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Marketing is one of the most preferred degree courses in business management. Hundreds of students who are enrolled in various degree programs often look for marketing essay help. That is where we step in, Instant Assignment Help, assists college-goers with their essay writing task so that they can submit a high-scoring document within the deadline. If you are also finding it hard to strike a right balance between your social activities and academic work, then hire our expert writers who are proficient at preparing all types of essays on any topic of marketing.

It has been a while that we are providing marketing essay help to the students based in Gulf countries which include the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and much more. Our native writers are familiar with the guidelines and citation styles that are followed in different GCC-based universities and colleges. So, do not dilly-dally and get in touch with us to seek marketing essay writing help.

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An Overview of Marketing and Its Concepts

Despite various study materials on the marketing available online and in textbooks, students often remain confused about the core meaning of marketing. They often overlap the marketing with advertising and sales. However, our marketing essay helpers explain that it is present in almost every phase of the business from beginning till the end.

The marketing strategies aim to satisfy customer needs, beat the competition, maximize the profit and increase the sale. Moreover, it also comprises advertising and delivering the product of the company to the ultimate consumer by trying to get the attention of potential buyers. This is done through packaging design, slogans, general media exposure, celebrity endorsements, etc.

It coordinates four elements, i.e., 4 Ps of marketing:

  1. Product selection, identification, and development,
  2. Price determination,
  3. Place the product within the reach of the customer via effective distribution channel,
  4. Promotion via a well-planned strategy.

Marketing is a field where students have to study various other concepts and learn their significance as a marketer. However, a load of academic work and other curricular activities hardly allow them any extra time to enhance their knowledge. Hence, our marketing essay writing service providers have explained five important concepts of marketing briefly. Take a look:

1.Production Concept

The idea of this concept is that buyers will favor products that are affordable and easily available. According to our writers who provide help for marketing essay, production concept was defined during the era of capitalism when businesses were more focused on manufacturing, production, and efficiency issues rather than taste and preferences of the customers. The approach to this concept is that a seller company can increase the supply by decreasing the cost.

2.Product Concept

As stated by our professional writers of marketing essay, product concept holds the assumption that customers prefer quality over price and accessibility. Therefore, companies produce standard quality goods and services that are usually expensive. Marketing strategies under this approach revolve around making continuous improvements in the final product. The ideal example is IT companies that always try to upgrade their quality to mark themselves as different from competitors.

3. Selling Concept

Unlike product and production concepts which are more about developing goods and services, selling concept is based on aggressive selling rather than considering the demand of the market. Its primary intention is to sell the product to any seller and questions like who the customer is? Why he needs the product? are of minor importance. There is no customer-buyer relationship, and no attention is paid to the quality of the product. This implies there is no customer satisfaction and the rare chances of repeated sales.

4.Marketing Concept

It follows the motto that to achieve the goals of the company, buyer must be familiar with the demand of the target market and deliver the desired product which is better than the competitors. The approach of marketing concept is “customer first” which means that consumers are placed at the center, and all the activities revolve around them. Marketing strategy is based on research that starts from the product conception and ends with the sale. Moreover, it emphasizes “pull strategy” which means that brand should be so strong that consumers will automatically prefer buying it over others.

5.Societal Marketing Concept

This concept of marketing is comparatively new and highlights the significance of the well-being of the consumers and society as a whole, i.e., consumer welfare or societal welfare. Marketers take social and ethical considerations while formulating marketing strategies by balancing company profits, public interest, and consumer satisfaction. Along with considering what the buyers want at present, societal marketing concept also focuses on the future and society’s long-term benefits.

If any of these marketing concepts are difficult for you to comprehend and making it challenging for you to prepare a high-scoring essay, then take our expert help with your marketing essay. Rest assured that you will get a write-up that will be ranked second to none.

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Role and Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager

Our online marketing essay help providers state that marketers know the pulse of consumers as the research and analyze them every day. They have to conduct focus groups, surveys, study online shopping trends. The key objective of marketing managers is to make potential buyers interested in the company’s product. To establish yourself as a successful marketer, you must gain knowledge about the various aspects of marketing. However, marketing essay writing tasks might hinder your learning process. So, take writing assistance from us and utilize your time in mastering marketing skills. Have a look at some of the duties that you need to abide by as a marketing manager:

Market research

Marketers have to identify new potential markets to create and increase the demand of their product while maintaining a consistent relationship with the existing markets. They gain an understanding of the prevailing needs and requirements of the people and highlights the opportunities for the company. Market research also includes studying about the competitors and their strategies. This helps them to adopt more effective marketing techniques and develop better goods and services.

Creating a market plan

Marketing managers are also responsible for making strategies and plan to promote and popularize the product amongst the target buyers. They determine how, by whom, when and where the various marketing activities, such as sales promotion, sales forecast, distribution of products, and advertisements must be carried out in order to attain set goals.

Selecting a distribution channel

Next on the list is to make the product reach to the ultimate buyers because if the goods or services are not readily available to them, then they might switch to other brands. Therefore, marketers decide the physical distribution channels of the commodity, i.e., via wholesaler or retailer. According to the convenience and need of the company, they pick the correct mode and supply the final good from producers to consumers.

Analyzing the product

Our writers who offer the best marketing essay help to college students explain that due to technological advancements, demands and tastes of the buyers change from time to time. Therefore, it is essential for the marketers to keep track of all the changes and review the product periodically. This ensures that the necessary modifications and alterations are made in the final product.

Maintaining public relations

The marketing manager has to champion customer relationship in the company. He/ She collects the data and information via interview, questionnaire, customer database to survey about the customer satisfaction. These statistics and details are then shared with other employees so that they can offer excellent customer service and build long-term relationships with them. Furthermore, at the times of crisis, marketers have to perform damage control to change a negative opinion about the brand into a positive one.

Competitive intelligence

According to our marketing essay writing service providers who have worked in some of the top MNCs as marketing managers, this is one of the most significant tasks in any company as it ensures that brand holds a strong position in the market. Marketers keep a tab on the strategies & performance of competitors and inform their employer of all the latest updates. They also assess the economic conditions regarding the firm’s industry. After this, a compiled report is prepared which is based on the findings. Based on this, critical decisions, such as launching a new product or discontinuing an ineffective advertising campaign are taken.

Identifying new business opportunities

To be in the public eye all the time, it is essential to know the market trends and unexploited areas. This is done by studying the purchasing patterns of consumers, peak and off-peak demand for the product, etc. Sale forecasting helps marketing managers to estimate the future performance of the product.

While hiring marketing executives for their organization, recruiters give priority to the candidates with high scores throughout their academic career. If your marketing essay is the reason for your low grades, then hire us for writing assistance and get assured of your dream grades.

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Different Types of Marketing Strategies Followed by Companies

There are several types of marketing options available to the companies. They select the best one amongst them according to their target audience, needs, and specifications. Our online marketing helpers have explored each of them in brief for you:

Relationship marketing

The primary concern is to build the customer relationship. It enhances the existing bond with the buyers by improving loyalty toward them.

Word of mouth

It is one of the ancient techniques to popularize the product amongst people. When users love the goods or services of a specific brand, they share their experience with others and promote the company eventually.

Viral marketing

This method relies on spreading the word quickly via social media platforms. These campaigns may not last longer than other marketing efforts. However, a well thought out idea can help the message to reach the right people.

Undercover marketing

Not telling everything to everyone can also be a great way to promote the brand. For example, movie trailers that do not show all the aspects often leave audiences excited to watch the movie. In this method, the buzz is created to drive the potential users to know more.

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Paid advertising

Our professionals who provide marketing essay writing help online suggest that this strategy includes multiple approaches, such as television commercials, print media advertisements, internet marketing, PPC, etc.

Diversity marketing

Here distinct segments of customers are analyzed, and then the marketing plan is formulated based on the beliefs, tastes, views, expectations, and specific needs.

Internet marketing

Also know as cloud marketing, this method promotes the product by sharing about it on the internet and marketing it through different platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Cause marketing

This method of marketing links the brand with a social cause or charity.

Transactional marketing

In this technique, customers are encouraged to buy the product by offering them discounts, shopping coupons, or organizing events.

Take a Look at the Topics That We Have Provided Essay Help On

Our team always aims at delivering a paper that is flawless and can gain applauds and appreciation from subject professors. For this, every order is reviewed by proofreaders and editors for spelling errors, formatting, and other technical flaws. Only after being approved by experts of marketing essay writing service, it is dispatched to the client. Owing to this stringent policy, most of our marketing essays have been immensely successful across the universities of GCC member states. Here is a list of topics that we have covered till now:

Customer service Direct marketing Public relations
Market research Community involvement B2B Marketing
International Marketing Marketing Challenges Retail Marketing
SWOT Search Engine Optimization Market dominance strategies
Mission-driven marketing Environmental marketing Social marketing
Marketing Analytics Behavioral Marketing Account-Based Marketing

The list is not over yet. There are many other subject matters that we have written marketing essays on. So, irrespective of the complexity of topic that you have been assigned, take our assistance, and we promise you to write exceptional marketing essay on that.

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