Total Quality Management

Sample Report on Total Quality Management

Introduction to Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management (TQM) is considered as a structured approach towards the organization that generally seeks to improve product quality by getting continuous feedback from customers. TQM also helps the business ventures to increase their customers base by giving them quality in products. This process eventually results into the increase in revenue and profitability for business enterprise. By considering the above scenario, this present report has been prepared on Baby shop store which is children retail store and also the first business venture of the Landmark Group. Their major products are Barbie, Disney, baby bottles, breast pumps, and other baby feeding-health accessories. This present report will focus on products, service and cost quality and quality tools preferred by the cited business organization.

Overview Of Company

Baby Shop is considered as one of the biggest retail stores which develop and sells baby products. Further, mentioned organization serves in 19 different countries and with more than 230 stores around the globe. Apart from their physical store, they also retail around more than 10,000 online products which are their major key for success. Mentioned business venture has expanded their business to UAE and opened their first store in Sharjah. Apart from it, organization has also started a campaign in order to focus on child safety and also to increase more awareness among users.

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Cited firm have varied range of different product categories. They focus on developing the best of kid’s products to attract the children from age 0-16 years. Further, company comes with excellent designs and shades in the clothing segment which attracts children towards the products. Moreover, the price of these accessories are generally negotiable and always in the budget of parents. This is the only reason why organization possess immense goodwill whole around the globe.

Organization Products And Their Service Quality

Baby Shop deals in the large range of products and their range starts from infant baby products to toys and clothing. Apart from this, baby beds, cribs & cradles, nursing & health care, strollers, car seats, toys, books and various other goods are available in the vast range. These all mentioned products comes in varied design, shapes and sizes which meets the expectations level of the customers and provide the best of comfort to the infant and children. Moreover, mentioned organization also has lot of expectations from their suppliers as they render good quality of raw material which helps them in increasing their revenue and productivity year-by-year.

The services given by the organization are also up to the mark as if any defect comes in the product sold from organization side, and then it is easily replaced within the warranty period. However, if any product is defected from customer side, then it is corrected by taking a minimum charge or can be replaced by choosing the new one at the lowest cost. So, it is evident that customer is always in front foot and this is the main reason of success of the organization.

Cost of quality

In the process improvement cycle, quality cost is a mean to quantify the total cost of the quality related efforts and varied deficiencies. Here, Baby Shop management decides the maximum cost which will be incurred to them in order to prepare the things. It includes various measurement and some of them have been discussed down as under:

  • Quality planning
  • Statistical procedure control
  • Quality training and workforce development
  • Product-design verification
  • Systems development and management
  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Checking/li>
  • Setup for test or inspection
  • Test and inspection equipment
  • Quality audits

Quality play a crucial role in making customers available with p0.10" products of excellent quality. They are available to them at an affordable price as well.

Quality tools

Quality tools are used by cited firm in order to identify the problems which they are facing within the business organization. They can solve troubleshoots with the best of the measures in order to improve the quality. There exist seven basic quality tools which will help mentioned organization in improving their quality of products and services. These are:

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Cause and effect diagram

It identifies the major causes for the problems and management take ideas and imply them within their business venture.

Check sheet

Check sheet is a structured form of collecting data which can be taken into consideration for different purposes.

Control Chart

Graphs are used for studying how things changes from one time period to another.


This is the most common tool to show the frequency distribution. This helps the mentioned firm to tally the past results with the present ones.

Pareto Chart

These are made on chart in order to see that which factor is more dominating than another.

Scatter diagram

Here, graphs are paired in numerical data where one variable exists on each axis and focus has been made on developing an effective relationship.


This is a technique which separates gathered data from various sources so that a unique pattern is seen.

Quality measures which organization use

Baby Shops consider quality as their main source of revenue and they focuses on developing the best of products at an affordable price. Moreover, they majorly rely on their suppliers as they give them the excellent quality products which increase their turnover and develop an immense brand image. Moreover, organization sells more than 10,000 products online. For that, they have their official website which is planned in very simple, clean and with intuitive design. Further, all the products are beautifully presented in a detailed manner. Further, different categories have been developed so that it will become easier for the audience to click the desired category and choose their best of the products.

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Moreover, cited roll their products from various quality checks and then present the same for the purchase. Product testing, quality of material used, development processes are all taken into the consideration.


From the above report, it is clearly inferred that the Body shop is the global company which produces products for the children and have their operations around the globe. This report also showcase that organization focuses on developing the standard of the product and therefore they move their product through different steps of quality process.


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