Quality Management

Analysis of Quality Management in a Company

Introduction to Quality Management

Quality management is a process that assures that a products and services offered by company are consistent. It further involve various step that facilitate in checking all functions and task required to keep up with required level of expertise and excellence. Quality management deals with four key components, quality planning, controlling, assurance and improvement. It further takes into account the concept of total quality management which help in assuring pro longed success through meeting customer expectations. In this report various aspects of quality management will be studied. The report is focused on implication of quality management in Rose and Crown hotel. It is self-reliant, 3 star hotel having around 100 rooms situated on the outer areas of city in Midland. In this report various approaches used to improve quality management will be explained. Further, the value of complaint procedures will be identified. Also, discussion will be provided on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

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Task 1

1.1 Definition of quality in terms of business and service provision

Quality is nothing but customer satisfaction. The quality refers to those attributes of products and services that are important for customers and valued by them. The quality of an offering is evaluated by customers. As per the business provision, quality is determined on the basis of how fit is product for performing its supposed purpose. In addition to this, it must provide value to customer for the price paid. The quality of product or service should conform with the specification provided by manufacturer. The major products offered by Rose and Crown are, accommodation, food and beverage etc. Therefore, quality of these products depends upon the satisfaction level of customers after using them. Thereafter, quality as per service provision depends upon the skills of service provider. It refers to efficiency of employees, processes and work environment of hotel that further help in meeting the needs of customers in best manner. In order to ensure consistency in its service quality, company should check it must have courageous and prompt staff. They further help hotel in responding to the customers need and meeting the provided specifications.

1.2 Role of quality control and assurance in inspection and assurance processes in hotel's quality management

Quality control is systematic process that involves over checking all the activities and processes so as to ensure that product and service meet the industry quality benchmarks. Quality control help in ensuring the consistency in products and services. According to ISO 9000, quality control is a viable component of quality management that is centered on attaining the quality needs of company. Further quality assurance means taking preventive steps to avoid mistakes while offering services to consumers. Therefore, quality control help Rose and Crown in conforming with the quality of services while quality assurance is procedure of administrating for quality. With the help of quality control and assurance system, hotel can identify the loopholes in its services that can impact its brand image. Therefore, corrective measures can be taken on time. The quality control will assist management in focusing on operational areas, atmosphere in hotel, quality of food and accommodations offered to guest etc. Likewise, with the aid of quality assurance, management can check the efficiency, interpersonal skills and capabilities of its staff members. Therefore, management can set quality benchmark and perform various task accordingly.

Task 2

2.1 Discussing the meaning of customer satisfaction

Customers are those individuals or groups that can be impacted by the organization's offerings or functioning. A satisfied customer is most valuable asset for the company. The customer satisfaction is a criterion that determines how the services and goods offered by business conform with the anticipations and desires of customers. Therefore, success of organization depends upon large extent on the customer satisfaction criteria. Customer satisfaction also relies on features of products and its exemption from defects. In this respect, management of Rose and Crown hotel can ensure its hospitality services are prompt and friendly. Thereafter, freedom from defects can be estimated through improved satisfaction level of guest and reduced level of complaints. Therefore, customer satisfaction will increase the sales and revenue of hotel and will help in building positive image of entity in market. It will further assist in inculcating brand loyalty among customers and ensuring repetitive purchase from them.

2.2 Meaning of continuous improvement

Continuous improvement refers to consistent efforts made by business to amend its goods, services and operations. The continuous improvement assures the long term success and sustainability of organization in competitive market. It further leads to growth and development of business. Thereafter, continuous improvement help in meeting the expectations of customers and ensuring their maximum satisfaction. The Rose and Crown hotel can adopt Kaizen philosophy which assist in constant up gradation of business functions by making effective use of employee creative ideas. It further help in ensuring flexibility in operations so that viable changes can be made as per business environment and needs. To attain continuous improvement, Rose and Crown can adopt various process like, feedback from customers, market survey, R&D, brainstorming sessions that brings innovative business ideas from employees etc. Thereafter, customer needs can be identified on constant basis so changes can be done in services and constant improvement can be ensured.

2.3 Type of added value to be gained through continuous improvement process

The continuous improvement help in reducing the operational cost, improving the sales and productivity. It further improves the performance of Rose and Crown in prevailing competitive market. The continuous improvement also add value to business in various aspects which are explained as follows:

Lower cost

For ensuring continuous improvement various technical up gradations are done. The traditional technology are replaced with new and innovative one. The new technology further reduces the level of defects which further minimizes the cost of production.

Reduced waste

The constant improvement involves constant inspection of business functions. With this aspect, business can continuously upgrade its procedures that help in minimizing waste. For instance, Rose and Crown use constant improvement approach to improve its food and beverage quality. This further helped in reducing the food wastage done by customers.

Customer loyalty

In order to ensure constant improvement, management of hotel identifies the needs and preferences of customers and make changes in its services. Therefore, customers feel valued and thus its develops brand loyalty among them.

2.4 Types of information available to customers and importance given to effective marketing

There are large number of information available to customers at negligible cost to ensure convenience of guest. By making accessible the important information, management of Rose and Crown can enhance the satisfaction level of its guest. The hotel focus on principle that,'' informed customer is happy customer always.” The various types of information available to customers is as follows:

Opening time

It refers to timing for which service are available for its customers. Rose and Crown is open all days from 6:00 am to 12:pm.


It states the geographical position of hotel and its various branches. For instance hotel is situated at outskirts of city in Midlands. It further highlights the important landmarks that help customer in locating the hotel. Like, cited hotel is located near motorway.

Promotional offers

Company provide attractive discounts and offers to induce customers to avail the services of hotel. Special discounts are offered in off seasons to maintain consistency in sales and revenue.


The customer must be informed about the prices of accommodation and other services including various tax, hidden charges etc.

Furthermore, aforementioned are important information that must be provided by company to its customers. To provide them company can adopt attractive marketing modes like, advertisement on television, magazines, information on official website, social media etc.

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Task 3

3.1 Explaining how quality management can be measured

Following are the ways through which quality of services can be measured by the management of hotel.

Statistical Process control charts

It is important tool that uses six sigma technique and other statistical methods to administer and control various functions to attain superior quality. It further help in reducing defects in products and processes. SPC monitors and control various process to check it work as per its maximum potential. SPC highlights the causes for variations in functions.


It is a statistical approach that help management in modifying its quality with the constant feedback from various internal and external customers. The main elements of TQM are employee engagement, process excellence, customer centric approach, continuous up gradation etc.


It is an effective tool that help Rose and Crown in offering services to its guest according to the industry standards.

3.2 Benefits of user and non user survey in fulfilling customers needs

With the aid of several user and non user survey, management of hotel can identify various reasons because of which certain customers like its services while others do not. On the basis of these outcomes, company can upgrade its services to increase its customer base. In addition to this, organization can use its strengths to overcome its weakness. The surveys also help in identifying the needs of customers that can be fulfilled by hotel to enhance the satisfaction level of its guest. Further, management of Rose and Crown can make innovation in its services that further help in stimulating and converting non users into loyal customers. The surveys help company in identifying the expectations, preferences and suggestions of its guest to make constant improvement in its services. It increases the satisfaction level of customers which also results in enhancement in productivity and proficiency of organization. The survey is done by hotel with the assistance of sales personnel, interactive customer portals, reviewing brand page visit, increase or decrease in number of followers on social sites etc.

3.3 Different methods of consultation involved in one quality scheme to encourage participation

Consultation is a activity that assist in getting advice, guidance and expert views from professionals in hospitality industry. Consultation assist in reaching at consensus decisions which is fruitful for organization. It further help in increasing the involvement of various individuals and groups that are important for business. The hotel consult its employees, suppliers on various aspects to enhance their participation level. It further bring forth the creative ideas and opinions of its employees. It further help company in ensuring stakeholders engagement. Rose and Crown use following methods for encouraging participation of under-represented groups:


Different questions are asked from target groups to collect information about its services, environment, their satisfaction level etc.


The one to one meetings with employees help management in their getting suggestions on business issues. The meetings help in knowing problems faced by employees while working that should be resolved on time.

Suggestion scheme

With this approach experts of hospitality, experienced employees and loyal customers can give their creative suggestion that can be considered while working or offering new services. It further help company in constant improvement.

3.4 Identifying the value of complaint procedures

Complaint process assist in determining the issues faced by guest while availing the services offered by Rose and Crown. Complaint procedure help in identifying the deceitful activities faced by customers on time. Therefore, corrective actions can be taken by management to avoid legal consequences. The complaint process help hotel in identifying various loopholes that may result into serious destruction of companies goodwill. By going through the complaint process, company can make changes in its services and process and meet the customer expectation. Therefore, customers of Rose and Crown can complain through direct emailing, telecommunications, official website etc. By resolving the complaints on time company can maintain its brand image, customer loyalty and ensure its proficiency in long run.

Task 4

4.1 Role of self assessment to determine organization current state of health

Self assessment help in determining the existing position of Rose and Crown in market. It further help in determining the resources that are available to company that will help in achieving the overall goals and objectives. With the help of self-assessment approach, management can find out its existing competencies and inefficiencies that have direct impact on its performance. Therefore, self assessment help in taking proper actions on time so as prevent negative impact on companies image and quality of its services. For instance, Rose and Crown identified through self assessment that rooms were not clean on arrival of guest. In this respect, housekeeping staff was changed and strict instructions were provided to them to meet the quality standards. Therefore, it prevented the dissatisfaction among guest and helped in maintaining its 3 star hotel image.

4.2 An evaluation of the importance of communication and record keeping

Communication is process that help various members of Holiday Inn in exchanging the crucial information, creative thoughts, suggestion and problems. It is an important tool that help company in ensuring satisfaction among workforce. With the help of sound communication positive work environment can be developed as members can express their feelings, opinion and issues. It further help in developing sound interpersonal relationship within the enterprise. Thereafter, with the help of effective communication strong relationship can be developed with customers and their needs and wants can be identified easily. The record-keeping help business in keeping track of its past performance, customer and employee data etc. Therefore, with the help of record keeping can reach its loyal customers while offering new services. The business record also serve as evidence that activities of company are ethical and lawful. For instance, record of payment of tax and duties etc. Holiday Inn keeps record of its employee in order to manage its human inventory. For instance, the record show number of employee retiring in 2016 therefore, company can hire new employee in place of old ones.

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4.3 Showing how guidelines should be followed on the stages of staff consultation

Quality management within hospitality organisation can be improved with an assistance of diverse guidelines in regard to quality scheme. In other aspect, it can be asserted that there are few guidelines that can be followed by company at the stage of staff consultation. In the support of this, it is essential for managers to have proper interaction with its employees so that issues can be identified in appropriate manner. Regular feedback process can be designed from the authorities so that business can accomplish operational activities in most suitable manner. Other than this, various communication channels can be used by hospitality organization in order to identify key needs of staff.

4.4 New systems or modification to existing system to improve the service quality

In order to have effective developments in context to quality the management of Holiday Inn can focus on adaptation of new systems. Moreover, few changes can also be made in regard to improve the quality of the services. In this respect, various quality standards can be set out so that business operations can be accomplished in appropriate manner. Other than this, company can also concentrate on the effective designing of training and development plan so that employees can understand the significance of quality management. Various technological tools can also be adopted to ensure that the quality standards well maintained such as CCTV and computerized monitoring system.


From the above report, it can be concluded that success of organization depends upon the quality of its products and services. With the help of quality control consistency is ensured in the services offered by Rose and Crown. For quality management company can consider approaches like, Feigenabaum, Juran and Deming. Thereafter, self assessment help business in identifying the loopholes and assist in taking corrective actions. Also, consultation process help management of Rose and Crown to make sound business judgments.


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