Personal and Professional Development

Innovative techniques for Personal Development

Introduction To Personal Development

Personal and professional development is considered as a technique which provides accomplishment of new desired skills, knowledge and information that are beneficial for the advanced career opportunities. With an improvement in skills, individual can advance its experience level at the work place (Yu, 2004). This clearly indicates that it is essential for individual to focus on personal and professional development plan in order to meet the standards of high experience level.

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In the current report, learning will focus on diverse approaches which can enhance self-managed learning within individuals. It will also provide information about key factors which can provide lifelong learning in both personal and professional context. It will also have spot light on the identification of development opportunities in order to meet the current and future needs. It will also provide improved level of learning in the context of personal and professional development plan. Furthermore, it will also focus on effectiveness of time management strategies within development activities.

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Self-managed learning

Being a marketing executive at retail organisation, it is necessary for me to accomplish number of task. In this respect, I need number of skills which can facilitate me to accomplish organisational goals. I can focus on number of approaches in context of self-managed learning which are classified as reading, conferences, internet sources, etc (Throop, 2009). With an assistance of educational institutions, I can improve my technological skills which can facilitate me to perform diverse marketing task through technological equipment. I can also focus on advancement in learning regarding marketing activities by concerning to any diploma courses of marketing domain.

Moreover, reading article and books is also one of significant learning styles which can facilitate me to amend my motivation and leadership skills. With an improved level of motivation and leadership, I can easily accomplish my career objectives and organisational goals (Sangster, 2000). In order to have better improvement in communication and presentation skills, I can focus on attending various seminars and conferences which are beneficial for performing operational activities within organisation. It will assist me to present my ideas among other members in order to meet goals. Other than this, I can also concentrate on internet surfing (Pratt, 2004). It will provide me information regarding the diverse subjects which can amend my career opportunities. I can understand current trends and innovative products available in the market.

Lifelong learning

In order to have lifelong learning, it is necessary for me to identify future needs which will provide me information about long lasting learning concept. In this respect, I can focus on observation skills, it will provide me information about diverse factors which are beneficial for the advancement in career opportunities (Pratt, 2004). It is a way through which I can observe global trends, market changes, technology modifications in order to have lifelong learning. Moreover, I can also focus on the implementation of diverse innovative and creative ideas within daily life events. It will improve my creativity skills and amend the possibilities to attain better learning regarding the new concepts.

In respect to have lifelong learning, I can also prefer active participation in meeting and conferences. Participation in seminars provides wide range of information in form of thoughts of diverse experts (Ottewill, 2002). It will provide me proper knowledge regarding the communication skills. I can also use my observation skills and analyse the expert’s way of talking in order to understand the significance of communication skills. I can also attend training and development programs which will provide me various advancement in skills and facilitate in effective management of lifelong learning.

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Benefits of self-managed learning

It has been spotted that the self-managed learning provides number of benefits to individual as well as organisation. Self-managed learning is beneficial for the advancement in career opportunities. Learning influences individual skills and level of expertise which impact directly on the performance of individuals in a positive manner (Self managed learning, 2013). If I will focus on continuous improvement in technical and theoretical knowledge, then it will enhance possibilities of promotion at workplace. On the other side, advancement in productivity of employee is beneficial for organisation as it facilitates in effective accomplishment of organisational goals (Professional standards, 2005). Improvement in my skills will assist me to carry out my task in an effective manner which may have direct positive impact on the earning capacity of the organisation.

Moreover, self-managed learning increases career opportunities that leads to enhance the income level of individuals. If person is getting promotion and providing best outcome as compared to other employees, then chances of advancement in income level are also extremely high (Rockwell, 2006). Improvement in productivity and employee skills is also advantageous for the reduction in wastage of resources. It will cut down the overall cost of operations and provide better opportunity to increase its profit margin ratio. Improvement in individual skills will also assist in identifying various innovative ways which can reduce the wastage of resources.

Work based problem and solution

Being a marketing executive at the retail business firm, I have faced few issues which impacted my performance in a diverse manner. I have faced issues regarding lack of coordination level among all staff members. It has influenced my marketing activities in a negative manner. I have also faced conflicts due to lack of time management skills (Robinson, 2002). In this respect, it is essential for me to focus on various ways which can overcome these issues in an effective manner. I can focus on time management strategies like scheduling of all activities so that I can manage my tasks in a suitable way and coordinate with other members.

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Moreover, in order to overcome the issues or problems at workplace, it is also significant for me to analyse the key reason behind the problem. It will provide better understanding regarding the key factors and facilitate in creating innovative ways to handle problems (Zepeda, 2011). In order to boost the coordination level, process also requires effective participation of my colleagues. It will also assist in developing systematic approach to monitor problem. Improved level of focus on monitoring will provide proper identification about that the problem is resolved or not.

Communication ways

It has been identified that there are number of ways through which I can communicate while dealing with different levels. In this respect, it is necessary for me to understand the significance of communication process. It will also facilitate me to reduce the barriers among communication system. In support of this, I can prefer open communication system while dealing at strategic level. In this, person can easily express ideas and feelings which are beneficial for the effective designing of strategies (Wright, 2009). I can share my ideas with management and other members in order to make effective designing of strategy.

At tactical level the management can focus on formal communication method. It will provide structural way to communicate with all members within organisation. In this, I have to share my views in structural manner. Such as I can only share my perception towards tactics formation with my juniors and marketing manager (Wilkins, 2007). It is necessary for me to follow the formal procedure in order to have easy communication. Moreover, at operational level I can use various communication tools to meet the standards of direct communication methods. In this, I can use email, wireless and other technological tools to have direct communication with members (Whitefield, 2006). With an assistance of this, I can easily provide guidance regarding operational activities to my juniors by using wireless system. It will also amend operational activities effectiveness within organisation.

Time management strategies

Time management strategies plays key role in effective accomplishment of organisational goals as it provide assistance in work management activities. It allows me to design activities in proper way so that task can be accomplished in desired time period (Webster, 2009). In this aspect, it is necessary for me to have improved level of focus on diverse factors such as planning, goals formulation, setting time period, etc. With an improved focus on these elements I can focus easily improve my time management skills and manage work in most suitable manner.

In this support, I can schedule my work on daily basis and weekly basis. It will made me understand about the importance of task and motivate to complete as per desired time period. I can also schedule my work as per significance of task to the operations and organisation (Wade, 2002). Moreover, effective allocation of time period to all tasks is also essential in order to have effective time management. If I am wasting my time to meet any specific task then it will have direct negative influence on other activities effectiveness. Other than this, I can also delegate some task which are not essential for business organisation as it will provide ability to allocate more time on another significant task (Berghman, 2003). It is also necessary to ensure that urgent task are set out first in priority list. It will also improve time management within organisation and enhance operational productivity.


a) Current skills against professional standards

Name: XYZ.............
Age: XYZ................

Career Objective: To use my skills in the best possible way for achieving organisation goals.

  • Improved level of knowledge in marketing domain.
  • Good team player and self motivated person.
  • Always ready to learn new concepts.
  • 120 hour diploma in event management.
  • Masters in Marketing from XYZ university
  • Scholar degree in business management.
  • 1 year diploma in international marketing management.
Technical skills:
  • Basic certification in computing skills.
  • Improved knowledge of analytical tools like SPSS.
  • Good knowledge of advertising tools.
Work experience:
  • 6 Months internship at XYZ retail firm as sales person.
  • 1 Year experience as assistant advertiser at XYZ organisation.
  • 2 Years experience as marketing executive at XYZ firm.
  • Winner of swimming competition held at national level in the year 2013.
  • Participation in various business simulation games held at national level.
  • Surfing on internet to gather information about diverse subjects.

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b) Identification of development needs

It has been identified by me that there number of weakness which impacts my development. I have noticed that I am not good at time management activities which influences my overall development and performance. This clearly indicates that it is one of my key need to improve skills which can enhance my work management and time management (Cardno, 2005). Time management skills are essential for better delivery of services and promote goods in better way among customers. Other than this, I have also noticed that the lack of attention over work also influences my overall development. It is one of key weakness that I am not able to concentrate properly on activities which take long time period. So my another development need to to advance my focus and morale in order to overcome the issues regarding lack of attention over work (Cox and et. al., 2007).

Moreover, it has also been noticed by me that I have lack of leadership skills which impacts my work performance. However, I have good skills to work in team activities but leadership skills advancement is also essential for better team work. It is one of my key need to overcome this weakness as it will assist me to gain better competencies in context of managerial skills.

To enhance time management skills

  1. Time administration activities.
  2. Effective scheduling of all activities.
  3. Job delegation.
  4. Expert assistance regarding time management.
  5. To improve leadership skills
  6. Take responsibilities in team
  7. Involvement in diverse decision making activities within team.
  8. Senior assistance

To improve learning about diverse factors

  • Focus on marketing and activities.
  • Reading of books, journals, articles, etc.
  • Development opportunities

It has been spotted by me that I have number of development opportunities which can amend my skills and career opportunities. In this respect, I can say that I can acquire more information regarding information technology by joining diverse courses and self practice. In order to have better career opportunities it is also necessary for me to have advancement in communication skills (Davies, 2006). It will assist me to meet diverse organisational goals and convey my ideas among members in proper way. In the addition to this, with an assistance of communication skills I can improve my presentation skills which is advantageous for professional growth. Moreover, the managerial skills improvement is also one of key opportunity for me as it will facilitate me to have effective planning and organising of marketing activities (Karp, 2013).

d) Personal development plan

Other than this, I can also focus on various problem solving strategies which assist me to overcome issues in effective manner. Time management and other skills are also one of great opportunity for me as it will assist me to meet diverse goals in both personal and professional context.

e) Processes and activities

It has been spotted that there are number of activities which are needed to be implement in development plan. The classification of activities can be as planning, organising, forecasting, collection and implementation. In the support of this, it can also be said that the development plan execution also requires high level of monitoring process in order to have better development (Karp, 2013).
Improved level of these activities will facilitate in accomplishing both short and long term objectives. Moreover, it is also essential to ensure that the development plan is implemented in accurate manner in order to meet goals.

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f) Document development activities

In order to have effective implementation of activities it is necessary to have proper documentation. Number of policies ad estimation is also required within documentation. It is also necessary to ensure that the activities are well designed and it will have positive outcome in respect of efforts (Davies, 2006). Objectives of plan are also need to be considered in appropriate manner to meet the estimated outcome. Moreover, activities can be considered as,

  • Activities on divisional and team basis.
  • Improve relations with number of professionals in order to boost career opportunities.
  • Approach to diverse professional groups and experts to have development in diverse areas.
  • Improvement in communication (Cox and et. al., 2007).
  • Improved focus on presentation and other concerned activities of projects.


As per above study, it can be concluded that personal and professional development plan plays key role in skills and career development. With an assistance of self managed learning and diverse activities the individual can improve skills and knowledge level. Time management activities and other activities are also beneficial for individual in diverse aspects. It has been identified that there are number of ways in which can be used by professional to communicate while dealing at different levels.


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