Changing policy in Toursim Sector

Tourism policy of international connectivity

Introduction To Avaition Policy

Transportation has always played a leading role in enhancing the opportunities of growth within a nation. The countries with non-integrated system suffered with high setbacks within market. It helps in shaping the infrastructure of the company. Air transport is the critical part of process for moving the visitors from one place to another. This helps in improving the quality of life by broadening the leisure and cultural experience of people (Voegele, 2010). It helps the country by receiving high rates in terms of favorable tourist destinations. The civil aviation policies of countries create various opportunities for seeking effective sources of collaborating the growth of nation. Various strategies and marketing measures help in enhancing the global demand within market.

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Aviation industry is the growing industry in world. This is contributing as the major factor of growth and development in many countries. It contributes more than 10% in the global output and is the leading industry that is appointing major scope for employment opportunities (Crane, 2014). The industry has employed more than 520 million people in UK itself. England has boomed as the major tourist destination of world. Aviation plays a crucial role in the industry. It reflects the international arrivals of tourists and aviation department supports the same. The policies and regulations within economy shape the effective working of same within society and thus, create high scope for the development of the country (Dodd, 2003).

The policy framework of country focuses on the development of sector in order to create high impact on the overall economic development. The aviation sector contributes around £18 billion per annum of economic output. It has employed more than 220,000 people and creating vast job opportunities (Minor and Watson, 2011). The aviation department at present is focusing on enhancing the capacity of department in order to maintain the status as a global hub by excellent international connectivity. The policy focuses on creating advanced measures to increase the competitiveness of country. The parameter of policy is high enough in terms of development of nation in the global market (Zhang and Czerny, 2012).

Ethical and effective means of working within market

Tourism and aviation are the complementary industries. Tourism is facilitated by aviation in terms of visitors' transportation. In the same way, transportation generates high demand within market (Woll, 2006). The policy of developing country as the global hub by increasing its international connectivity is the major scope of creating high demand in market. This helps the nation in enhancing its policies and strategies towards collaborative working within global market. This policy has taken a balanced approach to increase the competitiveness of economy. The role of government in policy formation is to create the base for and regulations towards the subject to create an ethical and effective means of working within market (Wheatcroft, 2014). The primary objective of policy is to achieve long term growth for in nation and the aviation sector within industry. The framework underpins the long term planning and investment in aircraft and infrastructure (Malighetti, Paleari and Redondi, 2009).

The transportation and trading measures have been the crucial part of UK economy from ages. It has helped the country in developing its position and setting up the brand image in economy. The focus of country in strengthening its international networks and connectivity creates and enhances the measure for developing its growth prospects in the market. This will help the country by increasing emerging possibilities of competing economic growth opportunities (Elias, 2009). The private and public sector markets play a leading role in the development of country. The aviation policies of enhancing international connectivity will be played by these players within market as well. The public sector will contribute in developing the basic outline and infrastructure of policy while private players focus on the profit making opportunities and strategies within market.

Aviation policy of expanding its geographical reach will create effective scope of growth within the organization (Airey and Chong, 2010). The international connectivity will help it in providing an effective shape by developing high scope of global traffic enhancement. The number of visitors in UK is continuously increasing in every consecutive year. The policy of international connectivity will help the country in grabbing global advantage within market by creating better and advanced means of traveling in nation (Papatheodorou, 2012). Government is focusing on establishing the operations of country efficiently by enhancing the quality, services and cost measures.

The development of aviation policy will help the individual; market players within the economy. The individual business operator within the market at present is focusing on developing the operations by creating higher business opportunities. The policy enhancement will create a high impact on the growth of the industry of UK. The infrastructure policy and the regulatory policies need to be revised for the same. The country invests in the prospect in order to stand as a leading and developed economy of the world. These issues involve the bridging of air transport and tourism policies while considering the regulatory framework, taxation and facilities for travel process (Wheatcroft, 2005). The focus of the following meeting was to develop the internal strength of the country in order to master the external business operations. The cost effective and moderate taxation policies will help the private players in developing the chances of growing and utilizing the better opportunities for growth.

The attractiveness of the airlines depends on many factors that help the company in attracting major consumer to avail the services within the market. The factors which may be involved in the same are the cost factors. This is the most crucial factors that help in enhancing the attractiveness of the company (Williams, 2012). Many companies such as easy jet, Virgin Atlantic etc. has adopted these policies in order to create the global demand in the market. The quality and safety issues are other crucial factors that help in creating high impact on the perception of the consumers within the market.

Reliability and Safety

The quality services creates the sense of reliability and safety within the consumers and services users thus these factors helps in creating high impact on the operation of the business. The connectivity of the company n the most crucial and significant part of the strategy as it helps the company in shaping its operations within the market.

The aviation sectors play the leading role in transporting the visitors from one place to another. In order to enhance the business operations within the country the company must create high impact on the global connectivity. The British Airways is a well-established and well known company within the market. The international connectivity of the company has helped in in creating a competitive advantage in the market (Fons, Fierro and y Patiño, 2011). Thus airport hub is yet another strategy that plays a leading role in designing the policies and attractiveness within the country.

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The factor of competitiveness considered to be the critical element of success and sustainability of business operations (Stadlmeier, 2013). The model of Retchie and Crouch develops an effective understanding about the concept of the competitiveness of the destination for tourism. The model is based on the intensive study of the responses of CEOs and DMOs around the major parts of the world to identify and prioritize the factors that they believe determine the competitiveness and success of tourism destinations. This model suggest that the competitiveness of the country, industry or company needs the effective analysis of the array of macro and micro factors that have both direct and indirect impact on the growth and development of the sector.

The global environment is exposed to continuous change in the environment and accustomed to the growth and development of the country. The destination competitive environment is made of two major factors i.e. macro factors and micro factors. Both these factors have effective impact in analyzing the competitiveness of the destination (Papakostas, 2010). The global factors are accustomed to regular change and development (Airey and Chong, 2010). The country has to understand and these factors to create high scope on growth and development. These factors need the continuous analysis of the factors and regular market evaluation in order to pre determines the changes and applying those in the organizations to create and edge in the market. These factors involve economy, technology, regulations and ecology. It helps the company in understanding the concept of development within the competitive global market (Shaw, 2011).

The competitive environment is made of the micro factors which influence the immediate arena of tourism activities within the country. These are the controllable factors for the country thus has more impact on the tourist attraction as compared to the macro factors (Albaladejo-Pina and Díaz-Delfa, 2009). This enhances the competitiveness of the organization by creating the better and advances understanding of the proximity of the market opportunities and demand of the consumers. This helps in regulating the business operations within the market by answering to the questions such as who should do the task, how must the activity done, who is complies to create and difference within the environment etc.

Creating destination focused marketing measures

This sector of the analysis connects both suppliers who is the immediate facilitator and the consumer who is the service user within the market. In order to make the destination attractive for the airline the destination's internal environment or internal culture is also analyzed. This creates the impact on understanding the values and beliefs of the destination. The promotion and marketing tasks may develop the attractive measures within the environment (Fons, Fierro and y Patiño, 2011). For example UK has created effective impact on the world economy by developing high promotional measures within the country. Various airlines are creating destination focused marketing measures in order to create more attractiveness for the destination. The competitor’s analysis is yet another measure that helps the destination in enhancing its services and policies for the company.

The core resources and attractors are yet other measures that help the destination in shaping its basic operations. The physical resources of the country help in creating high impact on the demand of tourism within the developed nations of the world. These include the analysis of climatic factors, physiographic factors. The destination managers have no control over these factors yet these may be utilized in favor of understanding the scope of tourism (Gago, Labandeira, Picos and Rodríguez, 2009). Since it includes the overall nature of the landscape and the climate of the destination it defines the nature of the environmental framework within which the visitor exists and enjoys the destination (Wallace, Pollack and Young, 2010).

Bournemouth Airport is an airport located in the northeast of Bournemouth in southern England. In November 2008, the airport was ranked as the best airport in UK and third best in world. It has a CAA Public Use Aerodrome License (number P736) and it allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flying instruction. The primary users of the airport are Ryanair and Thomson Airways. It is owned and operated by the Manchester Airports Group (MAG) which is the largest British airport operator.

Market ties are the major scope of development within the organization. This helps in controlling the factors of assessment of activities and working measures within the country (Vasudevan, 2008). It helps the country in creating an effective impact in the planning the mix of the activities which may help the company in enhancing the scope within the market to develop its operation by analysing the effective scope of the destination growth and competitiveness. Entertainment is also a crucial factor in enhancing the attractiveness of the destination. Thus it can be clearly analysed from the above model that the application and understanding of major micro and macro factors of the organizations helps in developing the attractiveness of the country. The model helps in creating effective impact on the organizational operations.

Economic prosperity is a function which defines the attractiveness of a particular company or destination. It talks about the abilities of the destination to overcome barriers. For that purpose, the authorities are required to design an appropriate marketing campaign which can create awareness about the destination worldwide. Ability to communicate to the entire world should be reflected. Destination must be willing to invest in itself that is in infrastructure, superstructure & management systems. It must try to achieve coordination between various sectors of tourism industry. The place must have high quality tourism product and experience. For instance case study of Bournemouth Airport can be taken into consideration (Suryani, Chou and Chen, 2010).

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For the promotion of tourism, a new manufacturing unit will be constructed at the Bournemouth Airport. It is a £11m investment into the business. The owner of the airport has signed a deal with AIM Aviation a manufacturer of aircraft cabin interiors. According to the deal, a manufacturing unit, research facility, offices and customer area will be constructed as part of the deal. Company is looking for new materials for creating light aircraft interiors which are more environments friendly. According to the experts this business deal will boost the local job market and the local economy. AIM already works with world’s best airlines and aircraft producers. It creates high quality interior products which facilitates the airlines to deliver quality flying experience to the passengers. They get more pleasurable in-flight experience. It can be taken as a sign of returning confidence in the Bournemouth Airport and demonstrates the strength of Aviation Business Park. In this way the airport will play an important role in providing significant contribution to the local economy. Further it will strengthen the rate of employment in the area. It will also deliver new opportunities for local businesses for the expansion. This is part of an overall progression strategy so that AIM aviation can design best facilities for the cabin interior requirements. Further it provides the opportunity to the company related to achieving the own plans for growth in the commercial aviation market. It will also greatly influence the capabilities of the company to meet the demands of the customers.

This exciting project will also provide an opportunity to AIM Aviation to bring modern tools and techniques of services to its client. Hence it is expected that this investment will prove to be very valuable for the economy. It will also promote tourism and will also increase the number of tourist arrivals in UK. Different tourism companies in UK will also get some business.

The analysis of the report helps in understanding that tourism policy is the very crucial concept of the industry. The study creates the effective learning of the impact of various policies that delivers high value in increasing the competitiveness of the industry. The policy of international connectivity has helped the country in developing the higher scope of growth within the global market. Tourism industry has helped the country in creating high growth prospects within the market. This has helped the economy to take high leap. The model studied in the analysis enhances the learning about the various measures of creating high impact on the international competitiveness for the destinations (Willis, 2011). The concept of investment in self has helped the airport in the UK market by creating high competitive scope. Hence it can be analysed that the development of the policies helps the companies in evaluating the efficient mode of growth and development of the business and the organization as well.


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