Personal And Professional Development

Analysis of Personal And Professional Development

Introduction Personal And Professional Development

Health and social care practitioners require the personal as well as professional development for attending the patients. Health care unit is termed as a place where service provider helps the patients in recovering from diseases. Through their development, practitioners enhance their quality of skills, knowledge and practice to render their services to the users in the health care unit. By effective learning and development, learners will gain the knowledge to attend patients in the health care. Personal and professional development also helps the practitioners to develop their skills so that they should effectively work with the others in health and social care practice.

This report focuses on understanding the personal values and principles that influences individual contribution at the workplace. It also focuses on producing, monitoring and revising their own plan for evaluating the progress in developing their skills and abilities that are required at the care unit. The report also focuses on minimizing the barriers that affect the team work in health and social care.

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Task 1

1.1 Personal values and principles of practitioners with the principles of service users

Personal values and principles are the set rules or their values that they inherent while rendering their services to the ultimate user. Personal values and principles are important for the practitioners as this will help them in delivering quality support to the patients and vulnerable adults in the health care unit. For example, working as a nurse in health care unit, I have personal belief that I must give first priority to their known patients or patients of their same caste. This will lead to conflict with the principles of service user as it will lead to mistreatment. There are some other principles for the service provider that they respect their patient's privacy and their dignity by giving better treatment. These personal values and belief at HSC is not appropriate within HSC setting as providing services to the known patients result in ensuring discriminatory situation. Personal values and principles of practitioners at health care unit also maintain smooth and healthy relationship with the patient's family members and relatives. Sometimes, emotions are also act as the belief that positively and negatively affects the practitioner’s contribution in health care unit. For example, nurses who are working in the care unit are very emotional in nature as they easily get attached with the patients and at the time when patients leave the unit, they feel depressed. There are certain rights that medical practitioners should empower while working in the health and social care unit. They possess rights to render high quality services to their service users that are children as well as adults. They also have the right not to assault any patients or their clients.

1.2 Personal culture and experiences influences the work as an care practitioners

Personal culture is the behavior that is perceived by me at the workplace. The culture is inherent within individuals that directly affect my working and activities as a service provider. These include gender, age, their social status and nationality etc. All these terms influences the working of care practitioners in the care unit. For example, if as care practitioner, I must focus on attending UK patients first rather than other country’s patients, it will lead to the negative impact on their activities that I will mistreat the service users and patients and it will finally lead to harm their health. Ethnicity or quality also help the care practitioners to work in the health care unit as it will focus on rendering quality service to the users without any malpractices that negatively affect their health. Ethnicity helps in understanding different background people and supports in providing good care services that helps them in recovering from the diseases. Care practitioners past experiences also help them in rendering quality treatment to their patients. Experiences like unexpected events in the past care unit that is of anesthesia which was not provided to the patient has a huge negative effect on the organization. So, from this past experience or event, practitioners will keep this in mind and it will help them in operating the patients with due care. Empathy from the service users also influences the work of care practitioners as it will motivate them to implement their treatment plan and it also helps practitioners to reduce the malpractices at care unit.

1.3 New development and changes to personal values can change work practices

New developments and changes include modification in the various laws that are framed by UK government and increasing diversity at the work practices etc. It is because this will help me as care practitioners in adopting changes which will help the health and social care setting in accomplishing their goals that is to attend different patients and leads to provide them quality services that will help the patients in recovering from the disease. Changes in the government norms like amendment of anti-discrimination act will help in protecting the right of service users. With this act, as care practitioners I must attend each and every patient in the equal manner so that I cannot discriminate the patients on the basis of their gender, caste or nationality. This will help me as care practitioners in changing their personal value that is to provide better services to their nationality people. Through this act, care practitioners will provide quality services and will equally treat their service users. The increasing multicultural awareness also changes the personal values of service provider as health care unit focuses on rendering service to all patients whether rich or poor, Britisher or Asian etc.

With the new development, it may also result in changing the individual’s values and beliefs as it leads to amend the services of individuals so that I can easily render quality services to the service users. Furthermore, the development of cultural awareness will also support practitioners in attending different patients that are having distinct mindsets and culture as well as also, helps in dealing with the diseases of patients. This will help in changing the work activities of practitioners in the health care unit. The impact of culture awareness in HSC setting results in treating all the patients in an equal manner so that they can quickly recover from the illness.

Task 2

2.1 Various steps to ensure not to cross professional boundaries

Professional boundaries are termed as a proper interaction between the practitioners and service user to whom they render their services. While, crossing professional boundaries refers to violation of practices at the working environment. Nurses working in the health and social care unit should ensure that they would not cross their professional boundaries. Professional boundaries help in maintaining effective relationship between the practitioners and patients. There are several practices and code of practices that the nurses of NHS should follow and that they would not cross. Through considering NMC, there are different codes of conduct for the nurses so that they can treat the service users and patients with the respect and dignity. The foremost code of conduct for nurses is that they must care the patients in such a manner that they can incorporate the standard among their practices. Some of them are like:

Physical distance

To ensure professional boundaries practitioners and patients should not involve in any physical relationship because maintaining any relationship will lead to cross the professional boundaries and will affect the treatment of their service user. Touching or sexually assaulting at the workplace is regarded as a physical touch that leads to cross the professional boundaries. So, nurses should maintain distance while treating their patients at health care unit or at their home.

Financial transaction

Accepting financial transaction for some extra work that is not the part of their duty, it is termed to violate their service from the care unit. Nurses should not involve in any monetary transactions with their client or any of their family member.

Avoid acceptance of gifts

Nurses should also not involved in accepting any kind of gift s as this will lead to cross their professional boundaries. Accepting gifts from the client or any service user will be termed as an token money for any illegal work.

2.2 Promote and support the rights of the service user

There are various rights of the service user or patients like:

  • Service user’s foremost right is to effectively listen to their medical practitioners prescriptions regarding medicines and maintaining proper health.
  • Service user or patients should respect their practitioners or doctors those are providing them effective treatment to cure from the disease.
  • Service user have right to know about the disease that they have. This will help patients to overcome the affect of disease by taking appropriate measures and medicines.
  • Patients also have right to provide safe and healthy environment to service provider so that they should perform their duty safely and it will also help patients to recover at the faster rate. For example, patients should not smoke while, practitioners are present.
  • Patients also have to follow the strict norms of the health care unit that is not to consume alcohol or drugs.
  • Service user have right to get written report or folder of their disease and medical report of tablets and antibiotic drinks that patients consumed at the care unit. Medical report helps the patients in future.

By promoting and supporting these rights of the service user at the work will help in recovering them at the faster rate. It will also have positive outcome for the patients as they will be known about the problem that they are facing, it will also help the patients in maintaining all the prescriptions safely that help in the future.

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Within HSC setting, I have promoted the rights of individuals through providing them healthy and safe working environment so that service providers can render quality treatment and services to the patients so that it may result in recovering at a faster rate. However, contributing in providing healthy environment to the service users it may result in recovering and treating patients in an adequate manner. In addition to this, patients also have to follow strict norms of health care unit that is not to consume alcohol or drugs. This will support the service provider in maintaining the health of patients.

2.3 Conflict that may arise while crossing the professional boundaries and their effective methods to resolve

Crossing professional boundaries will help in increasing the conflict at the workplace, it will ensure negative working environment for all the practitioners that are working in the same environment. If any nurse working in NHS crosses the professional boundaries by disclosing the patient’s information to any third party then conflict may arise at the workplace. Other co-workers will feel low and would get depressed by the activity. Sometimes, conflict may also arise in the team members if any member of the team has violated the professional boundaries. Different measures to resolve the conflict at health care unit are:

Training sessions

To avoid the affect of crossing professional boundaries, care unit should provide effective training sessions to their new medical practitioners that are hire in the health care unit to render their service to the patients.


Supervision also helps in managing the conflict that arises from crossed professional boundaries at the workplace. Medical practitioners should monitor the activities of their co-worker while treating care unit patients.

Implementing acts

By implementing various acts framed by the UK government will help in maintaining professional boundaries in the health care setting. Through implementing anti-discrimination and data protection acts, it will lead to minimize crossing of professional boundaries at the health and social care unit.

Task 3

3.1 Limits of care role and its impact

As an care practitioners working in the health care unit possess the role of an negotiator, mediator or an information gatherer. These roles will help the care practitioners to provide quality services to their service user and their family member. While these roles, there are certain limitations of the practitioners working at the health care unit these are:

  • Decision making authority: Care practitioners limits the role of taking decision regarding the patients, but at the time of emergencies care practitioners should exercise their power of taking decisions regarding medicines or any injections for the patient.
  • Sharing confidential information: Care practitioners also limits to share the confidential information regarding their service user in front of any third party but at the time of emergency medical practitioners should share the personal information or medical information about their patients in front of any other doctor or practitioners.

3.2 Effectiveness of personal contribution when working with others and contribution to minimizes barriers to effective teamwork

Personal contribution refers to various hard skills and soft skills that care practitioners should possess to manage team work in the health care unit. Hard skills are the set of skills that is being required by the individual for the job like accounting, financing etc while soft skills are the set of skills that used to interact with the other person in the health care. Soft skills are networking, communicating etc. these personal contribution will help in managing the effective relationship with the other workers in the health care unit. There are certain barriers in the teamwork like geographical, cultural, financial barrier etc. To overcome or minimizing these barriers team members should posses effective time management skills and communication skills as these skills will help in building effective team and also help patients by rendering quality services. Through contributing in the teamwork it will also help the health care unit in completing the activities on time that is monitoring and reviewing patients health at the care unit.

3.3 Ideas to improve personal contribution to enhance teamwork

There are several ideas that help in improving personal contribution at the workplace to enhance their teamwork include:

  • Effective communication: Through effective communication between the team members will be in touched with daily update for their patient’s health. It will also help in maintaining the teamwork by proper informing about the patients in the health care unit.
  • Feedback from the service user: Through proper feedback from the service user will help in improving the personal contribution of care practitioners in their teamwork. As with the improper and negative feedback from the patients will demoralize their service that they render at the workplace to satisfy patients by providing them good treatment.


This report has suggested the various personal values, beliefs and principles that influence the individual contribution at the workplace in the health care setting. The report also produce, monitors, revise and evaluate the plan to see their progress while developing various skills and ability in the given time period. It has also suggested the various professional boundaries in the health and social care that has to maintain and practitioners should crossed their boundaries at the workplace. Lastly, the report has also suggested the development of own skills and abilities that help in understanding the relations with other at the health and social care practice. It also suggested that improvement in the personal contribution will lead to effective teamwork at the health and social care.


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