Leading and Recruiting people in efficient manner

Specifications for new vacancies

Introduction about Communication Process

Communication is an act of transfering information from one place to another. In the present report, discussion has been carried out regarding UK's leading industry, that is London Underground Limited (Lawton, 2006). It is the first underground railway which opened in 1863. Company serves 270 stations and has 402 kilometers of track. I am interested in working in the post line manager in HR at London Underground Limited. The study tries to understand about the job description and job specification process. Further, documentation needed for a new member of staff, selection process of the line manager staff, contribution of line manager in selection process and the implication of considerations will include in this report.

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Assessing the characteristics of the person reqiured for the post of HR line manager

With an aim to assess the characteristics of the person required for the HR line manager post, docoments like job description and person specefication is being prepared that can be used by London Underground Limited with an aim to carry out an effective recruitment of the given post. Job Description of line manager in HR

Job purpose

The main purpose of this job is to carry out an effective management of people that works within London Underground Limited and providing assistance to the HR manager in different type of activities.

Key responsibility and accountablity

  1. To carry out the implementation of the performance appraisal process within firm.
  2. To carry out varied employment engagement related activities.
  3. To carry out the selection of individual at the respective job
  4. To organize different training and development activity within enterprise

Job Specification of line manager in HR

  • Personality
  • Simple and confident.
  • Job skills
  • Ability to conduct training and information sessions.
  • Ability to maintain favorable public relation.
  • Ability to instruct, direct and evaluate employees.
  • Aptitude and Knowledge

Qualifications required

  1. Must have done PG in HR from the recognized university.
  2. Informing the Potential Applicants about given job

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There are different ways identified that is being used by me with an aim to give the information about the presence of given post in London Underground Limited. The detailed description regarding the assessed ways is being enumerated as below:

Placing advertisement in the newspaper: The first approach that is being used by me with an aim to information the potential applicant about the vacant position is of placing advertisement about the given post in the organization at the newspaper (Recruitment and selection, 2015). Through this way, large number of applicants can be informed by me regarding the line manager in Human Resource post. In addition to this, it is being considered as one of the most economic mean with regard to contact the potential applicants.

Contacting with various recruitment consultancy: Secondly I will tend top direct my efforts in terms of contacting with different recruitment consultancy operating within London. These type of consultancy plays the role of mediator between the firm and the potential applicants (Fields, 2008). The consultancy has the major role with regard to inform the candidates about the respective position in the organization. Thus, it is through this way only potential applicants will be informed by me.
Documentation needed for a New Member of Staff

There are certain documents that new members of staff will need which includes offer of employment letter, contract of employment and staff handbook.

Offer of Employment letter- In the offer letter, the contract and basic details are included such as:

1.The date and time that the person is due to commence employment.
2.To whom the person should report to on the first day.
3.Rate of pay.
4.The number of hours the person is contracted to work.

Contract of Employment- It is essential because it forms the basis of the employment relationship and set the terms and conditions of employment (Hooi, 2008). The contract of employment is legal and meet the need of organization. It includes-
1.Name of the employer and employee.
2.Date of starting and the date continuous employment began.
3.Job title or brief Job description.
4.Place of work or the address of the organization.
5.Holidays and the way in which holiday is accrued during employment.

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Staff Handbook- It provides details of employee benefits and contract terms. Here, it includes the following-
Pay and benefits
Family leave
Security policy
Absence policy etc.


Assessing varied legal and ethical issues applicable to the recruitment and selection process for the line manager post in HR

While carry out recruitment in the given post, London Underground Ltd has to considered various laws, regulations and ethical issues during the selection and recruitment process with respect to the given post. The detailed description regarding the these assessed laws and ethical considerations is being enumerated as below:

Equality act 2010: The given act entail that each individual that works within the organization must be treated on equality basis (Billsberry, 2008). Here employees must not be discriminated on basis of any of the following aspects such as age, gender, caste and religion etc.

Data protection and freedom of information legislation:The given act entails that firm should have to maintain the confidentiality of all the information which is being obtained by them during the process of recruiting and selecting the individuals (Data protection and freedom of information legislation, 2015).

Relying on the decision which is being taken by the manager while the process of carrying out the recruitment of an individual: It is being considered as the ethical aspect that needs to be considered by London Underground Limited while carrying out the selection of new workers.

Justifying the implications of these considerations

The given acts identified has its implications. The Equality act 2010 revels that firm should not discriminate individual while carrying out thier selection during the recuitment and selection process. The given act influnces the strategy of the London Underground Ltd. For example, the firm has planned to recruit the male employees for the post of line manager in HR (Billsberry, 2008). The given thing will not being fulfilled by the firm because of the presence of implications of the Equality act 2010 I the recruitment and selection process. In the similar way, the data protection policy creates compliance over the firm in terms of not sharing the personal and confidential information about the applicant to any of the individuals. However, if the given thing will not being followed by it at that time the respective candidate possess full right with regard to file the complaint against the cited firm. Due to this, the brand image of the firm in the mind of customers will be impacted in a negative way (Elearn, 2009). The London Underground Ltd should have to follow all the ethical practices. For instance, during the selection process firm has promised to the candidate that it will recruit him at the given salary. At that time firm should have to comply with the given aspect. But if not done then in the given condition strict action can be taken against the organization.

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As the line manager of London Underground Ltd, I have given my immense contribution in the recruitment and selection of employees for the post of line manager in HR. In this respect, I have directed my efforts in terms of preparing the job description and specification with regard to the given post. The given documents plays very effective role. This is because, it is with the help of given documents only right person will be selected by me at right place. In addition to this, during the given process I have carried out the final interviews of the shortlisted candidates. Here those employees will be being selected by me that possess an immense experience of the given job and that can handle the pressure of line manager post in the area of HR.


My own contribution to the selection process for the post of line manager in HR is being evaluated. With an aim to carry out an effective recruitment of employees for the given post I have given my contribution in the form of conducting and framing the several types of test for the shortlisted employees. In this regard, I have taken the tests like aptitude and psychological test. It is with the help of given tests only, I will be able to direct my efforts in terms of selecting the suitable candidate for the respective post. However, there are some difficulty is being faced by me while performing the evaluation of the test being performed by me. But instead of presence of this aspect, suitable candidate for the respective job is being selected by me. I have given my contribution in terms of taking the interview of shortlisted employee at the final round in an effective manner. The give process is being completed by me within the specified time.


Varied factors identified that is being required with an aim to plan and monitor the work performance being carried out by the London Underground Ltd employees (Lawton, 2006). In this respect, a sheet or report needs to be maintained by the manager of cited enterprise with an aim to track the progress of the employee's performance. In this respect, some specific targets needs to be set by the organization which is being required to be achieved by the workers within the given specific time. Through this way, performance of the employees can be monitored. Taking the fee backs from the employees is being considered as another tool that cited firm can use with an aim to monitor the performance of its employees (Branine, 2008). Through this way, the information regarding the problem being faced by worker can be gathered by organization.


With an aim to plan and deliver the development need of employees working with London Underground Ltd different techniques identified that can be used by manager. Skill audit and SWOT analysis can be considered as two basic type of technique with the help of which development need of workers can be assessed (Brookes and Altinay, 2011). By performing skill audit, information regarding that particular skill can be generated by manager in which its employees found as inefficient. Furthermore, SWOT analysis is also be considered as another most effective technique. The given approach will provide the detailed description regarding strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of the employees.Here in accordance with the assessed weakness, different development need of the workers working in London Underground Ltd can be identified (Hooi, 2008). On the basis of given aspect only, training and development programs can be organized by the corporation.


For the London Underground Ltd it is necessary that it must take measures with respect to review the success of assessment process being carried out by it (Timming, 2011). The success of the assessment process can be evaluated by taking the information about the employees competencies with regard to carry out specific work. For instance, if manager has identified that now workers feels very competent with respect to perform the specific type of work then in this condition the success of the assessment process can be evaluated (Lee and Nichols, 2014). In addition to, improvement in the sales of firm can be set as measure with regard to evaluate the success of assessment process (Kot and Leat, 2008). For example, after conducting the assessment process relating to identifying the developmental needs of London Underground Ltd workers, it has been identified by the managers that employees are effectively using their gained skill with an aim to improve the sales and profitability related condition of the organization. Then in the given circumstances the success of the assessment process can be evaluated (Rao, 2010).


From the above report it can be concluded that London underground Ltd. develop job description and job specification for new vacancies in the organization. New employees required some documents that is offer of employment letter, contract of employment and staff handbook. Equality and data protection are some acts that affects the recruitment and selection process of the organization.


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