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UK is one of the biggest countries in the world that is very much popular for its air transport. Air transport in UK is growing since last 25 years and the demands of passengers in the air travel has increased significantly for last decade. More than 236 million people have taken the services of this industry in the UK and it has been expected to increase to 465 million till 2030 (Hutchinson-Brown, 2014). There are almost 35 airports with over forty airlines that are currently operating in the country.

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Competition in the global airline industry is increasing day by day because of increase in demand among the local as well as international travelers all around the world. Many big companies are joining this industry and are regularly trying to capture this market with different marketing tactics like reduction in prices, providing extra facilities to customers, marketing, etc. In the UK, this competition is on peak and it has become very important for companies to go for good marketing techniques and one of them is social media marketing (Evans, 2010).

This present report has been made to explore the ways by which the airline companies can use the social media marketing for developing their brand equity. The findings of the reports will show positive relationship across both samples between the interactivity and building brand equity as these social media websites provide excellent opportunities for all brands.

1.2 Background of organization

EasyJet is one of the biggest airline companies that has its headquarters at London Luton Airport. It is the largest airline of UK in terms of number of passengers carried and it operates on both international and domestic routes in 32 countries. Company has more than 8900 employees which help them to achieve all its goals and operations (, 2015). This company has been taken in this report because from last few months, its popularity has been reduced and because of that, it has become important for them to develop brand equity via social media marketing. With this marketing tactic, company will have an opportunity to add value to its customer experience by providing more comprehensive services through social networking sites.

1.3 Rationale and significance of research

This particular topic has been chosen in this report because the popularity of social media is increasing among the companies because of its low cost expenditure, mass reach in minimum time and an interactive way in order to connect to people. As EasyJet has not been able to connect with people, this medium will help them to know their perception which will allow changing services as per them and increase the brand equity.

This research will help researcher and reader to understand the importance of social media marketing in terms of increasing the brand equity and connect to people in the most appropriate manner. It will also help researcher in increasing his knowledge regarding this new phenomenon.

1.4 Research Aim

The main aim of this research is to understand the significance of the social media marketing in order to create brand equity: A case study of EasyJet.

1.5 Research Objectives

Research objectives based on the aim of research are-

  1. To examine the importance of social media marketing in airline industry.
  2. To understand the ways that can be adopted by EasyJet in order to increase brand equity by using social media marketing.
  3. To access the challenges and threats that are faced by companies in order to create brand equity by using social media marketing.

1.6 Research Questions

Research questions based on research objectives are-

  • What are the different ways by which EasyJet can use this Social media marketing tactic in order to connect to people and increase its brand equity?
  • What are the different challenges that are faced by the companies in implementing effective social media marketing?

2. Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

In terms of new marketing concepts, social media communication is a new concept but has become very popular in the short period. Main advantages of using this tactic is that social media has become very popular among masses and millions of people use the websites like Facebook, YouTube, etc. on regular basis (Funk, 2012). Other than this, it is also very cost efficient and help the company to reach millions of people in seconds. It can be said that by using this media, airline companies can easily increase their brand equity and they will be able to change themselves as per the needs and demands of the customers.

2.2 Brand Equity and Social Media communications

As per Levinson (2010) brand equity can be defined as the set of assets that are linked to a particular brand name and symbol that adds value directly. Some assets that are included in the brand equity are brand loyalty, perceived quality and brand associations. From the point of view of customer, brand equity can be called as a perception or desire that create trust in the mindset of people that all the promises that company has made will be achieved. It is a fact that a particular brand should always enhance the value of its customers in terms of creating a long-term value.

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Tuten (2008) argued that social media naturally lends itself in order to create a model of two-way mutual communication that is completely relied on the interactivity and encouraging feed backs from the audience. Nowadays, market is changing regularly and customers demand complete transparency plus honesty from the corporations that are communicating online. Further, it also contradicts the one-way communication model that personal relationship began with. It has also been identified that there is direct impact of the Customer Relationship Management that is initiated via social media in increasing the loyalty of customers which in turn increase the brand equity of companies.

2.3 Importance of social media in airline sector

According to Zarrella (2009) competition in the airline industry is increasing day by day and it has become very important for the companies like EasyJet to use one of the emerging marketing tactic which is called as social media marketing. Most of the airline companies think that they have a website and it is enough for them in order to connect to people but as the today's market environment it is not at all enough to contact with people through websites only.

Alarcón-del-Amo (2014) identified that people gravitate these social media websites for information as well as interaction. These websites offer the companies an opportunity to utilize all its volume economy directly by presenting them with the increasing user base of the potential customers and the communication targets absolutely for free. Other than this, social media marketing also allows the businesses to promote and market its own brand in the most economical manner and it has also been seen that almost 46% of the customers use these channels to initiate their first contact with the company. According to Ewing (2013) social media has become of the key place which help customers to contact with the companies directly in order to share views, complaints and grab the offers that are launched by the companies. Companies are also able to understand the needs and demands of the customers in appropriate manner which gives them the opportunity to change themselves as per the perception of people.

2.4 Ways in which social media marketing can be used in order to increase the brand equity

It is important for airline industries to use the social media marketing in appropriate manner so that they can increase their brand equity in most suitable manner. Social media marketing can be used by companies in order to create a brand for the product or service as identified by Quinones (2012). Company can post about themselves with different offers for the people and it will force people to come and check them on the regular basis. It will not only help company to gain the attention of people but it will also help them to create customer loyalty. Another thing that company can do through social media is talk directly to customers. It is one of the most important feature of social media marketing that allows company to directly talk to customers regarding their services in real timer. Through this, company is also able to understand the perception of people towards them and are able to sort out some issues that customers are facing as said by Sutter (2001). It is a great platform in which different communities can also be created by companies for all its products and services. All these vibrant communities will help the companies to create loyalty among the customers and encourage the decisions which can easily contributes towards the business development and improvements.

2.5 Challenges faced by companies while building brand equity through social media marketing

As per Tsogas (2014) with lots of advantages there are some challenges that have to be faced by the companies in terms of social media marketing and one of them is when any customer is dissatisfied from the services of company then he or she shares feelings over that medium which is read by different users, etc. and creates bad image of company. Further, there are many users which provide fake comments about the company and there are no ways in which these comments can be filtered and it directly affects the rand of company. According to (2015) being consistent over these mediums is also very important because there are various companies which use these platform but do not remain consistent.


It is one of the most important chapter in whole report as in this chapter there are various techniques which are identified in this chapter that are used by the researcher in order to analyse the whole report in appropriate manner (Bestley, 2005). Some methodologies that will be used in this report are-

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3.1 Research Philosophy

For the purpose of conducting this particular study, positivism philosophy will be used so that proper conclusions can be drawn from the study (Bowd, 2010). With this philosophy, researcher will be able to put the research into practice by taking the views and perceptions of the customers of EasyJet in order to know the importance of social media marketing. This philosophy will further allow researcher to know the real market situation.

3.2 Research Approach

In this particular report, deductive approach will be used so that different hypothesis related to the aim of the research can be made and then from them conclusions can be drawn in effective manner (Chilisa, 2012). Further, it will also help researcher to present the views of the customers of company in suitable manner with the development of proper conclusions and recommendations.

3.3 Research Design

Research design directly acts as a blueprint for the study and allow researcher to conclude and present the report without getting deviated from the objectives (Colwell, 2006). As per the nature of this research, exploratory research design will be used so that complete information about the social media marketing in order to enhance brand equity can be presented.

3.4 Data Collection

Data in this report will be collected from both the primary and secondary resources as in terms of the primary resources, data will be collected from the 50 customers of the EasyJet by using the questionnaire so that their views regarding the social media marketing can be understood properly (Duke, 2004). In terms of secondary research, data will be collected from the different books, journals, internet articles, etc.

3.5 Sampling

In this report non-probabilistic random purposive sapling will be used in order to select the 50 customers of EasyJet who get influenced by the social of social media and are also the loyal customers of company (Ravindran, 2009). This sampling technique has been used because it helps the researcher to select the sample that can help researcher to present the report in most appropriate manner.

3.6 Data Analysis

Data analysis in this report will be done by using both qualitative and quantitative methods. In terms of quantitative method, SPSS software will be used in order to analyze the data that has been gathered from the customers by the way of questionnaire (Kharin, 2012). Data will be presented by showing the significance level of the customers. In terms of qualitative method, different themes will be made as per the views of customers so that research aim can be analyzed in detailed manner and with theories (Quinn, 2004).


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