Personal And Professional Development

Importance of Personal and Professional development

Introduction to Personal And Professional Development

Personal and Professional development is all about how an individual can improve himself in order to perform the specific job or task in an organization. In this report includes about the learning's on an individual it can be self-managed or by the help of others in the organization. In the first part this report consist of how self managed learning can be enhanced and how it can be used for lifelong development, various learning styles, approaches and assessments are discussed for the development of the individual. In second part report highlights about the responsibility for own personal and professional development, in which self appraisal and various development plans are being discussed. In the third and last part report will discuss about the reviewing of the measure taken by the manager and how the organization will change their strategies in order to sustain in the targeted market.

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1.1 Evaluate the Approaches to self-managed learning

Self managed learning is the method of improving our own skills with or without the help of others. This method of learning allows me to learn about the thoughts and the insights of our self. It encourages me to review my learning’s of past performance which assist me to take charge of my learning's and help me to realize the learning strategies which suit my personal needs for future career growth. There are different approaches to evaluate the self-managed learning such as: Always being ready to learn, setting personal learning goals, engaging in the learning process, and evaluating learning.

Always being ready to learn

This is the basic approach of learning, as an individual I always try to learn new things improve my skills and ability. Learning is the process which can never be completed according to the age it goes on increasing.

Setting learning goals

For achieving the overall goals as an individual I have set the short term goals which assist me to achieve my long term goals effectively and efficiently. Setting the learning goals always help us to make decisions without much trouble.

Engaging in the learning process

As a team leader I always have to make my team engaged in the learning process because if they will learn more they will perform better and for doing that they have to understand their basic needs and wants, and then according to that they can perform their task to achieve the target.

Evaluating Learning

Evaluating learning is a process of looking at the efforts which we have made to perform the particular task. In self-evaluation things which an individual can understand are what I have learned, am I able to adapt and implement the knowledge.

Individual can process their learning according to their needs and wants and it can be done in Kolb’s learning cycle. In which it suggested that every individual first should experience about work task he/she going to perform, observing the various methods of performing that task and while performing individual should reflects to the work they have performed and according to that they can improve their skills and ability, after improving they can develop new innovative ideas for performing task more effectively and efficiently, testing ideas in practice refers to the planning and observing what has been done and in order to try what an individual have learned.

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1.2 Methods of encouraging the lifelong learning

There are various methods through which an individual can learn. As a manager I propose various methods like learning through research, learning from mentoring, coaching, seminars, internet, social networks, and news groups. Whenever there is new task, especially during a non-formal learning event manager tend to starts researching the topic. By researching a subject it assists the learner to come across the various facts about the topic and helps them to adapt easily. Secondly, the basic methods through which a fresher can understand about the task is by attaining the training, mentoring, and seminars sections. This provides an individual to improve their knowledge and skills before attempting to perform that task. According to approaches discussed above an individual can improve his/her lifelong learning such as learning through research or internet or social networks, or news groups help an individual to understand the self directed learning. And secondly, it has been discussed about the training sessions and from mentoring, coaching an individual can improve his or her further education or in apprenticeship, or which assist in continues professional development. This approaches and the lifelong learning gives motivation to an employee to perform the task in a better way for individual success as well as organizational success. As a manager I always help my team members to understand the job or the specific task they are or will in future going to perform, it will help them to indulge in the work which will create interest for performing the task because without interest an individual cannot perform task effectively and efficiently.

1.3 Assessment of learning to the individual and organization

Self managed learning assist us to improve our skills and ability with the help or without. It helps us to understand the past learning for performing more effective task. As an individual it assists to set the short term goals in order to attain the overall goals of the organization. Personal orientation can be done through attaining the training and coaching sessions which will help in achieving the personal as well as organizational goals. Self evaluation is the process through which an individual can determine the level of self efficiency. Self appraisal is the method in which an employee can evaluate his/her own performance. Self appraisal includes skills audit, evaluating self management, leadership and interpersonal skills. An individual can learn from the feedback of others which elucidate the work which has been performed is correct or not. In this process every manager or team leader assist their team members through democratic leadership style which allows them to communicate with the employees understand their problem and help them, to overcome it. Which is personally beneficial for the manager and according to the organization it is helping them to achieve the overall goals of the organization. Every individual can learn from their achievements and disappointments. As their achievement will appraise them to work more effectively and disappointment will help in understanding of improving more skills and ability to perform the task.


2.1 Evaluate the Skills and Competencies

As a marketing manager I have to make various efforts to improve the skills and competency level of my team. Self assessment includes the determination of the level of efficiency of an individual. Self appraisal is a process through an employee evaluates his/her performance and discuss with the team leader or manager. The main advantage of this method is that it assist employee to reflect his/her performance and reasons behind it. Self appraisal includes objects like skills audit, evaluating self management and interpersonal skills and leadership styles. As a marketing manager the main purpose of using the skills audit is to understand the section of improvement, to bring up with better planned and more focused training and development, better placement recruitment needs, easier placement decisions. Benefits that skills audit provides me are valid and valuable workplace skills plans, improved skills and knowledge, lower the training and development cost etc. This essentials reason allows me to understand the needs and wants of the employees and what measures should be taken to improve the skills of the employees. Evaluating self management refers to the process in which an individual employee can evaluate the personal performance. A successful self-management function will assist the individuals to perform their work independently within the working environment. Components of self management are self monitoring, self evaluation and self reinforcement. Self-monitoring aims at making an individual more aware of his/her own behavior. This is the process in which an individual can evaluate himself/herself very truly. Self monitoring can give them the best result of what they have done and what they are capable of doing it. The main uses of self management is that it increases the motivational level of the employee, increases the predictability and the consistency, decreases the physiological arousal, and to improve generalization and maintenance. Leadership and interpersonal skills, as the marketing manager the leadership skills are the most important part of the job. As I prefer democratic style of leadership because it allow me to communicate with the team members and help me to understand their problems. It creates better environment around the workplace which motivates the employees to perform better. These leadership skills assist me to provide the direction to the organization and make clear to the employees that in which direction and which strategies to work with.

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2.2 Identifying own development needs

Every employee in the organization needs development as the manager there are certain point where I need to be improved for performing my activities such as the strategies, skills and the competency level. According to the present scenario to sustain in the market there are various objectives that need to be achieved by the organization. These are such factors which needs to be changed according to the time and needs of the organization such as the marketing strategies which should to changed for the growth in the industry, to acquire the maximum knowledge about the leadership so that leading them team in such manner that it is beneficial for the organization, to gain expertise in various departments such marketing and production and these can be achieved with better skills and competency level, improvement will provide effectively working and competency will assist in marketing the products and services, lastly to gain the managerial skills so that relations with team members can be maintained and can be done in more effective and efficient manner.

2.3 development opportunities to meet current needs and future defined needs

As a marketing manager there is need to make constantly review and update on marketing decisions by accessing correct and relevant information to identify and evaluate marketing opportunities. For analyzing the market needs and wants there are need of certain market information and trends such as market research, evaluation of data, assessments of market, opportunity and threats analysis, customer and consumer trends etc. These are some current needs and wants which should be satisfied to fulfill the future defined needs. By making the analysis of the market marketing manager can understand what to offer in the market and according to that products and services are manufactured. Market information system aims at collecting data from the targeted market such as competition, direct markets, and channels, political, legal, economic and technological. Further, I have attended various seminar and conferences which helped me in sharing my thoughts and perception within the large audience. Along with this, it also provide me a platform to speak up among the large public which indeed improves my communication skills. Similar to this, couching and mentoring helped me in a way that leads to provide deeper insights to me about the factors due to which conflicts occur at the workplace. By the means of this being a marketing manager I can easily improve my conflict management skills.


3.1 Processes and activities required to implement the development plan

Every organization to earn profit and to sustain in the market needs to prepare a development plan in which every individual employee as well as the administrative structure of the organization is developed. There are various activities that need to be acquired by the manager in order to perform the task effectively and efficiently. To implement the development plan there are various activity that can be taken in order to attain such activities such as formal learning and training, observation, mentoring, supervision, informal networks, team members, other professionals.

Formal learning and training

formal learning and training refers to the knowledge provided to the fresher’s in the organization is in a systematic manner. Formal learning can be provided by the managers to the employees which assist them know about the specific job or task they will be going to perform in the organization. And training will help them to improve their skills and knowledge and ability to perform the particular task which will be beneficial to both individual as well as organization.

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Observation, mentoring, supervision

When the organizational plan is prepared and is in process then managers tend to observe that plan which assists them to understand the pros and cons of the plan and they can overcome it by applying better skills and strategies. Mentoring is done to observe an individual’s performance. New joining in the organization will need the mentor to understand the work and the style of working.

Team members

Team is formed to perform the particular task in specific period of time. As the manager whenever I feel that which decisions should be taken what is fruitful for the organization, then team members assist to make decision in an appropriate direction.

3.2 Document development activity as planned

According to the plan implemented there were various activities which were needs to be achieved effectively and efficiently. Main aim of preparing the development plan was to overcome those functions which are reliable for the failure of the organization. There were various objectives like to acquire the knowledge about marketing strategies, to knowledge about the customer needs and wants, to gain expertise in skills and competencies and to gain expertise in managerial skills. These were some objectives that were to be achieved for the beneficial of the organization. As a marketing manager according to the needs and wants of the market company has to change their strategies, the main aim regarding changing the strategies were to earn sustainable growth in the market, and it was possible through only effective team working and the adaptability of the new strategies by the employees in order to work effectively and efficiently. Various training and seminar sessions were organized and through that employees skills and abilities were improved. Secondly, every team leader should understand the leadership skills in order to maintain the values in the employees. As I used democratic leadership style it provides me to involve my team members into the managerial activity which influence them positively to work for the organization and help them to achieve their personal objectives also. Thirdly, performing the activity and task of the organization there is requirement of skills and knowledge, for improving the skills and knowledge various efforts were made and due to that our company achieved the efficiency in working. Skills of the employees can be improved by having mentor for their working and providing workshops for improving their skills and abilities. And lastly, the objective was to improve the managerial skills this step was taken to improve in the decision making and try to bring innovation regarding the working of the organization. The main aim was to bring proficiency in performing the task in the industry.


4.1 learning against the original aims and objective set in the development plan

The objectives which were proposed to fulfill the needs and wants of the organization, but there were some more aspects on which company need to focus are to acquire information and communication technology because with the strategy of information and communication technology organization can aim to expand and to improve the efficiency. However, being the marketing manager I have to make better use of information and communication technology as it improves customer services and consumer demand which is one of the major corporate aim of the company. It is very critical for the economic success of the organization. Every organization tries to present the best working environment for the employees to work. Various types of communication chains used in different organization such as chain, wheel, star, all-channel network, circle. Communication flow can be of various types, but without communication work cannot be done effectively. As the marketing manager, there is need for me to prepare an efficient chain of communication so that employees can easily communicate and work properly. Working together for a particular goals and objectives will lead in achieving them. The main aim of marketing department is to promote product through social media marketing it will assist in attracting more numbers of customers. Nowadays as everyone is connected to the social media so it is the best way to promote the product. Providing facilities like online shopping so that customers don’t have any problem regarding the products and services.

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4.2 marketing manager of cited business enterprise

Being the marketing manager of cited business enterprise it is important to manage the activities as per the defined time period and resources so as to generate desired results and outcomes. In this regard there are certain time management strategies that can help in achieving the same:

Avoid procrastination

Considering this, it is one of the major problems that marketing manager could face while making any decisions regarding future contingency. Thus, avoiding procrastination will help in managing time more effectively.

Time scheduling

It is another tool with the help of which time can be managed in better manner. This indicates that, marketing manager to develop a schedule of the work that I have to carry out. By the means of this, manager can manage the time more effectively.


From the above report it has been concluded that the personal and professional development is a necessity for an individual in order to grow in the career. Self managed learning's assist the individual to understand about their learning process in order gain success in future, Kolb’s learning circle has been discussed to show how an individual can learn performing the task and improve them. Various strategies and efforts are made to improve the skills and competency level of the employees, which shows how important to have knowledgeable and skillful employees. Development plan are prepare to understand the needs and wants of the organization and to fulfill them in order to attain the goals and objectives.


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