Human Resource Management

Sample Report on Human Resource Management

Introduction to Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is referred to all such activities that involve management of human resources within an organization. Often shortened as HRM involves activities of planning, staffing, training and maintaining employees in organizations to achieve desired goals and objectives.This is considered as an important aspect which helps in doing the business function. It is needed to be highly taken in consideration as it has to pay direct attention to fulfill the needs of the enterprise. It has direct impact over dedication and motivation at all levels of the manpowers. They perform different tasks and duties assigned to them. The present report features key aspects of Human Resource Management in an organization. The company chosen for the study is Hilton Hotels which is the successful hospitality company of UK. The report covers different facets of HRM which include its functions and stages of human resource planning in the company. It also analyses the impact of legal and regulatory framework in HRM along with roles and responsibilities of line mangers and different reasons for human resource planning in Hilton. The report also presents comparison of recruitment and selection process of Hilton and Mc Donalds. Further the report also features link between motivation and reward systems of employees.

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Task 1

1.1 Difference between personnel management and human resource management

Human resource management

It is the process to select, train, develop, assess employee performance of employees in the best possible manner.

Personal management

It is the process to plan, organize, compensate, as well as maintain employees so as to make them contribute towards organizational, individual and societal goals.

1.2 Assessing function of the HRM in contributing to organisational purposes

Human resource Management functions play important role in achieving organizational objectives.

Operative functions

There are three major functions of HRM that are briefly discussed in the following points:


Selection and recruitment are the important functions of Human Resource department of the company. It is the responsibility of HR managers of the company to hire suitable employees who can diligently perform his duties to achieve organizational goals. HR managers streamline the recruitment process by employing cost effective hiring techniques to select the potential candidates for the company. In addition to that they make sure that employment process is conducted on legal and ethical grounds in order to avoid any discriminatory practices.

Employee Development

Another function of HRM includes training and development of the selected employees. It is very beneficial for the firm to impart essential skills and training to chosen candidates in order to enhance their productivity. These days organizations make huge investments in training their employees in order to increase overall operational efficiency. Trained employees tend to perform better and generate great outcomes for the company such as improved sales, elevated customer satisfaction level and better operational efficiency.

Strategies to build employee commitment

HR professionals recommends strategic development of human resource in various departments of the organization. The HR team helps other management teams in crafting strategies to enhance the commitment of employees towards the company. The commitment building process initiates with the recruitment of right candidates at the right positions.

Strategy to increase organizational capacity

HR team play vital role in increasing the capacity of the company in order to gain competitive advantage. This is done by retaining the talented work force for longer time which followed by the effective employment process. Employees with high calibre are important resources for the firm who work efficiently and rigorously to fulfil company's goals.

1.3 Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in human resource management

Line Managers are individuals who manage employees and teams in business organizations. In order to evaluate the roles and responsibilities of the line managers in Human Resource Management of Hilton , following points can be discussed:

Engaging Employees

The line managers are responsible for creating a positive organizational culture where employees can communicate openly. Employees feel more connected with the firm when line managers focus on their positive aspects rather than negative ones. Providing a healthy and optimist atmosphere encourage open communication in Hilton which in turn help line managers to resolve issues faced by staff at work in the effective manner.

Monitoring performance of employees

Line mangers of Hilton play important role in monitoring performance and behaviour of the staff. They directly rate the performance of the hotel workers in one to one meetings. Appraisal performance policies are designed by HR team and are implemented by Line Managers of the firm. The appraisal process is effectively assessed by the line managers on the basis of feedbacks.

Disciplining employees

Line managers of Hilton play critical role in enforcing HR rules and policies on the employees in order to maintain organizational discipline. They directly influence the behaviour and performance of the staff. Therefore these managers make sure that all the staff members abide by the HR policies and monitor the practices that are against Hilton operational rules.

Measuring employee performance

Line managers of Hilton have an important role in giving ratings to employees based on their individual performances. The pay structure of these employees are then determined on the basis of performance ratings. Pay structure of workers who perform with mediocrity receive low ratings as compared to their talented counterparts who receive high ratings.

1.4 Analyse the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on human resource management

Human resource management activities in an organization are influenced by various laws and regulations crafted by the regulatory bodies. In order to analyse the impact of legal and regulatory framework on HRM in Hilton following points can be considered:

Legal And Regulatory Impact

The recruitment and selection are vital activities in Hilton. The firm need to abide by various laws related to employment process in order to provide safe, secured and healthy atmosphere to its employees at the organization. There are number of laws and regulations that are governed by European Union in order to monitor hiring processes that occur in organizations across UK. These are briefly described below:

Sex Discrimination Act 95-97

HRM practices of Hilton in UK need to comply this act which entails that men and women should given equal employment rights. They should not be discriminated on the basis of gender, marital status and sexual orientation. Hilton HR policies are strictly in accordance of the act and provide equal employment opportunities to both male and female candidates. This will enable the company to protect staff from discriminatory practices at work.

Equality Act 2010

This act fosters the protection of employees rights on the grounds of equality. Hilton recruitment process is governed by Equality Act to ensure hiring of individuals irrespective of their caste, race, religion, age, gender and sexual orientation. This will help the company in building a healthy and open environment for its employees. In addition to that there are several benefits to employees such as equal opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Equal Pay Act 1970

This act discourage discrimination of employees on the basis of financial terms in businesses. HR policies of Hilton need to comply of this act to eliminate discrepancies in pay structure to its employees irrespective of their age, gender and other factors.

Task 2

2.1 Analyse the reasons for human resource planning in organisations

Human resource planning is very cardinal for Hilton to meet its short and long term objectives and compete against its business rivals. It plays important role in analysing present scenario of of the company and enables managers to craft effective strategies to meet future goals. The reasons that elaborate the need of human resource planning in Hilton briefly described below:

To meet manpower needs

Human resource planning is essential in recruiting right talent in right time in the company. Hiring suitable candidates with required skills, knowledge and capabilities improves the operational efficiency of Hilton.

To cope with changes

Human Resource planning is vital to cope the changes triggered by external business environment. Technological changes lead to changes in company's business activities in order to remain competitive in the market. Therefore Hilton needs technologically sound employees with required set of skills and knowledge to gain competitive advantage over competitors. Thus human resource resource planning comes into the bigger picture.

To train and develop human resources

Business environment is very dynamic thus Hilton needs to craft strategies to survive the changes. Human resource planning of the company play important role in training and developing employees so that they can be imparted with key skills in order to perform efficiently. Productive employees are more likely to assist the firm in achieving its organizational goals.

To maintain balance between demand and supply

Human resource shortfalls can be improved with proper planning in Hilton. Employees leave company due to several reasons such as mental or physical illness, marriage, retirement, voluntary quits and promotions sound hiring processes.

To improve employees commitment

Employee commitment can be build in Hilton through effective HR planning. It helps in providing gains to workers by the means of promotions, perks and incentives, pay hike. It enhances the job satisfaction of employees by effectively handling their issues.

2.2 Outline the stages involved in planning human resource requirements

Human resource planning is a process that involves the hiring of potential candidates with key skills and knowledge to match the requirements of particular job position. There are six stages of human resource planning in Hilton which are outlined below:

Stage 1: Analysis of Organizational goals

The first stage in human resource planning in Hilton include analysis of company's objectives in order to achieve them. The objectives from different departments such as finance, marketing, sales, etc. are considered to get the insight of tasks to be done and on the basis of this HR professionals design job profiles.

Stage 2: Estimating Human Resource Inventory

At this stage the current status of the company's human resources is estimated by extracting information from database management system of Hilton. The data is useful in analysing performance and capacity of employees.

Stage 3: Forecasting Manpower Demand and Supply

In this stage of HR planning requirements of human resources according to job positions are estimated. In this process internal and external sources of information are measured to meet the requirements.

Stage 4: Estimating gaps in Human Workforce

In this stage the demand and supply of human resources is compared. New employees are hired in case of deficit whereas in case of surplus employees are asked to opt for voluntary retirement or deployment is practised.

Stage 5: Crafting HR action plan

Human resource planning is done on the basis of deficit and surplus of human resources in Hilton. An action plan is crafted by hiring new employees, training the existing staff or by facilitating interdepartmental transfers in case of employee deficit. On the contrary, HR team plans to terminate or deploy workers in case of surplus human resources in the firm.

Stage 6: Monitoring, Control and feedback

The stage involves the implementation of human resource plan in Hilton. The plan is monitored to identify flaws and measures are taken to fix them. Hence planning and implementation is compared to achieve goals of the firm in the most effective manner.

2.3 Compare the recruitment and selection process in two organisations

The recruitment and selection process differ from company to company. To study the comparison of recruitment process in two organizations, Hilton and McDonald are chosen. The key points included in comparison are as follows:

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Hilton's HRM department identifies the vacancy in different departments and accordingly plan recruitment process. Hilton's HR professionals post job vacancies on suitable portals such as company's website and popular job websites in order to invite applications from suitable applicants. After receiving the application from candidates the HR team consult departmental heads to review the skills and experience of the right candidates for further screening. The shortlisted candidates are then called for telephonic interviews for first phase of screening. The next phase of the selection process include personality test, personal interviews, group discussions, role plays, work related scenarios in order to evaluate technical skills and behavioural aspects of applicants. The selected candidates with required skills go through the pre employment check by Hilton's HR team. The documents of applicants such educational certificates and personal identification papers are verified by the team. Successful candidates are given employment letter and induction session is conducted in the final phase of the process.

On the contrary Mc Donald's recruits new employees by two sources. These include internal sources such as employee referrals and external sources by advertising the positions in newspapers and job portals. The initial screening is done by the HR managers and candidates with desired skills are shortlisted. The shortlisted candidates are then interviewed at the final stage and recruited in the company. Mc Donalds invite applications form young people who have pleasant personality and good communication skills.

2.4 Evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection techniques in two organisations 290

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection techniques in Hilton and Mc Donald's following points can be considered:

The recruitment and selection process in Hilton is very extensive. The job vacancy is identified and job profile is designed to elaborate the key skills required for performing the job. The job vacancy is posted in company's website and popular job portals in order to streamline the search process. The applications are invited and screened before initiating the next phase of the selection process. The shortlisted candidates with required skills are then called for interviews. The personal behaviour and technical skills are checked through personality tests, group discussions, aptitude tests, role plays and work related scenarios. The HR team verified the documents in order to check for authenticity of applicants such as personal identification certificates and educational qualifications. The selected applicants are then interviewed by the panel in the final stage. Once the recruiters find the applicant with the set of right skills and knowledge is employed in the organization.

On the other hand the recruitment and selection process of Mc Donalds is initiated when the position is need to be replaced. The job vacancies are then communicated to HR department in order to post the vacancy. Mc Donalds posts its job positions by using two sources that are internal sources such as employee referrals and external sources such as newspapers and online job portals. The candidates with desired skills are selected for interview and given employment letter after final screening.

Task 3

3.1 Assessing the link between motivational theory and reward

Motivation can be defined as a set of forces that determine the behaviour and actions of an individual in a specific way. There is a strong link between rewards and motivation in organizational behaviour. The link between motivational theories and reward in Hilton Hotels can be described in the following points:

Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory

The theory involves five motivational needs which are basic, safety, social, self esteem and self actualization needs represented in a pyramid in hierarchy levels. The theory explains that lower level needs of individuals need to be fulfilled to reach the upper levels of need pyramid. Hilton has realised that meeting the basic, safety, social and self esteem needs of employees can be achieved through an effective reward systems such as perks, salary hike, promotion, etc. Meeting these needs is said to motivate employees to perform diligently for attaining company's goals.

Herzberg Two factor Theory

This theory states that there are two factors that affect motivation of employees at work. These factors are motivation and hygiene that significantly impact the satisfaction levels of individuals at work. Hilton make use motivational factors such as challenging tasks, responsibilities, appreciation for excelling at work to its employees to elevate their satisfaction levels to the highest. Besides this, Hilton may pay equal attention to hygiene factors such safe and healthy working conditions, job security, salary hikes, quality supervision in order to minimize employee dissatisfaction.

3.2 Evaluating job evaluation process and other factors determining pay

In order to evaluate the job evaluation process and pay determining factors in Hilton following points can be considered:

Job Evaluation is a process that determines the value of job profiles in the company. The outcome of the process is referred to assigning of jobs to suitable candidates against salary pay grades. The human resource management team of Hilton take several criteria into consideration in order to evaluate job and decide upon pay grades. These criteria that determine pay rates in Hilton are as follows:

  • Skills and knowledge: Hilton gives high monetary rewards to employees who highly qualified and skills. The company saves money in training and development programs by hiring highly skilled workers.
  • Job or project complexity: Hilton considers this factor in order to evaluate the job done by employees with respect to the degree of complexity in the project or task.
  • Leadership qualities: Hilton gives perks and incentives to employees who direct and instructs other team members in achieving company's goals in the most effective manner.
  • Meeting deadlines: Workers who perform job within the given deadline is entitled to get better reward in Hilton.

3.3 Assessing effectiveness of reward systems in different contexts

Hilton's reward systems are programs that are designed by the firm to motivate its employees for showing extraordinary performance at work. In order to assess the effectiveness of reward systems of Hilton in different contexts following points can be considered:

Motivating employees during peak work load

The reward systems are effective in motivating employees to work during peak work load seasons. Monetory reward act as great tools to engage employees in achieving long and short term goals. g/p>

Delivering high quality customer services

Reward systems prove useful to Hilton to enhance customer satisfactions by engaging its employees who directly communicate with the local and international customers. Hilton operates in highly competitive service industry, thus it can gain competitive advantage over competitors by providing high class services to its customs. This cannot be achieved if employees are not motivated to service efficiently. Thus Hilton designs its reward systems for its staff to build strong employee commitment.

Completing a complex task within a stipulated task

Rewards systems are beneficial in creating a sense of achievement among employees. Monitory and recognition reward systems such as bonuses, profit sharing and promotion can be implemented to elevate satisfaction levels of workers to improve their productivity. Rewarding an employee or a team motivate other team members in the organization to perform extraordinarily at work.

Improving operational efficiency

Motivating employees through sound reward systems not only increase the satisfaction levels of employees but also improves operational effectiveness of Hilton. Motivated employees feel the urge of showing commitment at work and thus are dedicated towards their job duties.

3.4 Methods used by organisations to monitor employee performance

Performance management is an important part of Hilton as it enables the managers to measure performance of employees. On the basis of performance measurement they determine that the employees are working satisfactorily to meet the company's objectives. Hilton uses following methods to monitor performance of its employees:

Regularly supervising employees work

The company can keep a track of day to day activities of different departmental teams in order to monitor their performances of its team members. This will not only help the team in measuring their performance but also assist them in handling major work related issues faced by the employees.

Conducting one to one meeting

One to one meetings are effective way of assessing employees performance. Face to face interactions assist team managers to

360 degree assessment

It is a formal measurement process at Hilton which include multiple sources such as subordinates, authorities and colleagues. The company designs surveys to get the employee feedback in order to fix major loopholes.

Getting feedback from the customers

Hilton's customers play important role in measuring performances of employees in different departments. With the help of customer feedbacks company analyses the performance of various teams and find out loopholes in their domain.

Using milestones

Setting targets for employees and measuring their performance within the stipulated time is the best way to monitor their efficiency. Hilton often make use of this method to improve the efficiencies of its employees in individual or group work basis.

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Task 4

4.1 Identifying reasons for cessation of employment with an organisation

The HR management at Hilton has many reasons which act as a major basis for cessation of employment. These are;


Hilton is very strict on employee punctuality and hence considers it to be a major reason to cessate employee. It is also true that the management understands that employee needs to take sick leave, deaths in their families as well as have their own personal days. But frequent absenteeism and lateness is not tolerated by the authorities which can lead to cessation.


Hilton removes employee if they are low performers and have not been able to fill the expected duties. Employees may be cosseted if they are not able to hit the target, overlook project details or even miss the declines frequently. These all are considered s areas of non-performance for employees.

Attitude and Behaviour

Hilton has also made sure that employees must maintain a respect for the company they work for. Hence, the authorities do not tolerate behaviour with respect to stealing from the company, defaming, using drugs in premises. All these show negative behaviours that may act as a major reason to fire employees.

Business Conditions

Unfavourable business conditions my further led to cessation by management at Hilton. The layoffs may be done on permanent basis. The employee maybe further is called back if business conditions improve. However regulations have made it clear that layoff should act as a last resort. Other measures such as reducing other business expenses or cutting back on labour hours should be used instead.

4.2 Employment exit procedures used by two organisations

Employment exit procedures in Hilton

  • Employees leaving the hotel have to provide a minimum notice of two weeks so as to give enough time to management for transferring on-going workloads. The notice is required to be given in written.
  • The line managers then notify the Human Resources by sending employee resignation copy through mail.
  • The HR Administrator then coordinates out-processing of employee.
  • Exit interview is carried with the employee. Here the person is free to express views about working at the company.
  • A “Supervisory Termination Summary” is completed with the lie manager
  • Employees possessing security clearance are required to check out and debrief with the Security Officer.

Employment exit procedures in Mc Donald’s

Exit procedures in Mc Donald’s for the employees involves for conducting an exit interview round as soon as the resignation of employee is received. It is done so as to ensure that the reasons for his exit can be revealed. This may give chance to management for retaining employee if possible. After the exit has been confirmed then the employee is told to serve two months in the company. All formalities are then fulfilled so as to smoothen the employee exit process.

4.3 Legal and regulatory framework impacts on employment cessation arrangement

Legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangement clearly indicates that an employer is required to give a notice of at least two weeks to employee before terminating him or her. Failure to do so may led to legal proceedings in the company if by the employee. The company may further be required to pay some amount to employee if it gets proven in court that notice was not given to employee.

The framework further states that if an employer ends contract based on wrong behaviour of employee then he should do so within four weeks of being aware about employee behaviour. After that period employer does not have a right to terminate the employee without notice. Failure to do so may further led to legal proceeding against many. It may also tarnish overall image of company. In the same way, if dismissal of employee has been taken on account of redundancy, then employee has a right to written statement which clearly indicates how the redundancy payment has been calculated. Similarly, employee has further got a right to give notice in writing has been laid off without pay for more than 120 days.


In a nutshell, the Human Resource Management play important role in carrying out vital activities such as planning, staffing, training and retaining talented employees that are essential resources for organizations. There are various functions of HRM that are critical for companies to achieve their desired objectives and gain competitive advantages over rival firms. Line Managers implement strategies formulated by human resource team to monitor and motivate employees. It is also studied in the report that there are several reasons that elaborate the significance of human resource planning in the given company. These needs are fulfilled with effective HR action plan. The plan is executed through six important stages. In addition to this there are several laws and regulations that govern the employment processes in the organization. The report also gives a clear understanding on the link between motivation theories and reward system These theories explain that rewards can invoke the sense of motivation among employees. Apart from this, effectiveness of reward system is analysed factors to evaluate job and determine the pay grades in the organization. Last but not the least the report gives a clear picture of employment exit procedures in organizations.


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