Personal Leadership and management

Report on Personal Leadership and management

Introduction to Personal Leadership and management

Leadership is an art of leading a group of individuals that are working towards shared goals while management is a function which aims to accomplish the set goals and objectives in a strategic manner. There are certain aspects which are needed to be considered by every business organisation's leaders and managers before implementing any strategy or plan. Red Carnation Hotel is an organisation that has a disciplinary working structure which has affected the nature of working of leaders and managers. Objectives, values and corporate cultural influence are some factors which have put high impact on the role of leadership and management.

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In this report, aforementioned facts and evaluation of required skills for leadership and management in the hotel are described in this report. A personal development plan will be provided in this assessment so that organisational and personal objectives can be met with utmost efficiency. This informative report will help in improving self-skills regarding leadership and management. Moreover, individuals will become more beneficial for the organisation when better strategies are developed and applied to functioning for Red Carnation Hotel.


1.1 Impact of organisational objectives, values and culture

Red Carnation Hotel has a brand reputation in the UK and worldwide. This recognition is acquired when proper aim and objectives are communicated to the employees and workforce by leaders and managers. Beliefs and values of individuals that are working together towards collective goal and objective form the foundation of culture in an organisation. Impact of these attributes on the role of management and leadership is quite deep routed. For instance, the organisational objective of Red Carnation Hotel is customer focused and its aim is to achieve maximum profits through the services provided by company.

Stakeholders are the most important components of a business functioning. Their satisfaction level helps in understanding whether current strategies regarding the products and services of Red Carnation Hotel are correct or not. Such an objective influences the leaders to plan team roles and functions of organisation in such a way that profitability is increased with enabling ethical operations. Employees are completely dependent on the actions and decisions of leaders and managers. If leadership is not oriented towards company’s goals or objectives, then there are chances that overall performance of organisation gets affected. On the other hand, organisational culture is another factor that put its impact on leadership and management role. Charles Handy has described four types of cultures that exist in an organisation. These include power, role and task as well as people culture. The compliance of culture with leadership and management skills is important for smooth functioning of company. For instance, power culture gives authority or power to take decisions in the hands of one or more individuals. This makes the leadership to be dominant and more authoritative while management is quite strict and less flexible. However, role culture influences leadership to be more cooperative and employee oriented while organisation’s goals and objectives are not compromised.

Purpose and values which are established in company are significant components in deciding the nature of leadership. Red Carnation Hotel being an organisation where ethical governance and operation if influenced, leadership and management have to play the role of contributors in achieving this purpose. Employees and all unsuccessful strategies hold their leaders and managers accountable. This develops their role to be responsible and cooperative. Business organisations are subjected to the external environment which is made up of different components like government, societies, communities, etc. Leadership and management play the role of company representatives while dealing with external environmental factors.

1.2 Leadership and management skills

As discussed earlier, it is important for every company to design and develop an objective that will help in getting a guided path for functioning. Leadership and management skills are highly essential in order to meet the set objectives and goals. An individual's personal traits and characteristics are highly important in contributing to company's functioning.

Social Intelligence

Effective leadership can be examined by evaluating the social intelligence quotient of leader. A person's capability of developing an understanding about different social situations is social intelligence. For instance, two people are fighting over their personal matter and this is ruining the working atmosphere of Red Carnation Hotel. The leadership skill that is required at this point for getting quick solutions is social intelligence and patience. Leader or manager must be able to deal with both the parties with patience so that culture and working environment would not get adversely affected.


Strategies are the stepping stones in achieving business objectives. Hence, a significant skill that is essential for smooth organisational functioning is planning. When actions are strategically planned and executed, there is a scope of getting space for alternatives and other options. While on the other hand, ineffective leadership often occurs due to insufficiency in planning. Analytical approach to planning helps in gathering information from all the perspectives and then devising a plan which shall support development.

Interpersonal Skills

Leadership and management can be effective if there is a mutual understanding between employees and leaders. For instance, there is an increased flow of customers during off-season for Red Carnation Hotel. In such cases, the requirement of interpersonal skills is realised. Managers have to deliver their commands and orders to individuals so that customer needs and requirements will be easily met. They are also called as soft skills of a leader which has greater effectiveness.


Also referred as wisdom, prudence is the ability of a person to visualise situations from different perspectives and then reaching to the conclusion. Leadership involves making judgements. Different sets of people show various behaviour depending on their acceptance level towards a situation. If cautious and prudent decisions are taken, then chances of effectiveness increases. Moreover, acceptance of the leader by his followers is increased when he takes correct decisions and strategic steps. All such skills and competencies help in meeting organisational objective with development of good organisational culture.

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1.3 Self-assessment of skills

Leadership and management skills which I have been witnessing in myself are described ahead. Being a responsible employee of Red Carnation Hotel, I have been playing a significant role by dedicating my skills and competencies to development of the company.


Every individual requires one skill which can help in eliminating barriers effectively. This single skill is focus. I have high concentration power and capability to perform without getting diverted from external forces. This competence is focus. Leadership involves focus and awareness about surroundings and their functioning. It helps in making decisions effectively.

Problem Solving

Different types of situations require special attention and specific skills to deal with. Problem solving skill can be considered as a strong leadership and management attribute because it helps in assuring that tasks or activities going in the company won't be hindered or stopped if any sort of blockade or problem occurs. I have depicted problem solving skill in difficult situations which were addressed by me and my colleagues.

Effective communication

Communication takes place between two or more people through various mediums. Professional ethics allow formal communication with verbal and non-verbal orientations so that clear transfer of information takes place. For instance, a new salary policy has been formulated by Red Carnation Hotel. It is my duty to communicate whereabouts of this policy to my followers and other employees for establishing effective communication.

Acquiring feedbacks

I have depicted my key skills which depict relations with leadership and management. Personal skills and competencies can be enhanced when organisation adopts appraisal systems and feedbacks. For example: I have been working with Red Carnation Hotel since 3 years. My performance and professional background has improved steadily with different leaderships in power. Gaining information from feedbacks be it negative or positive, I will be benefited in inculcating improvements in my working style. As a result, betterment of personal skills takes place.


I have a in-built tendency to experience and review my work from different perspectives so that flaws are easily detected. Red Carnation Hotel being a brand cannot compromise with damages caused to the business due to negligence caused by employees. I have been reviewing appraisals and performance development of employees so that defects in strategies can be actively eliminated.


2.1 Assessing opportunities

There are various ways or opportunities in which personal development can take place which would in turn produce better leadership and management skills. These opportunities include coaching and mentoring. Leadership is an assistive journey. Red Carnation Hotel cannot transform all by itself if only the leader is working and rest other employees are idle. Hence, coaching and mentoring for employees is required. On the same hand, there is a great need of developing techniques which can help leaders in enhancing their skills and qualities for better productivity and profitability.

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Coaching and Mentoring

This process involves development through learning from a coach. This person shall provide effective methods through which the leader can get himself trained and advised on different matters. For instance, the leader of Red Carnation Hotel is not so capable for taking decisions in judiciary matters. In such cases, coaching and mentoring by a legal advisor shall help in developing legal skills.

Formal Trainings

Company itself provides training facilities which are regularly imparted from time to time. These types of trainings are called formal and are limited to office campus. Progress is monitored from time to time in this type of training and whenever organisation authorities recognise that there is a need for providing learning opportunity, then formal trainings are organised.

Educational opportunities

Leaders and managers can explore learning opportunities in educational institutions which are capable of delivering knowledge that shall enhance competencies and skills. Colleges and universities often develop programs which give special allowances to employees and other company staff to either come and learn or gain knowledge through distance learning education.

Reflective learning

Every individual irrespective of their functioning position has to develop critical thinking which will help in analysing different situations and providing better results in terms of performance. Reflective learning models and techniques is one such opportunity or approach which helps individuals to develop their critical thinking skills. The techniques involved in reflective thinking model include maintaining a journal or log and recording each and every activity that has been addressed by the individual during his/her day. The person then has to evaluate his decisions from all dimensional aspects and then understand the places where he was right or wrong.

All these opportunities if appropriately implied then personal development and enhancement of leadership and management skills is effectively done.

2.2 Managing personal development

Once a personal development plan has been implemented, it is important to manage and monitor the activities that are planned. Without effective management, the chances of getting appropriate results is minimised. In order to decrease this risk, certain processes or procedures are to be initiated and implemented in the current strategic functioning. These include continual review and reflection, appropriate learning, generating and evaluating feedbacks and maintaining records of failures and achievements. When a person manages all these activities according to the personal development plan, then strategies and processes which are formulated for betterment become more successful.

Continual Review and Reflection

Leadership and management can be effective only when leaders and managers have the habit of reviewing their activities. When continuous review and reflection is performed, mistakes and errors that are committed in the process can be diagnosed and rectified on time. Personal development plan can be successfully implemented when sequential planning and effective review is performed.

Progressive learning

Great leaders have stated that learning is the first step towards success. Hence, leadership and management skills must be focused towards progressive learning so that aims and objectives are effectively accomplished. It is enabled when continuous projects are handled or allotted to individuals. It helps in setting a continuous flow of information without getting disturbed or mismanaged.

Evaluating and generating feedbacks

Individuals that are a part of entire strategy or project are the most important people when it comes to feedbacks. Leaders can explore their opportunity of being on a responsible position by accessing feedbacks which can be collected using questionnaire forms or surveys or even from open sessions. These must not be limited to the leader himself but Red Carnation Hotel can use this for their customers and other stakeholders. In this way one can easily understand the nature of impact that has been experienced by followers and subordinates whenever a decision is taken.

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Maintaining records

It is advisable to consider recording and tracking systems. The possibilities when severe critical consequences can occur is quite undefined. Red Carnation Hotel may or may not face any issues in its functioning when certain individual is working as the leader or manager. But there are chances that conflicts or clashes may occur. In such situations, track records help in understanding the situation much better and also helps in taking effective decisions. Individuals can maintain their records using logs or journals or even diaries. A sense of self control is experienced when records are maintained and results obtained will be more effective.


3.1 Reviewing personal development plan

The personal development plan which is prepared in this assessment aims to improve specific skills i.e. negotiation skills, time management skills and resource management capabilities. Red Carnation Hotel can improve its leadership and management competencies when objectives are clearly defined and designed. This personal development plan has clear objectives which is in accordance to SMART principle that is being specific, measurable, attainable, time bound and realistic. All these activities that are planned for gathering improvements are in accordance with this principle. It is important to provide a time limit so that unnecessary lethargy and delay doesn't occur. Effectiveness of every activity will be improved when time limit is provided. Hence, in this aspect, the personal development plan is quite accurate.

Original objectives and the achievements are quite close. This indicates that precise results are obtained. One can easily understand and learn the techniques that are involved in negotiating with suppliers or distributors for providing resources at least possible prices. On the other hand, time management skills are less improved because of no specific activity. Instead, the activity which has been described in the personal development plan is more burdening and exhaustive. Employees won't be able to cope with this work pressure in the hotel and as a result, their interest towards working will decrease. Hence, it is important to review the time management improvement program. This objective is henceforth not achieved because of lack of specific working techniques and procedures.

Considering the objective of attaining better capabilities for managing resources, the organisation has witnessed visible changes in its financial reports. These changes are positive and contributing in meeting organisational objectives and purpose of Red Carnation Hotel. Leaders and managers can gain the capability of managing inventory and allocating specific resources in necessary amounts. Red Carnation Hotel's supply chain has improved which means the objective of improving resource utilisation capabilities is met.

It is important for reviewing every plan or strategy because there can be hidden errors or flaws in defined strategies or plans. These errors are easily detected when a review procedure is initiated. It also helps in understanding or getting an insight about the objectives which have not been accomplished or achieved yet. For instance, considering the given personal development plan, out of three important objectives only two were successfully achieved and one failed. This means that there were certain loop holes in the functioning strategy. Hence, it is important to review and evaluate business strategies and action plans for betterment of the organisation and less wastage of resources.

3.2 Effectiveness of personal development of skills

Red Carnation Hotel as mentioned before, is a brand icon in the hotel and service industry. The only thing that is required to maintain this brand reputation is effective strategies and efficient human resource. Every individual that is providing his/her services in the organisation must be able to contribute in such a way that organisational objectives are accomplished. Effectiveness of a proposed strategy or action plan can be measured using the speed or process which is implied in meeting objectives. For instance, the personal development plan was not able to accomplish the goal of improving time management skills. This skill is highly significant for management and leadership both. Managers cannot function properly if their time is not managed. They have to perform the operation of scheduling and planning daily activities which cannot be possible without effective time management operation. Hence, effectiveness of skill is decreased.

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Benchmarking is a process of setting standards and comparing one type of business process with others' or competitors' strategies. For instance, Marriott is an influential competitor of Red Carnation Hotel. Different benchmarks are set by every company once they have achieved something. It is possible than Red Carnation sets the benchmark of giving high quality services in spa and beautification. This means that competitors have to meet the requirements of this benchmark and then develop or improve their strategies. Activities which are involved in development of a company must be evaluated for understanding the level of impact every step has created on organisational functioning. The performance standards must be improved along with achievement of increased profitability and productivity results.

Considering the personal development plan given in the above sections, it has been evaluated that Red Carnation Hotel was not able to develop time management skills in the leaders and managers which means an important aspect of leadership and management was left untouched in case of improvements. Hence, there is a need to develop better activities which will help in managing time and daily operations of the company. On the other hand, it is important that planners or activists who are engaged in making strategies or plans should be able to evaluate and review current developments to enhance the effectiveness of implied strategy.


This report is based on the personal leadership and management practises which are essential for smooth business functioning. Red Carnation Hotel employees have to develop their own capabilities and competencies so that competition can be managed easily. When efficient leaders and managers are assigned the role of improving productivity and profitability then it is significant that their skills must be of expert level. Through this report, one can understand that there is a deep impact over leadership and management because of organisational objectives and culture of the company. Red Carnation Hotel can imbibe specific leadership and management skills in its employees through the techniques mentioned in this assessment.

A personal development plan has been designed and implemented in the organisation for accessing the developmental opportunities which have been depicted in this report. The tools which will help in managing the implementation of this strategy. It is important to manage and supervise the activities which are mentioned in a strategy so that discrepancies do not occur. Lastly, a detailed review and evaluation of personal development plan has been performed with a provision for recommendations or future development.


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