Personal And Professional Development

Analysis of Personal And Professional Development

Introduction to Personal And Professional Development

Personal and professional development play a crucial role in everyone's life as it helps individual to set peculiar goals, strategies and targets for an impressive learning. Learning has its own significance in order to make a person stable and it helps person in enhancing their knowledge and earning for coming time period. In order to find different ways of learning, there is nothing good than the self managed learning. Due to sudden innovation in technology, individuals are facing many new challenges. For the purpose of enhancing learning, they have to be updated with the information about all the new changes which are taking place in the environment. Moreover, self managed learning helps individuals to come up with new ideas in order to improve the learning strategy.

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The present report focuses on having a detailed discussion to carry out a self-development plan and also focuses on different ways that can be adopted by individuals in order to remove hindrances. Further, this report will focus on a work based problem and also a positive solution to overcome such problem as it can affect the performance and operations of business enterprise. At last, different time management strategies have been discussed in order to improve the working structure within organization.

For implementing all the steps, organization undertaken for the present study is Hilton Hotel and Resort which is an international chain of full service hotels and resorts working under the flagship of Hilton Worldwide. Mentioned organization has almost 540 branded hotels in 80 different countries in all over the world. These hotels are generally owned, managed or franchised to different independent operators by Hilton Worldwide. Cited hospitality places the market importance to both business class travel and leisure travel with different location in major cities. Further, organization has their ventures near airports, convention centers, city centers and has various resorts at different location in the popular vacation destinations around the globe.

Mentioned company has partnership with different companies like airlines, travel agents and car rental companies as hospitality wants to provide more comfort and pleasure to its customers. Further, company has taken a pro-active approach in many of the UK branches regarding the energy efficiency and maintenance. Corporate has installed green controls for doors and windows as an intelligent usage of energy which will depend whether rooms are let or vacant.

Task 1

1.1 Approaches to self-managed learning

Self managed learning is treated as learning done by an individual as per his own convenience and facility. It can be through any source. An ideal way to develop the self managed learning is by observing the current business scenario where I am currently working. Different approaches for self managed learning have been discussed below:

Conferences and Seminars

Seminars and conferences are considered as the best way to enhance self managed learning because in seminars and conferences individual shares their ideas and experiences with each other. These ideas and experiences will help me to improve my personal skills and enhancing the development of my personality. Further, by analyzing the way how other person is speaking, it will boost my morale and making me confident at the time of speaking in public arena.


I will gain more of the knowledge by surfing different websites for articles which is related to management studies, risk management and other topics written by different authors. Further, being a management student I will focus on gaining more knowledge related to management as well as leadership qualities. Further, social media is another method of being socialized through virtual communities like Facebook, Twitter, etc. From a research, it has been concluded that matured person almost spent 1 hour a day on social networking sites for sharing their ideas and thoughts in order to cope up with new skills.


Mentor is the one who will guide me to accomplish knowledge about the different aspects of personal and professional life. Further, mentor will be an inspiring model in my life who will guide me to achieve my goals and objectives in a predefined manner.

1.2 Ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional is encouraged

Lifelong learning is defined as learning activity undertaken by an individual throughout life in order to improve their knowledge, different skills and competencies. Perfect meaning of lifelong learning is to extend and enrich the knowledge ever and forever. Human is a greedy animal who looks for new learning and things ever and forever. This lifelong learning is a way of learning personally with the help of different sources and techniques. It is further treated as a concept where learning is considered as a continuous, self desired and self motivated process in nature. Individual's learning should not end with school college, universities or workplace. It is a life long process that ends with the death of person.

For encouraging lifelong learning, I have conducted SWOT analysis of my own and for developing it in a successful way I took help of my mentor, close friends and family members who always guide me to make difference in right and wrong. My SWOT analysis is given below:

  • My core strength is that I am strongly dedicated towards my work and I do not leave workplace till the time my task is not completed. Further, I have a keen interest to know new things either through any source of internet or with mere discussion with friends. In addition to it, I m friendly in nature and tries to make relation with new people in first meeting. Further, I am also taking some actions in order to grasp some common practices which are followed in hospitality organization in order to improve my performance as well as standards.
  • Weakness is my major drawback and my major problem is that I am very short tempered and used to get tensed in some situations when I do not find any solution.
  • Opportunities which I have in coming future in order to learn new things which will generally increase my capability and extend my knowledge point. This will help me to get a strong position in coming time period in Hilton Hotel and Resort. Further, being a human resource management student, my focus is to become a HR manager of mentioned company.
  • Threats will affect my overall performance as if I lack in some activities within organization and I am unable to perform then I will get terminated from the workplace.

1.3 Benefits of self-managed learning for individuals as well as organization

There are various benefits and positive impact of self managed learning to individuals and mentioned organization.

Benefits for individuals

Self managed learning has generally boosted my morale and it has given me lot of positive energy in order to fulfill and accomplish a particular task and duty within hospitality organization. Further, these self managed learning has given me various benefits as it has improved my decision making skills from all the experience which I had from varied sources. Moreover, it has also helped me to get decision making skills from all the past personal and professional experiences. Further, teenagers who are at early age in their life can choose the subject of their interests and can explore new opportunities by practically implementing these topics. In addition to this, individual who is working with positive and best of the interest will be less stressed in business organization and will be easily able to deal with his personal and professional life.

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Benefits for organization

Organization like Hilton prefers flexibility to their employees by assigning task and duties of their choice without any personal commitments. Further, cited company has to try to make sure that their SMART objectives are accomplished efficiently and effectively. This is very much imported for Hilton in order to evaluate qualities and expectations they need from their multi talented staff. Apart from this cited organization need individuals who have improved leadership and time management skills and he must have capability of being a strong team leader. Moreover, employees must possess writing and communication skills as these skills are linked with aims and objectives of the cited hospitality. Moreover, Hilton will also get core benefit as I have strong presentation skills. This will generally help me to give a healthy presentation for all the task and duties which are assigned to me within the business organization. Further, hospitality organization cost will be reduced as they can focus on multi skilled and talented employees in order to avoid the training and development expenses.

Task 2

2.1 Evaluation of my current skills with professional and organizational standards

Organizational standards evaluating the way in which business is to be conducted by considering the plans and policies followed by business venture. Currently I am working in Hilton Hotels and Resorts as a junior manager as I look towards proper functioning in the hospitality. Further, to be a HR manager of mentioned company I should possess healthy written communication, verbal communication, flexibility working in changing environment, investigating- analyzing and problem solving, numeracy skills etc. moreover, by developing all those skills I will be able to achieve my individuals as well as organizational goals. Other proficiency and competencies required in hospitality sector are as follows:

  • Communication skills- Interacting with travelers in a healthy manner which will show a good impression of mentioned hospitality organization.
  • Confidence level- I have to be confident while interacting with customers as I have to make a proper eye contact with them and have to get in a strong conversation with them.
  • Financial skills- As I was a management student, I usually lack in financial stuff as I have to cope up and need to have better understanding of cash flow, profitability and tax liabilities.

2.2 Identification of own development needs and activities required to meet them

In order to develop the mentioned skills, knowledge will play a crucial role in my life as I can overcome all the mentioned skills by proper and effective learning through varied sources. For getting a healthy position in Hilton I have to work really very hard in order to attain the mentioned skills. For improving the written communication, I will look towards the letter writing format and content. This will be learned through by engaging in coaching class and also by seeing the formats of letter writing which is available on internet.

Further, verbal communication having its own significance and as I am working in a hospitality venture, I have to overcome all the issues in a precise way to attain the goals and objectives of the cited firm. For improving this I need to start talking to my subordinates, friends and family members in polite manner. Further, by reading newspaper, articles and journals like The Times, Mirror Online and Guardian etc. as it will help me to strengthen my vocabulary and I will be able to speak with lot of comfort and ease with the client as well as other members. Team work and leadership skills are very much gained as I just need to have a proper control on it by implementing proper discipline in the organization. This skill will be overcome by reading books and novels related to the top leaders. Planning and organizing will require some time as it need to be effectively achieved. By gaining effective knowledge on planning and organizing, it will help me to complete a required task on a desired time. This will be improved by taking proper guidance from superior members of the mentioned company as they have lot more experience.

Furthermore, computing skills consists of using word processing skills, database spreadsheets, designing the web pages and different programming skills. These are the technical skills and it will take lot more time as compared to the other skills. Nothing is impossible in this world and I will overcome this by getting a proper coaching from coaching institute.

2.3 Development opportunities required to meet current and future needs

For making a successful career in hospitality sector and to meet the current and future needs, there are many ways through which I can satisfy my individual as well as organizational goals. Moreover, I can focus on different development opportunities which will help me in getting good and desired position in desired job. Some basic sources are as follows:


Books are usually considered as a physical source of developing new analytical knowledge as it will help me to improve the major areas where I lack the most. Books will further help me to gain more of the knowledge on specific topics which will help me to improve the skills in a well definite manner.

Coaching institutions

There are many coaching institutions who provide coaching for certain subjects. For overcoming the computing skills these coaching institutions will play a crucial role as it will give me practical knowledge to enhance my knowledge regarding the spreadsheet, MS- office and other tasks.


Internet will provide me excessive and extensive knowledge of each and everything. During the coaching session, if I skipped any of my lesson and if I am not able to understand the core concept, I can see that on internet in a predefined way. Further, I can refer to articles and journals in order to improve my vocabulary as well as communication skills. Internet is considered as the simplest and best source of learning.

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Task 3

3.1 Process to implement developed plan

Personal Development Plan has been prepared in earlier point and in order to follow it efficiently and effectively, planning process will help in achieving all the mentioned skills to achieve individual goals and objectives. Further, by considering the above plan, it is clearly stated that the verbal communication, numeracy skills and planning and organizing are the short term objectives and these will be perfectly achieved in limited time period. By continuous communication with subordinates and family members, I will be able to do effective verbal communication.

Moreover, seminars and conference will also help me to overcome the verbal communication skills. In the same context, numeracy skills will get better by self practicing the questions relating to the percentage and simple interest. Moreover, internet and books will also help me to get the best of the results.

On the other hand, long term objectives like team working and leadership, flexibility in working and computing skills will require more of the time in order to get perfection. I will majorly focus on coaching lessons as well as different articles and blogs which will really help me to produce best of the result within small time period. For practically seeing the result, I will get involved in written test as well as see my performance by competing with the expert. This will generally boost my morale and I will be able to reach my dream position within the hospitality organization.

3.2 Documenting the planned activities

For overcoming all the issues, I have to frame some predefined goals and objectives and have to adopt them in a significant way to improve all the skills which has mentioned above. The goal which has been documented has been stated below:

Preparation of self notes

In order to learn the topic in a summarized manner, I will prepare notes which will help me in identifying and recalling the content of the topic. Further, with the help of this I will enhance my knowledge and writing the content will give a brief impression that what content is telling.

Attending every class

For developing computing skills, I will attend each and every class as computer knowledge is a chained program which is generally linked with one another. If one class is missed then whole of the flow will be broken up and my doubt will get amounting. However, other skills also require the same dedication and I will effectively concentrate on each and every topic no matter for what skill I am learning. Once the flow is broken, then it takes hell lot more time to cope up the things back to the track.

Smart sessions

I have not restricted my learning till class only as by reaching home, I have searched more on taught topic with the help of internet. Further, I have refereed some more books for a particular topic in order to get fluency in particular skills.


I will divide my tasks in several parts and according to it I will determine time period with in which I will complete each and every sub task.

Time management

In computing skills, a lot of time is required for planning and formulating models on excel. Therefore, in order to meet these activities I will perform and divide activities on time and will try to fulfill them within set time period.

3.3 Discussing own learning against aim and objective included in PDP

Under this, current situation need to be compared with the aims and objectives set in the personal and professional development plan. I tried the best of the possibility and I have overcome my short term objectives in a significant manner. Further, the problem which I was facing earlier has been overcome up to a well extent and I have improved my verbal communication, planning and organizing and numeracy skills with the help of coaching classes, internet and also with the help of mentor. These skills will help me to have an effective communication with my juniors in order to properly instruct them for their task and duties. Further, it will also help me to develop strong communication skills with customers who are staying in Hilton.

Moreover, with the lack of time and many other family issues I failed to accomplish my long term objectives. I was not able to attend some class as it was caught up with the viral fever and I missed my coaching lectures for 5 days. Further, I was not able to prepare notes forfew topics because of time lacking and fatigue. I tried to follow time management strategies but due uncertain issues I was not able to accomplish my task on time and this was the only reason I could not achieve my required goals and objectives.


From the above report, it is clearly inferred that self-managed learning plays a crucial role in personal and professional development of each and every individual. Further, to develop professionally, individual needs to do proper planning regarding his education and career. In the absence of planning of activities, individual can take wrong decisions which might affect his/her performance as well as future. Further, this report states some time management strategies which will help people to prioritize their scheduled work accordingly to their importance.


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