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Sustainability in Marketing & Management

Introduction to Sustainability in Marketing & Management In the present scenario, sustainability has emerged as one of the most crucial aspect all across the globe. Furthermore, it can be stated that the activities and oper... READ MORE

  • Published: 10 Nov , 2018
  • Views: 4828
  • Type: Minor Case Study

Basics Of Mrketing Strategies

Introduction Marketing is the most prime factor for the success of the business. In it various techniques are clubbed, along with this the promotional tools are also having a vital role in attracting the customers and this can ... READ MORE

  • Published: 17 Oct , 2018
  • Views: 5321
  • Type: Assignment

Conducting Marketing Plan

Introduction to Marketing Plan For any firm, marketing has greater importance. This is because, it is with the help of an effective marketing plan only firm will be able to direct its efforts with regard to attain its formulate... READ MORE

  • Published: 26 Sep , 2018
  • Views: 5440
  • Type: Assignment

Importance of Marketing Planning

Introduction to Marketing Planning Marketing planning plays a vital role in effective development of business organization because it provides an appropriate design of promotional plan. It is beneficial for the advancement in s... READ MORE

  • Published: 11 Sep , 2018
  • Views: 7259
  • Type: Assignment

Marketing In Travel And Tourism

Introduction to Marketing In Travel And Tourism Travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with consolidation of large number of people with it. People move from one place to other for various reas... READ MORE

  • Published: 07 Sep , 2018
  • Views: 7038
  • Type: Case Study
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