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There are abundant scholarships out there, and so are the applicants running the competition to win the financial aid for their higher studies. It is crucial to convince the selection committee why you deserve to win when there are a number of other brilliant students as well. If you are also struggling with your scholarship essay and couldn’t find a persuasive and thoughtful view to expose your strengths and qualities, then need not worry anymore as our scholarship essay help team has your back. Their years of experience guarantees you the best scholarship essay writing service. So rely on us once, and we assure you no regrets later.

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We, at Instant Assignment Help, have been giving scholarship essay help to the scholars of the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar for quite some time now and helped many students to avail financial aid for their further education by delivering a high-quality paper that never fails to impress the evaluators. So do not compromise your academic dreams, and seek scholarship essay writing assistance from our professionals.

What Is the Importance of Scholarship Essay?

When you apply for a scholarship, you have to compete with various other students who have similar aspirations, grades, objectives, and goals. Even if you succeed to fit the criteria to a T you might still be considered as one of the applicants. That is where scholarship essay plays a key role. It allows the college committee to learn about yourself and have a detailed insight into your academic life. Here are the three points to justify writing scholarship essay:

1. It is a tough decision to zero in on the students who deserve the scholarship and sometimes jury has limited time to finalize the recipients. Scholarship essays are the quickest and easiest way to immediately make yourself stand out from the crowd.

2. The selectors need to know about all the applicants including their academic life, their achievements, the changes they have gone through, etc. Scholarship applications provide them with all the facts about the scholars who have applied for the assistance.

3. Our scholarship essay helpers explain that students need to introduce and prove themselves better from the rest to win the scholarship. However, the jury doesn’t always have enough time to interview each candidate personally. So scholarship essay is an introduction of the applicants which describes who they are, their perspective to see the world, the reason they need scholarship for, what they wish to accomplish, and much more.

Now that you have realized the significance of scholarship essay, we suggest you take writing service for your scholarship essay if you are finding it tough to cope with your paper. Keep all your writing woes at bay and get in touch with us before it gets too late.

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Dos and Don’ts of Scholarship Essay That Students Must Remember

To write a scoring scholarship essay that can assure guaranteed selection by the jury, scholars need to learn the basic formatting concerns that need to be followed while writing their scholarship essay. There is a set of rules that are followed by all the major GCC-based universities unless specified otherwise. Also, there are a few mistakes that they should avoid. Have a read to know about some dos and don’ts that you need to consider in your scholarship essay:


  1. The length of the scholarship essay must be from two to three pages, and it should be double-spaced.
  2. Use Times New Roman font instead of scripting for writing the content of your scholarship essay with 12 point font.
  3. Leave a margin of one-inch at the top, side and bottom margins.
  4. Take care of the word limit that has been given to you because disregard to the guidelines can lead to rejection of your essay, no matter how great you have written.
  5. Always mention your name and scholarship title on top of the page.
  6. Always sign your essay at the bottom to claim it as your work.
  7. Use clear and concise language and ensure to discuss one argument in one paragraph.


  1. Start your essay with a famous quote. Although it is a common strategy used by students, most of the time it goes ineffective. Prefer opening your write-up with your words instead of others.
  2. Use perfunctory sentences like ‘In the following essay, I will…’
  3. Write new words that may be difficult to understand for your readers. You might use them incorrectly which can change the meaning of your scholarship essay. Always use easy and straightforward language. Remember, the primary motive of the essay is to share your story and not to demonstrate your knowledge of thesaurus.

When you take help from us for writing your scholarship essay, our writers make sure to keep these important points in mind. They know the significance of a quality write-up and the scores that it can garner. So, instead of keeping the chance to avail scholarship at stake, stand out from other applicants by taking our scholarship essay writing service.

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Reasons Why Students Need Writing Assistance for the Scholarship Essay

Over the time that we have started offering help to college students regarding their scholarship essay, we have come across various issues that are faced by scholars. It’s not only limited to the time-constraint or lack of knowledge about guidelines, but there are certain other reasons that make essay writing a hard nut to crack for applicants.

1. Writing for most of the students is not their forte, and they lack certain traits that are required to be an excellent writer. The absence of the required skills makes them hate or dislike it. So they opt for scholarship essay writing help from professionals.

2. There are numerous applicants who compete to win a scholarship for further studies. Looking at the tough competition, most students back out as they think there are hardly any chances for them to succeed. We assist such students in passing the test with flying colors.

3. Essay writing is all about expressing personal experience and emotions in a detailed manner so that readers can connect with the writer. It can be any real-life moment, be it a prominent one or just a daily life incident. However, some scholars could not come up with an interesting story as they have a notion that there is nothing with them to share in their essay.

4. Writer’s block is a common problem that refrains students from even starting a scholarship essay. They get stuck at a point and find it tough to write further. This even hampers the quality of their document. Our experts who have been offering help to scholars with their scholarship essay will never budge an inch once they assure you to provide a top-notch paper.

How to Organize Your Scholarship Essay?

It was not an overnight journey for us to become one of the leading scholarship essay help providers in Gulf countries. Our writers have worked day and night to deliver hundreds of scholastic document to scholars. Their excellence and brilliant writing skills are what students vouch for. And it is because they follow a set procedure to compose a high-quality paper. Below we are providing you a sneak peek at the methodology that they adopt. Have a look:

I. Create an outline

Before our writers begin to work on any scholarship essay, they make sure to create an outline as it makes the scholarship essay writing task clear, organized, and effective. The outline includes all the necessary details and information that a writer is trying to convey through the paper. It can be formal or informal according to the specifications of the university.

II. Introductory Sentence

According to our scholarship essay writing service professionals, students should always start the scholarship essay by stating their name and the scholarship that they are applying for which is followed by a paragraph stating the educational objectives and career goals that they have set for themselves.

III. Body Content

While providing online scholarship essay help to students, our writers make sure that academic targets paragraph includes the field that students have selected and explained the reasons as to why they want to pursue the degree program in that subject. Here students are supposed to mention their future career plans and how this degree can influence it.

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Now, your essay should give a brief background about your personality so share something interesting about yourself and significant things in your life and why they are important to you. You can also give some examples to reflect your strengths and character along with extracurricular interests, hobbies, volunteer work, etc., as these are the points that might make you stand out from other applicants.

After this our experts who offer writing assistance with scholarship essay move on to explain the need and prominence of the scholarship in the student’s life. They briefly state the point of difference that the scholarship can bring to his/her academic career.

IV. Conclusion

Lastly, your scholarship essay is wrapped up with a couple of sentences that gives a concluding effect to your write-up. As per our experts who offer help with scholarship essay, there are some points that collectively give a perfect ending to the document, like how the education that you have received so far has made you a better person. Then the writer thank the jury for the opportunity. Of course, avoid being too idealistic and lofty as academic paper should stick to the primary purpose, i.e., justifying your motive to receive the scholarship.

How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay?

Identify your audience

The eyes that will read your essay will not be of ordinary people, but they will belong to a panel of experts who are proficient in their field. You need to know your audience before you start working on your essay as it is fundamental to write a successful scholarship essay. Remember that you are writing for someone to read it, so your language should be easy to understand with minimum use of jargons.

Answer the questions

Our online scholarship essay help providers say that this might be the most basic element of essay writing, but it is also the trickiest one for most of the scholars. When you write a scholarship essay, you are required to answer a few questions about yourself. They should be precise and relevant. Your primary motive to write a scholarship essay is to share your perspective and thoughts with the readers and not to write your life history. Students who find it difficult to deal with the questions that are often asked in scholarship essay, take assistance from our scholarship essay writing experts.

Follow the instructions

Our professionals who provide scholarship essay help to applicants are native writers. They are familiar with the guidelines and formatting styles that are followed by universities. If one fails to abide by the rules, then the brilliantly written document can face rejection by the jury. So to ensure that your essay is prepared as per the college regulations, take assistance from our experienced team.

Take care of the writing process

As you have read above, there is a step-by-step procedure that one needs to follow to write a scoring and organized essay starting from creating an outline to concluding with a summary of all the arguments. There are some other tips that you must follow in your writing process which include avoiding stating the obvious, telling about your extensive academic background, listing your accomplishments tactfully, etc.

Make it personal

Yes, you have to mention your earlier achievements and volunteer works that you have done, but there has to be a specific way to do it. Do not explain the organizations and people you have worked for, or awards that you have won rather write about the interests that encouraged you to help others or the difference it made into your life. Our team that helps with scholarship essay recommends that this will mark your paper as memorable and unique.

Revise and edit

It is essential to make sure that your write-up is free from any technical mistake, grammatical error, or spelling slip-ups and that is why proofreading plays a crucial role in scholarship essay writing task. You need to reread your content at least twice to ascertain that it is free from any goof-up. Even the minute and silliest mistake can take a troll on your marks and reduce your chances to win a scholarship. Keeping this in mind, we have handpicked a team of editors and proofreaders who go through each document before it is ready to dispatch.

Get a second opinion

In case you are not sure about your proofreading skills, you can ask your friend or a family member to check your paper and give an honest opinion about it before submission. When feedback rings true, make the required changes then and there.

Follow these instructions carefully, and Bob’s your uncle- you have a scoring and top-notch essay with yourself. However, if you stuck at any of the steps, do not hesitate to contact us for scholarship essay help.

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Why Take Scholarship Essay Writing Service from Us?

Whenever students have to submit scholarship essay, most of them often look for a way to handle this stressful task. The best option for them is to take online scholarship essay help from the experts who are adept at providing writing assistance to the students. Well, if you are also one such scholar, then your quest for online help for your scholarship essay rests here. Read more to know more about us:

  • All our documents are prepared from scratch, so rest assured that you will receive 100% original paper that will be free from any trace of plagiarism. You can check the originality level through free Turnitin report that we attach with every order.
  • You can customize your order by mentioning the specifications in your ‘order now’ form. And we guarantee you to write your essay accordingly.
  • We charge a nominal price for our scholarship essay writing service so that each student can seek our help without putting a strain on their pocket.
  • With us at your rescue, you can be sure that your scholarship essay will be delivered to your doorstep before the date and time that you have given us. So that you have enough time to review it once.
  • For us, customer satisfaction is of utmost priority, and that is why we offer multiple revisions policy to all the clients where they can ask for changes unlimited times that too without paying an extra penny.
  • We have also come up with a money-back policy where students can claim a refund if they are not happy with our essay writing service.

We are sure that you won’t get so many benefits and freebies anywhere else than us. So without further ado, pick up your phone and contact us by making a call, or sending an email. You can also chat with us live or connect us through a mobile app that can run on both Android and iOS devices.


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