Quality Management in Business

Analysis of Quality Management in Business

Introduction to Quality Management in Business

Within modern management, most of the companies are witnessed for participating in quality management so that they can keep quality of the products and services. The quality is defined as the degree of the customer service and satisfaction that is gained after the use of particulate product or service. The companies, in the present era are trying to enhance and redefine their business functions while focusing on improving the quality of services and products. The report herewith deals with the various aspect of quality management within the hotel industry. It defines the quality in terms of business and services provision and role of quality control and quality assurance in inspection and assurance processes in the organisation’s quality management describes the role of quality control and quality assurance in inspection and assurance processes in the organisation’s quality management.

The range of quality management approaches have been discussed along with their similarities and differences. This unit is going to discuss about customer satisfaction and continuous improvement and describe how the use of continuous improvement process can add value in quality system. In the next section of report, quality management and the tools of measuring quality in hotels are described while evaluating the benefit of user and non-user surveys for determining customer needs. Different methods of consultation employed in one quality scheme are discussed while discussing the value of complaints procedures. The last section of report evaluates the valuation of the importance of communication and record keeping along with proposing a new system to existing improve service quality.

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Task 1

1.1 Clear definitions of quality in terms of business and services provision

In modern management, most of the companies are witnessed for participating in quality management so that they can keep quality of the products and services. Now-a-days, quality is witnessed as the major concept of improving sales and also considered as the key element used to remain competitive in the marketplace. From a past few decades, quality is considered as a key aspect of business and service provisions. As per the definition given by American Society, “Quality is a subjective aspect, for which each person can define the quality as per his perception. In the technical terms, quality has two meanings, One is associated with characteristics of a product or service that can satisfy the stated or implied needs. On the other hand, the second one is associated with product or service that is free of deficiencies.

In respect to business and services provision, quality is referred to the perception of the degree to which product or service meets the customer’s expectations. Furthermore, it was identified that quality is a perceptual and it also has conditional and somewhat subjective attribute. In respect to the given case scenario, The Rose and Crown hotel is facing problems associated with quality of business that led to decrease the sales and raise customer complaints. The quality management problems of the mentioned hotel include poor internal communication between departments and customer services. The quality in terms of business and services provision are associated with customer service and internal business management of cited hotel. The service provided by the hotel organization must satisfy the needs of guests in the hotels and must be in the way to meet the objectives of business. In the business management field, quality management is applied for the purpose of providing customer satisfaction as-well-as making business profits.

1.2 Role of quality control and quality assurance in inspection and assurance processes in the organisation’s quality management

The cited hotel in the case is Rose and Crown which tries to deliver effective and high quality services to the customers. Quality of services provided by the organization is the major reason for which it is positioned as a reputed hotel. The mentioned hotel has established some quality management systems to ensure the high quality of the services that are provided to the customers. Quality control and assurance are the two major processes which are used in the quality management system of business entity. Quality control is the systematic process for reviewing the elements that are associated with service delivery of Rose and Crown hotel. With the help of this process, the cited hotel can maintain quality throughout the production processes as-well-as the skills of the employees associated with it. This process also includes inspection of the quality during the service delivery and production process.

Quality assurance is the process that ensures that the services are free of defects or problems and are to be provided to the guests in the well specified manner. The here mentioned process in Rose and Crown hotel is used for ensuring that products and services must meet required standards and quality. The investigation represents that quality control is to be differentiated from quality assurance as it is a fact that quality control focuses on the end results.

The successful implementation of quality control and quality assurance processes within Rose and Crown hotel may result in higher profits, increasing customer satisfaction, positive brand image and brand loyalty.

1.3 Range of approaches that can be taken to improve quality management

Within the corporate scenario, there are several approaches that can be used for improving quality management. Here, are some of quality management approaches that can be applied to Rose and Crown hotel.

Philip Crosby’s approach

The here mentioned approach can be used for defining the quality in Rose and Crown hotel in accordance with four principles. As per this quality approach, quality is associated with completion of requirements. The service quality must be ensured by preventing processes that may lead to low quality by checking smooth production and delivery. The hotel service quality must be standardised and there must be timely measured of gaps in the completion of requirements.

Edward Deming’s approach

The use of here mentioned approach provides a set of guidelines to Rose and Crown hotel for which company must ensure successful implementation of total quality management. The inspection process must be used for achieving quality, adopt new philosophy and eliminate gaps between the service quality. On the basis of such approach company must organise continuous training and development activities for employees.

Kaoru Ishikawa’s approach

The here cited approach is based on Edward Deming’s approach in which the principle of quality management are expanded to the level of total quality management. According to this, there are major six steps that can be followed by hotel to ensure total quality management. These six steps are

  • Determination of goals and targets of the hotel
  • Identifying methods to achieve those goals
  • Arranging training for hotel staff
  • Results of the trainings must be implemented in business processes of the hotel
  • Review the effect
  • Making corrective actions to manage the quality
Joseph Juran’s approach

This approach of quality management specifies major sections such as quality planning, quality improvement and quality control. Using this approach, the hotel can focus on identifying customers needs and can provide service and products in according to their needs. However, the planning process activities can be managed effectively while having some control measures.

1.4 Similarities and differences between the different methods

Within the organizations, there are some methodology that are used to ensure quality management system however, there are some differences in above defined approches athat are explained in following section:

Difference between Edward Deming’s approach vs. Philip Crosby’s approach

From the description made in above task, it was identified that here mentioned both the approaches are used for eliminating of dependency on the inspection process. This could be further said that with the use of both the approaches, quality of services can be maintained just from initial phase, rather than checking it from after the production.

However, the major difference is that Edward Deming’s approach focuses on eliminating targets and numerical goals for the workforce, on the other hand Philip Crosby’s concentrate on completing such goals with quality.

Difference between Kaoru Ishikawa’s approach vs. Philip Crosby’s approach

The major similarity between Kaoru Ishikawa’s approach and Philip Crosby’s approach is that both are focused on establishing goals for the hotel while defining high-quality standards.

Kaoru Ishikawa’s approach is different from Philip Crosby’s as it does not focus on price and just complying with the requirements for improving quality. On the other hand, Philip Crosby’s approach is focused on reducing cost while improving quality. In addition to that, both the approaches are used for the prevention of processes which lead to low quality.

Task 2

2.1. Explaining the methods of measuring quality management

Explanation about the methods for measuring the quality management has been done. For this aspect, a hotel can use various tool which will help them to know about the quality level of the hotel. Three methods have been described as follows:

Survey Method

In this, a firm could take the survey from the existing customers as well as from the employees. The survey must be about the customer and employee satisfaction through which company could come to know about the quality of their service. This will aid the quality manager to assess the management of overall quality of an organization. For instance, in Hotel Marriott, manager of hotel takes the survey of customers and employees as well so that overall perspective information can be gained about the quality of service they are providing.

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Interview Method

The company could conduct the interview session where one-to-one interaction can be done with the quality manager. There, employees perspective could be taken and they should be asked the related questions about the quality of services. Suggestions from them could be taken to improve the service quality as well.

Complaints Procedure

This is one of the most effective method through which quality management can be measured. In this, a hotel must have a separate department of customer care where all the complaints of customers should be listened and properly redressed. Every month, a firm must list down the number of complaint arising and should distribute them under various headings. This way, hotel could come to know that in which kind of service they are lacking. If the complaint arises more for the housekeeping department than the service quality of that department is not effective. Hotel Hilton adopts this technique to measure the quality management of their hotel.

2.2 Evaluating the benefits of user and non-user surveys of determining customer need

Evaluation of benefits associated with the user and non-user surveys for the determination of customer need has been done. There are numerous benefits linked with these kinds of surveys and they are described as follows:

If the hotel do the surveys to the existing customers than company could ask them about the quality of service. Along with that, the general questions could be asked to lay down their further need. This way company could come to know that what more expectations a customers have with the hotel. This way company could identify the needs of the existing users.

If the company do the non-user survey than company could ask them why they are not preferring this hotel. As per their feedback, a hotel could come to know about the needs of the potential customers. This way they can bring improvement in their service so that they could satisfy their needs.

The user and non-user surveys help in knowing the changing needs of the customers and this way they can cope up with the changing environment of the industry.

2.3 Methods of consultation employed in one quality scheme to encourage participation by under-represented groups

In respect to the hospitality industry, the companies required to have quality system consults with the employees so that they can provide between solution to the problem that are faced in the quality management processes. The employee participation is must in the hotels as the staff have direct contract with the employees. With the help of employee participation, the company can boost the confidence level of staff hence, they tend to involve in the business function. However, the final decision is to be taken by the management but the opinion and suggestion of the employees can positively affect the decision making process. The business must use effective methods of consulting with the employees that includes surveys, interviews, meetings, opinion polls etc.

Conducting surveys within the organization is the best method of getting the opinion of the employees on the issues faced by business. There must be one-on-one interviews with the staff members of hotels so that an in-depth discussion can be done between employees and management regarding issues of business. The hotels must use opinion poll methods for getting the opinion of employees in respect with business decision. The above discussed methods can held in acquiring innovative ideas to resolve business issues. Nonetheless, with the help of theses method effective communication within the management and employees can be nurtured. Using such methods, employees can be provided a chance to come up with their innovative ideas that will also help in boosting their morale.

2.4 Value of complaints procedures and analyse how they may be used to improve quality

As per the general phenomenon, complaint procedure is defied as a process to have feedbacks from customers allow them to make complaint associated with the quality of products and services. However, this is also applied to the internal process in which the employees can have a way to report any unethical or unfair event in the organization. As per the point of view of employees, documentation process is provided to the employees at the time of joining the company.

The role of employees within the hotel industry is important to render service effectiveness and customer satisfaction. The value of complaint process is for ensuring that clear and accurate communication between superior management and the employees is there in the organization. Furthermore, the complaint procedure is designed in the business to collect the vies of employees in respect the organization culture and work environment. This process allow employees to register a complaint against co- workers and even their superior who are conducting unethical practices. The management can be companied for the non satisfactory through this process. This procedure further helps the management in identifying the issues in the business and their importance and consequences. In the organization, complaint procedure can be considered as the first step towards continuous improvement in business and improving the quality. The superior management are responsible to take appropriate actions in respect to the issue raised by the employees. While resolving such issues, the quality of organization can be improved. The particular process allows business to manage the quality in the workspace that may cause problem in quality culture. However, the employees can be taken with a platform where they can provide feedback on the action taken by management towards continuous improvement process.

Task 3

3.1 Role of self assessment to determine an organization's current state of health

The concept of quality management is imperative for every organization because it assists corporation to offer good quality of services to large number of buyers. It is the process of identifying issues related to organization's health according to the current and past performance so as to analyze its impact on future performance of hotel. the help of self-assessment corporation can come to know regarding potential harm which can cause chaos at workplace. Furthermore, under the training manual it is very important to incorporate importance of self-assessment. Here, management will be taught that how corporation can ensure safety of personnel at workplace and what are different ways through which additional expenses can be reduced to a great extent. Furthermore, self-assessment can be done at department level such production, finance and marketing. Under this, respective mangers can uncover issues related to management of business activities. This potential issues can be discussed in meeting in order to draw valid outcome for solution. Furthermore, management of Inn can set criteria for each department or at each level of management like upper, middle and lower. This way it becomes possible for organization to adopt effective strategies to resolve issues taking place in management of business. It leads to reduce uncertainty to a great extent and create competitive edge of hotel. Apart from this, self-assessment is the imperative aspect to resolve problem with immediate impact. Moreover, through self-assessment corporation assess its internal as well as external environment and accordingly take corrective action on right time.

3.2 Evaluating the importance of communication and record keeping

The communication and record keeping are two imperative aspects behind quality management of corporation. Communication and qualitative management has positive correlation because if there will be good communication in each department then there will be better quality of products and services. According to given scenario Holiday Inn is having issues in making profitability because of global economic crisis. For this purpose, it is very important for hotel to focus on aspects of quality of management. At this juncture, communication become the imperative element. It depicts that daily meeting must be held with workforce or each level of management. Under this, management can listen queries facing in each department. With the help of extracted data it becomes possible to adopt effective strategy for the well being of corporation. It is the only good flow of communication whereby hotel come to know about issues faced by customers so that accordingly changes can be made in present work scenario.

Owing to this, different modes of communication like E-mail, notice board and weekly or monthly meeting are conducted with personnel. This way management can deliver package of information among workforce who are directly connected to end users. Apart from this, record keeping is also important wherein management keep record related to performance of workforce and profitability as well as overall information of company. For example, hotel can anticipates future demand by considering data of previous year. The anticipation is only done through proper record keeping. In order to store information hotel uses secured system where information can be stored in an effectual manner.

3.3 Staff consultation for effective implementation of quality scheme

Staff consultation is necessary for effective implementation of quality scheme. It assists management to carry out all business activities in an effectual manner. Here, the employee engagement can take place with the help of inclusion of workforce in decision making process. The current scenario of hotel depicts that economic are creating issues in increasing profitability. Owing to this, department of production and front staff must work with collaboration and their views can be considered in taking right decision. For this purpose all workforce must be invited to present their issues in front of managers. These issues can be related to dissatisfaction among customer, scarcity of resources and importer working condition.

Similarly, all measures taken by management are discussed with employees working at lower level. They are provided training for the same so as to improve service quality and increase overall rate of return. On the other hand, staff consultation can be ensured by providing detail information package related to quality scheme to all workforce through e-mail. At this juncture, they can be asked to revert back with any other recommendations. Furthermore, their valuable suggestions can be involved in quality management scheme of Holiday Inn.

This way both management and staff can have integrated approach in implementing quality scheme. It leads to meet expectations of buyers in an effectual manner that contribute towards increasing overall rate of return of hotel. Thus, role of staff is necessary for effective implementation of total quality management system as they know regarding issues of services users or customers.

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3.4 Proposing modification to existing system that could improve service quality

According to the given case scenario, Holiday Inn faced global economic crisis and it is affect profitability of hotel to a great extent. Here, it becomes necessary for hotel to bring modification in existing system that could improve service quality. Here, survey can be conducted among staff members in order to take their views for decision making process. Similarly, employees should be provided flexibility to inform upper level management regarding quality issues in products and services. This tends to improve services quality because customer can get their issues resolve on right time.

Weekly report can be prepared by staff members which reflect quality issues regarding product and services. This aspect makes it possible to adopt appropriate strategies with consultation of staff members. Similarly, customer survey can also be done so that accordingly organization get chance to improve performance in the marketplace. On the other hand, performance appraisal can also be used as the tool to assess need of improvement in existing system. Under this, supervisors can provide information regarding employees working under them. For example, if a single service users failed to meet targets then quality issues behind the same can be assessed. However, targets can be judged as per the retention or satisfaction of particular number of buyers. Accordingly, training can be imparted to improve the service quality.


The aforementioned report concludes that quality management determine ling run success of corporation in the marketplace with increased rate of return. It facilitates management to create competitive edge of the corporation even in the situation of crisis. It can also be said that, quality management is directly associated with success or sustainable growth of hospitality sector where quality is the main aspect to retain and satisfy customers. Furthermore, communication and record keeping play vital role in implementing quality scheme at workplace and catering need of end users in an effectual manner. In addition to this, staff consultation must be there for improved service quality and high profitability of hotel. The report further concluded that quality management is applied in business to provide satisfaction to the customers and making business profits.


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