination on the basis of person physical or mental disabilities or colour. Along with this the company is forced to follow the ethical regulation and framework that are stated under recruitment and selection program. PMC should direct its respectable concern over helping their employees with a healthy and safe working environment. This would develop a strong impact on the expected candidates during their research and development process.

1.2 Evidencing as a part of the selection process

In the given scenario, it is evident that the responsibilities of a HR manager plays a vital role in recruitment and selection process. HR manager has to define certain stages and maintain proper functioning of both the processes in order to gain best results. In that case, considering myself as a HR manager and being as a part of selecting the best person for the post of operational executive officer, my duties are to generate a proper structure of job description and person specification. The following is an effective structure of job description and person specification defined by me:

Creating Job Description

As a HR manager, I'm responsible to create a specific job statement for the position of operational executive. In addition to this, I will specify the list of all the roles and responsibilities along with the job title, its purpose and authorities given to the individual. This is an important task which is helpful for the recruiter as well as the candidate, because it clears all their doubts regarding the job. It provides all the information to sort all the best candidates from the rest applicants.

Creating Person Specification

It defines the required form of skills, abilities and qualification for the person. It helps in determining the person's eligibility criteria for the job. In that situation, I will plan a list of all the essential abilities and qualification along with the level of skills and knowledge required in the person which is necessary for achieving all the objectives specified for the position. This step will encourage my team ability to effectively judge and evaluate each applicant on the grounds of their capabilities. It creates an easy method for comparing all the candidates in the selection process.

1.3 Contribution in selection process of the company

As a HR manager of the company, my contribution has an impacting role in the process of selecting an eligible operational executive officer which has to overcome from the issues related to the HRM. My contribution is to properly manage, control and monitor all the activities which are specified under the recruitment and selection process. The sections under my concerns in which my contribution is highly required are:


HR manager is extremely responsible to plan the requirement of specific position and job in the company. On the basis of which he has to create the content of job description and person specification. In this process, I'm liable to address the internal talent to determine the sources or rather I need to look externally for the search of required talent.

Three-way meeting

It is essential to create and develop a good job description from stating the process of recruitment and selection process. In that case, I will arrange meetings with the hiring managers, HR partners and job recruiter which are needed to determine the optimal profile of an operational executive as per the current labour market.

Reviewing and developing the tests

It is ascertained that to overcome the eligibility criteria for the position, the person needs to have certain skills, knowledge and qualification as specified in the person specification. Further, to test his abilities, I have to design a suitable set of screening, testing (preliminary and knowledge) and interview (inter-personnel and with the committee).

Task 2

2.1 Skills and attributes needed for leadership

An organization requires an effective leadership for managing and controlling all their staff members and to lead their direction towards attaining success. The leader is extremely needed to encourage all the team members in a motive to sustain business development. In that case, a company always needs an effective leader in its business environment and for becoming an effective leader the person should follow the stated activities:

Motivating and inspiring others

It is the duty of an effective leader to create a vision of the company's future that is clear and compelling which motivates their employees in manner to achieve the target. Every member wants to work with and for a company which gives heavy salary and high profits to them. In that situation, a leader is responsible to help such members of team and connect their performance level to impact its customers and communities.

Builds relationship

For an effective leadership the person needs to develop their inter personnel communication techniques in order to create a healthy relationship with the other members. A leader needs to maintain a day to day relation with the team members, customers, vendors, boss and other subordinates.


It has been ascertained that great leaders regularly communicates with their subordinates in different ways. They can be in the form of personal conversations, phone calls, group meetings, emails messages and any other form. This communication builds a strong relationship among the members of a company.

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2.2 Ways to motivate staff to achieve objectives

The methods to motivate staff members in order to achieve the specific sets of objectives are:

Providing rewards

It is one of the best method which can be to motivate the employees. It can be either tangible where rewards are distributed in the form financial sources or intangible where employees are rewarded in form of praises and group recognition. In the present scenario, the employees of PMC should be rewarded in the form of paying bonuses, incentives and allowances.

Individual recognition

In an organization, every individual needs to be recognized for achieving their personal accomplishments. This form of motivation allows the employee an opportunity to raise their personal needs, self esteem needs, improves their self imagination and encourages their level to perform better in all the business operations.

Redesigning the Job

The company should adopt the concept of job redesign which is based on re-introducing the employees to their responsibilities and duties on the job who have become lethargic and bored because of performing same tasks on regular days in the company. The methods such as job enlargement, job rotation and job enrichment charges flexibility in such employees which ultimately increases their capacity towards work.

Employee participation in decision making

The activity of encouraging the involvement of employees would help the organisation in increasing their individual's performance level. This would further facilitate in enhancing the productivity level of their workforces.

Task 3

3.1 The benefits of team-working and reviewing its effectiveness

The advantages of an effective team working and its potentiality to accomplish the desired organizational objectives are:

Greater Feasibility

Considering the case of PMC, the benefits of an effective teamwork strategy be beneficial and will help in encouraging flexibility and feasibility. Because it brings individuals from different section of company for working together as a team. However, it is ascertained that team-working will helpful in clearing all the problems or bottlenecks issues related to the improper recruiting and selecting process. Its potency on PMC is observed by its usefulness in solving the issues and areas generating such problems, as the entire team is capable to deal this situation and this method is helpful in overcoming such issues in a much brighter sense.

Improves morality

It is determined that teamwork enables all the employees to gain high knowledge and efforts to take decisions. It also motivates their working level in order to increase their control on the work activity. Further this consideration leads to improved morale support as employees gain more authority and higher ownership on their current projects. Its effectiveness can be measured by generating the increasing level of performance among the employees. It is addressed that by taking extra responsibility that encourages more rewards and lower turnover level. Hence, working along a team gives employees a greater sense of happiness and level of recognition, that helps them take more pride in their work as well as their company.

3.2 The importance of working in a team as a leader and member towards specific goals

In an organization, the individuals like team leaders and rest of the members plays an important role in accomplishing some specific tasks. However, they both are interdependent on each other. Leaders goals are to lead the team and achieve all the organizational objectives in an effective manner whereas the team member goals are work as specified by the leader for function accordingly. In addition to this, the importance of both the parties on some specific goals are:

Shared responsibilities

It is considered that when the whole team shares responsibility among them for attaining better success of the project, the team becomes more sensitive and reliable. Further, the organization recieves the best possible services and outcomes. Along with this, sharing of responsibility increases the level of productivity and high effectiveness. It is only created and developed when the members of the company:

  • Has specific commitment for completing all the assigned tasks and also assist other members to meet their deadlines.
  • Takes high interest in the performing proper work with other team members and share relevant information freely
  • Focuses on solving issues rather than blaming others.
Commitment to team goals and plan

All the team members of a company are obliged to have proper commitment on their assigned team goals and stated team plan. It is important to focus the team attention on their purpose and planning to accomplishing objectives of organisation as well as individual.

Effective communication

It is necessary to develop an effective communication network between the team and the other members for attaining better success from all the business operations. It is also important to facilitate relevant information from each and every member within the team.

3.3 The effectiveness of the team in achieving the goals

It is evident that en effective team has various characteristics among them and they are like shared leadership, responsibility, commitment to team goals as well as on plan, effective communication network, innovative ideas, reactivity and many more. However, the factors that are required for attaining high level of effectiveness in achieving the objectives are:

Team meetings

The organisation should organise team meetings and get together in order to develop the team effectiveness and measure the success of the team. When a team has same view and a similar focus point, along with considering clear and achievable goals, ideas of actions and ways to monitor success, it can easily achieve its higher effectiveness.

Progress reports

The method of measuring the level of effectiveness in the working styles and nature of the employees. This helps the management in addressing the progress in the performance and working after implementing the training and development process. If a team fully utilizes its available resources in both internal and external environment.


A maintained effectiveness of each member encourages their ability to yield, receive and raise essential feedback among the members and organization.

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Task 4

4.1 Important factors for planning the monitoring and assessing the work performance at PM Company

There are many important factors that are involved in the method of planning and assessing the employees' level of performance. The policies that defines a certain standard level and quality management which has to be maintain by all the individuals working for the company. In case of PMC, the useful method for planning in order to attain helpful information are:


It is essential to integrate the instruments that can direct efforts for monitoring and assessing the performance level. For this, PMC has to focus their attention on checklist and self-appraisal system in order to measure the performance criteria of their employees which can only be done by using such methods. In addition to this, it will help in identifying the gap which has to be covered by boosting the efficiency level of the team subordinates.


As per method of benchmarking which involves a set of activities for monitoring and assessing the employee's performance level. In that case, PMC can use the set of benchmark for particular work and analyse the performance level of each individual with that in order to maintain a proper method of monitoring.

Analyse of work performance

PMC keeps regular verify the overall staff performance and managing the business operations. This helps their HR manager to examine the working activities of employees and then they takes measure to make the employees clearly understand about their major roles and responsibilities in the organisation.

4.2 A plan to deliver the assessment of the development needs of individuals at PM Company

Considering the situation of PM company in the stated scenario which specifies that the company is suffering from the issues of improper recruitment and selection process. The instability in the number of skilled and experienced staff with the figure of unskilled and new hires is influencing its business operations. This forces the management team of PMC to hire new operational executive officer for overcoming and avoiding such issues. However, it is ascertained that the company needs a plan for assessing the development requirements for the individuals working for the company. In that situation, it is essential that the company should adapt proper functions and methods for carrying a better recruitment and selection process. Redesigning the screening techniques, knowledge tests, interviewing methods, questionnaire, preliminary tests and practical case studies will be useful for the company. Re-defining the training and development methods will also be helpful in overcoming such threats.

Other than this, the company can use several other methods to assess the development needs among the employees working in their organisation. The best method which could be used by them is:

Guiding and mentoring

For this, the HR manager has to implement an effective leadership style where the leader takes initiative in providing its team members with expert guidance and continuous mentoring. Doing this helps the employees to correct their mistakes in a systematic way and work accordingly to achieve the set target in the standard time frame.

4.3 The success of the assessment process

The specified process will attain high success, if implemented appropriately and in a manner as stated in the plan. The operational department is lacking improper checks and balances in the staff members. In that regard, it is necessary that company should hire an effective operational officer. As he is responsible to bring the company back on the track and avoid the issues related to the poor recruitment and selection process. His responsibilities are to define all the set of interviews, knowledge tests, screening etc. for maintaining a proper check on both the activities. New methods of training and development will sort out the problem of lacking in the level of experienced members. He is responsible for improving the overall management and standards of the company. Along with this, he will also maintain the team effectiveness and level of performance among all the company members. In that respect, the management should define a set of objectives and achievements which are to be achieved from implementing the assessment plan and techniques. They should set the progress which could be measured and addressed by the assessment plan.


It has been articulated that the company which is suffering from the issues of improper recruitment and selection processes and lacking in the number of experienced staff, highly requires en effective leader. It is ascertained that an effective leader is the only person that can deal with all such issues. It is also evident that a leader is highly responsible to maintain proper communication network, relations and working with the other staff members as well as company heads.


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