Managing Relations in The Bank

Study of Managing Relations

Introduction to Managing Relations in The Bank

Knowledge management or bran intranet is considered as the most important aspect which aids to connect different parties or department for better functioning of the business. It supports business to complete business activities and connecting the their clients. However, the procedure of granting loans and other related aspects seems very typical without application of appropriate IT tools.

This present report is based on case study of knowledge management system and The brain which proved to be highly supportive for all departments and employees working in the bank. Furthermore, report covers two parts; diagnosis and recommendations where the former one shade light on issues which are being faced by the business and other one reflects that suggestions provided on transformation of internal communication and organizational structure.

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Part 1 Diagnosis


The case of of bank reflects that unique personality was maintained by Joe. However, DNS intranet system users Maggie and Elsa were not happy with the attitude and personality traits of the Joe as he responses in such a manner that “If you Can't specify it, I can't built it”. It depicts that Joe was flexible to understand the requirement of people effectively and users such as Myers and Briggs found personality of Joe as logisticians. Here, the logisticians tend to responsible and directed towards their goals.

It can be critically evaluated that weaknesses of the same are also visible to another personal which have already been noticed at the very beginning of the case study (Teo and et. al., 2011). Therefore, personality of Joe reflects traits such as judgemental, insensitive and stubborn.

Group Dynamics

According to the case study, Joe Cutler was handling the task related making the intranet for transferring the important information and making them aware of the handling the work in a smart manner. He was working within a team of expert consultants and introduced the 24-hour desk in order to support users of the DNS intranet system.

His personality traits reflects that Joe is attention seekers who like to take credit by working on his own. In this manner, he resembles as dysfunctional role played member in a group dynamic. Owing to this, he did not pay attention on the thinking of people and without consulting with the helps desk was introduced (Yakhlef, 2010). Though, when workforce switched to The Brain, then he started feeling like he is not required as the workplace.


The organizational changes cannot be implemented without consent of various stakeholders. However, Joe has asked to stakeholders such as Maggie and Elsa regarding the specific requirement but they were unable to make him understand. It is because stakeholders too were not aware that what exactly needed for the smoothing functioning. Owing to this, DNS was problematic because users were unable to save the files for longer time and at the it was not easy to remember to version of each file which is of current time even.

Also, DNS was not user friendly and because this issue hierarchical structure for organizing the information was not effective. Furthermore, relational structure was more effective for stakeholders through which they can easily work on the basis of “The Brain”. In this manner, use of The Brain made it possible to easily access the information and using the same.

Organizational Culture & Change

The culture of organization plays important role as it assists workforce or members to follow the same pattern and beliefs. The success of the corporation depends on the strong culture and association of right kind of people. According to the given scenario, Bank has weak organizational culture due to major employees like Joe who was promoting the dysfunctional culture.

It is because he was unable to understand the requirement of people and adjust with them. This was evident at the time of introduction of “The Brain” when people were using it and were happy with same. At the same time, Joe was being bureaucratic and prepared himself to talk to CEO n order to provide the information that current system is consuming time and also not helpful for security purpose.

This was the proof of his arrogance and reflection of his dysfunctional culture. On the other hand, Shelia who assisted Maggie for personal and professional life. She was following the culture of bank and values it set procedure and value in term of innovation.

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Communication is another most important aspect through which all workforce in the organization can work smartly in the direction of growth and success. It assists firm to integrate all businesses activities. The case under consideration shows that Elsa and Maggie was involved with the system development as Joe asked them regarding the specific requirement. However, their inability to communicate the requirement is the big question market behind failure of DNS. On the other hand, communication barriers were faced by due to emotions. At this juncture, negative emotions of Joe and Elsa as well as Maggie has adverse effect on the procedure of communication.


Leadership is also important along with communication, culture and other related aspects of the bank. It is the considered as the most important aspect under which corporation need to shed light on association of highly skilled and talented workforce at the post of IT department. This would be more effective to understand the issues which are being faced by the workforce.

It enables them to resolve the same and accordingly apply suitable strategy. Furthermore, bank need to ensure the use of appropriate tools and technology by considering the security related aspects (Wang, Noe and Wang, 2014). However, as per the case study, Joe does not seem as leader instead as manager. Also, he was unable to understand the requirement of all people as his rigid approach to work had negative impact on all team members. Apart from this, he just shed light on own personal skills but ignoring others which make him infective leader.

Part 2 Recommendations


As per the assessment of Joe's personality, he might focus on weaknesses with the help group members. At this juncture, Gallup StrengthFiner assessment can be completed by him to sharpen his skills and overcome the weaknesses in a most effective manner.

Group Dynamics

The group dynamics can be promoted with the help of creation of cross functional work group so that for effective working of system. Furthermore, Group thinking should be promoted with the help of divergence and convergence. Here, the former reflects that people can propose several solution of the problem only when fruitful communication is taking place. Furthermore, previous one shows that solution are evaluated for the purpose of resoling the current issue.


Joe could have done appropriate analysis of stakeholders' perception through which it becomes easy to understand the specific requirement of people and incorporate their idea into the system development. Furthermore, employee engagement should be done in order to improve the working situation and develop positive attitude among them.

Organizational Culture & Change

Adapted culture should be followed by the organization and employees working under the same. It would be effective for employees like Joe who followed the dysfunctional culture. It can be understood with the help of new system has The Brain which tend to support business in managing the change effectively and accomplish all related task in an effectual manner.

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Elsa and Maggie could have spent time to discuss regarding the requirement of the system and accordingly they might have communicated about aspects of DNS system. On the other hand, in case they fail to communicate it to Joe then project manager can be known for the same (Villar, Alegre and Pla-Barber, 2014). In addition to this, stakeholder perception analysis can be conducted for better understanding related to requirement.


Even having appropriate knowledge of IT related department, Joe cannot be considered as the leader due to his personality trait and other related aspects. He should learn from the leader or employees supported in developing “The Brain” so as to overcome his weaknesses. It is also helpful for him to be a good leader who incorporate views and suggestions of workforce and implement the same in order to get the work done on time.

Apart from this, being a leader Joe should focus on the effectiveness or success of the company in accordance with perception of people or integrate them in the direction of long term growth and development. Moreover, he should be focused towards the achievement mentality as the leader but not as manager. It would be effective to accomplish objectives of the business and support all other team members to do their best.


The aforementioned report concludes that IT department in bank plays important role for the purpose of transferring the important data and ensuring better public relations with clients or other stakeholders. Without implementation of suitable mode of communication for workforce, company cannot ensure success. It can also be concluded that stakeholders analysis and employee participation are two important aspect for having adaptive culture in the presence of appropriate leader of the team.

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