Sustainability Initiatives

Various Aspects of Sustainability Initiatives

Introduction to Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainable development refers to the development which helps in the meeting the needs of the present without affecting the future needs and requirements of the company. The organization should follow the sustainable initiatives in the organization which assist in developing the profitability and goodwill in the society. For conducting the current research, Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) has been chosen. This airline of Saudi Arabia is based in Jeddah and it is a public limited company. In this report, it will helps helps in evaluate the relationship between successful sustainability strategy and corporate value which helps the company's in various ways.

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Sustainability Initiatives

The sustainability is the main part of the organization which helps in enduring of systems and processes. It is the principle objectives which should be achieved by the organization because it helps in the economy, society and in environment. Most of the sustainable development is related to the environment. It is necessary for Saudia to follow the regulatory framework of the Saudi Arabia to run their business effectively. As the Saudia comes under the aviation industry so there should be some measures which are to be taken helps in the sustainable development in the corporate world. The Islamic sharia is the main aspect in their law. The other sources of enacted law is given by the royal orders which are not be messed with the sharia. The recent success in the Saudia Arabia has enhance the opportunity for the government to target the sustainable initiatives. The Saudi Arabia government is working on the different policies to gain the productivity in the company. Some of the main factors which are involved in the sustainability are its capacity for innovation and its infrastructure. The regulatory requirement has to faced some issues in controlling the sustainability initiatives.

To developed an effective sustainable organization, the assistance of the employee is also necessary in the firm. The ministry of labour control and monitored the labour related issues which can include working hours, vacations , safety standards etc. The employee culture is important in the organization to build the sustainable initiatives in the organization. If Saudia gives better culture to their employees then in return, they will be work for them and this led to the increased in revenue in the organization. The kingdom has also has the environment law which assist in the assessment of the environment. The law which assists in regulating the pollution control and environment issues is The Meteorology and Environmental Protection Administration (MEPA). This agency has some standards which are air pollution sources, ambient air quality, water guidelines etc. To expand the role of MEPA, the legislative planning has been done by the The General Environmental Regulation. If laws and policies are fulfilled effectively then the operating costs of the airlines will be decreased and will results in increase in profitability. The company also has to follow the taxation regulations in which employees' salaries and their benefits are not taxable. The government of Saudia Arabia is charging 5% on the payments of air tickets, air freight and maritime freight etc.

The link between sustainable strategy and corporate Value

Sustainability strategy is an approach which concentrates on the environment, society and revenues in the development and execution of business strategy. To enhance the corporate value, the company should have a effective sustainable strategy such as employee culture, environmental policies etc. If the company has some strategy and which are followed ethically then the sustainable initiatives can be easily be fulfil. The one of the strategy which government of Saudi Arabia has introduced in aviation industry has positive impact on the company. This regulatory framework has been followed by the Saudia to contribute in sustainable development of the organization. The company is using the strategy in carbon dioxide to reduce them in the aviation strategy. In this the organization can affiliate this strategy by purifying the CO2 from the airlines. This will helps the Saudia to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and assist their customers to accomplished their sustainable goals. However, this will results in, operational energy and resource efficiency lowers operating costs and low carbon sustainable solutions which provides lower risk growth opportunities.

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On the other hand, customers also provides sustainability to the organization. So it is necessary to satisfy the customers needs and try to meet their expectations which will provide sustainable development to the company. Saudia should aware of the customers, tastes, preferences and lifestyles and accordingly try to meet their requirements. This will provides enhancement of the goodwill and profitability of the organization. This is because customers also helps in building the sustainability initiatives for the chosen airline company. The Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) has stated that the corporate world has to go green and try to meet the air, noise pollution standards so that they can contributes in the sustainability. If these types of standards are able to meet the requirements, then the pollution which are coming from the the airlines will be reduced and company can sustain in the effective environment. Saudia priorities involve fuel and energy efficiency, minimising waste and preventing pollution etc. to intensify the sustainability in the business firm. The Saudia flies to more than 787 destinations and for this their investments are commitment to the environment (Saudia, 2016). The airlines of Saudia also assured the first class travel experience to their customers. This helps in enhancing their sustainability initiatives in the organization by increasing their corporate value.

Analysing the benefits of Saudia from sustainability initiatives

There are various advantages which will helps the Saudia to gain competitive advantage i9n the airline industry through sustainability initiatives. This will assist in increasing of their performance and endeavour to meet more ambitious goals. The sustainability key areas of focus are as follows:

Environmental Trends

The benefits which Saudia can gain from the sustainability initiatives are fuel efficiency and reduce in the carbon emission to the certain percentage so that they can help the environment. The other aspects can help in the recycling and reducing and eliminating the waste from the airlines which they produce. For example, by using recycling throughout operations will eliminate the non- hazardous waste and this can be achieved by launching the recycling program. Moreover, it will also assist in the the water conservation by using less of it.

Economic Performance

It is one of the critical factor which helps the airline in their sustainability to perform better and assist in the economy. There are some economic systems which also helps in the contribution of the sustainable initiatives as well as helps in gaining the corporate value. To outperform in the economy, the company has to invest in the society so in return they gets something valuable in return. The work which is done ethically and by following the laws and legislation, the sustainability initiatives can be created effectively.

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If Saudia provides safety and security to their customers then also it helping in the sustainability initiatives. The company should make arrangements and create air fares according the customers needs and requirements. The other facilities which are provided by the chosen airline industry to their customers should be according to the tastes, preferences and lifestyles of the target market. In addition to this, the company make sustainability initiatives such as contributing in welfare of the society, charitable funds as well as in education. For instance, Saudia is rehabilitating the young and ambitious graduates from universities to prepare for the leadership positions in various areas of Saudi Arabian Airlines.


In this report, it has been concluded that the sustainability initiatives needs regulatory framework to run their business effectively. There are various aspects which helps in the enhancement of the sustainable development. By making the different sustainable strategy which is considered positive for the Saudia will helps in building the corporate values. In addition to this, there are some factors which helps in identifying the advantages of the sustainability of the Saudia which provides them positive impact on the organization.


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