Various Employability Skills

Analysis report on Employability Skills

Introduction to Employability Skills

Soft and non-technical skills are regarded as employability skills. These include self-management, communication, coordination, interpersonal and decision making skills. Such skills and abilities are highly required in this competitive era in order to get success and to survive in the market. For handling technical work in an efficient manner, non-technical expertise are needed. This project report basically focused on the employability skills of Training and Development of Manager in InterContinental Hotels Group PLC.

Further, this hotel group is basically known as IHG and it is public limited company. It is a British MNC hotel that is headquartered in Denham, UK. This hotel group has over 710,000 rooms and 4800 hotels across 100 countries. This group was found in 2003 and provides services of hospitality. Further, the revenue earned in 2014 were £1289.74 million. This hotel is contributing a major part in the UK economy. There are several divisions of this parent organization such as Candlewood Suites, Crown Plaza, and Even, Holiday Inn, InterContinental and many more. This hotel has around 7,794 number of employees who are rendering their services in different hotels or divisions of this group. This group has performed several CSR activities such as IHG Shelter in a Storm Programme that provides shelter during the storm. Global partnership with CARE allows it to draw deep expertise in humanitarian. This provides a channel to send fund for helping local communities. This has adopt the option of sustainability in which it manages and minimize the impact on the environment by reducing carbon and water use. The organization has attractive markets, highest opportunity segments, managed and franchised model.

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(A) Developing a set of own responsibilities and performance objectives

As a training manager in InterContinental Hotel Groups, I am required to fulfill my responsibilities and performance objectives. By working at this post, I need to recognize several duties and performance objectives so that I can perform my work in an efficient manner. Based on my experience I have recognized some of the responsibilities that are enumerated below:

Identification of Training Needs

I had to identify training needs among existing employees such as housekeepers, chefs and other staff on a regular basis. For this aspect, I have to complete job analysis and if there is, any new skill required to carry out the job than I have to provide training for that too. Along with this, I have to provide training to the new hired employees so that they can acquire the basic skills of carrying out a job. Furthermore, development of the employees should also be done in order to improve their career. Moreover, this can be identified through career paths, performance appraisals, etc. In about a month my performance objectives should be that, I must identify three major and four minor training needs.

To Plan a Training Event

After assessing the training needs, I have to plan the event that should effective. I have to ensure that this event should contain all the amenities, which assist the trainee to acquire training in an easier manner. I have to see that event should be equipped with handouts, projectors, charts, diagrams so that trainee can grasp the agenda of training in a lesser time. Moreover, this will help me to provide training in an efficient manner. Furthermore, I have to plan an innovative event so that trainees get attracted towards these sessions. I should ensure that every event should be unique from the past other events.

Management of Training Budget

While planning a training event, I have to allocate the budget so that expenditure does not get exceeded. Further, I have to manage the whole budget and within that, all the amenities and equipments should be arranged. The management of budget should be done in such an effective manner so that training event can become successful. Further, I have to set objectives that every training event should have minimum expenditure and it should be more innovative.

(B) Recommendations for the improvements

The objectives that have been identified by me based on my experience and this way I also tested my effectiveness against the set objectives. Sometimes I got encountered with a critical situation at the time of doing job analysis for the purpose of assessing the training needs . The HR manager have given me the target for identifying 4 training needs in 3 weeks in different areas that is housekeeping staff, marketing department and waiter staff. However, due to the lack of identifying and interpersonal skills, I was unable to recognize the training needs in 3 weeks and it took me 5 weeks for this duty. This happened because I was also lacking in time management abilities. Due to this reason, I am unable to achieve the targets and this affected my overall performance.

For this aspect, I have to take training for enhancing interpersonal skills and time-management skills. I have to discuss this issue with my colleagues and supervisors so that I could avail the training for this aspect. However, this method of acquiring skills will become time consuming and I do not have much time to avail the training session. Further, I can also acquire these skills by self-learning that is learning by reading books, through internet, etc. In these books and on internet blogs, some of the techniques to acquire skills have been provided. Those tips or guidance will help me out in developing my time-management skills and interpersonal skills. This will help in developing such skills among me. However, only by reading, learning cannot be adopted. For this purpose, I have to apply these techniques on the working so that it will help me in fulfilling my responsibilities given by the supervisors and other HR managers. After that, I will take feedback from the manager or other colleagues so that I can put a track over my progress and in this way, I can improve my performance.

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(A) Identification and solution for work based problem

Every organization encounter work based problem while carrying out business activity. It is easier to identify those problems, but the root cause of the problem cannot be identified. Moreover, it is in fact more problematic to recognize and suggest solutions for the same. While carrying out my work in InterContinental hotel, I encountered with a critical problem that is interdepartmental conflict. The conflict was between the housekeepers and HR department. I was unable to identify the actual issue to why the cold war has been arrived between these two departments. I decided to resolve the issue but failed at doing so. It is because I lack in conflict management skills. This lack of abilities led to the devastating situation because due to this, performance of the hotel was getting hampered and visitors were not getting satisfied. For that purpose, I decided to identify the reason behind the conflict.

Thus, I discussed the issue with my department and housekeepers separately. After that, I gathered all the information and listed down. Later, I did a detailed research on this and recognized that the reason behind this conflict is culture diversity. The housekeeping department were unable to understand the style of management which HR was applying. Thus, it resulted in conflict between two. For this purpose, I provided training to both department about the cultural diversity and language barrier and also about the new management style. This helped me in improving my conflict handling skills also. Further, also assisted me in developing my ability of research and discuss with other can lead to enhancement of interpersonal skills among me.

(B) Identification and evaluation of approaches for communicating a work-based problem

This work-based problems need to be communicated at all levels in order to assess the same conflict situations at different levels and different departments. Further, this will help in resolving the issue in a quick manner and further performance of the hotel can be improved and customers can get satisfied. Through this, training can be provided to the employees in order to acknowledge them about the cultural diversity and equality laws.

For deploying this experience, I have to identify several approaches of communication. These approaches can help me in delivering this news in an effective manner. For that aspect, I can write the whole experience on the web page ad publish it into the internal web portal so that all the peer groups and supervisors can see that and further can learn from this situation. However, this may also have a negative impact on the senior managers because they would not like to read this on the web portal. Further, I can also float e-mails to all the employees of the hotel so that staff can get assess if same situation is happening with them too. This cannot be consider as the right medium because due to network issue, it may not get delivered to each and every employee of the hotel. Thus, this way some of the employees does not get the information about the situation. Furthermore, I can also paste the posters about the same in each of the department so that information can be reached to them. However, this medium cannot be proved to be effective because many employees belonging from operations department and housekeeping department do not get enough time to read the postures due to their busy schedule and in this way information does not reach to them. Therefore, I can use web portal and email option and also I can communicate information in regular meetings with my colleagues and supervisors so that they can further communicate it with their subordinates.

(C) Examination of time-management strategies

There are various types of time-management strategies which are to be adopted by me in order to manage my time. Some of the strategies are described below:


As a training manager of IHG, I am require to carry out several tasks and duties. For that purpose, I must prioritize my work so that I can manage them well and accomplish those tasks on a given time-line. For this aspects every task should prioritized as per their importance and emergency. This will assist me in completing my work on a given time.


I have to plan each and every project or training event so that it can become effective and also the agenda can be achieved. If the planning is done prior to the training session then I can accomplish it in a given time and in this way employees will not get lethargic and their work will also not get hampered.

Avoid Multitasking

In order to do the proper time-management it is highly required by me to avoid multi-tasking. It is because multi-tasking leads to chaos of work and none of the task can be attained on time. Thus, I have to make assure that multi-tasking is not done while carrying out any work.

These are some of the strategies that are highly effective in developing my time-management skills. If I work as per the described strategies than I can accomplish my task on a given time. It is important for me to have time-management skills because if the work would get complete in a given time than I can utilize extra time for the development of other skills in which I lack. Further, I can also plan for my career development so that I can excel in my further career. Moreover, these skills will help me to carry out my responsibilities in my personal life as well.


(A) Roles played by the team members

In every department of IHG PLC, teams are made in order to carry out work in an effective manner. If the teams are built than goals of an organization can be achieved in an efficient manner. In a similar manner, teams are also structured in my department so that departmental shared goals can be achieved in an effective manner. Further, there are several roles which a team member plays in order to accomplish aims and objectives of the hotel. As per the Belbin's team roles theory, nine roles team members played.

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They challenge the team to improve and they are dynamic and stimulate the people and find the approaches to solve problems.


These members of the team get work done; they convert the ideas and concept of the team members into practical actions.


They see that the tasks are completed thoroughly. They also place attention on smallest things and ensure that errors or omission does not happen in future.


Such people act as a team-leader and coordinate the work and team for accomplishing the shared goals (Enslen, 2009).

Team Worker

Provides support to the team members and ensure that those members are working effectively.

Resource Investigator

These people are innovator and curious. They often negotiate with others through their interpersonal skills and make avail the resources for the team.


Creative innovators are those who often come with new ideas and approaches. However, they prefer to work apart from the team and are poor communicators.


They analyze the ideas and concept of other team members by weighing pros and cons before making any decision.


Special knowledge has been possessed by some people.

I played a role of team worker and plant to accomplish the goals of the team and overall goals of the hotel.

(B) Alternative ways to complete task

The one way of achieving shared goal is by identifying the team roles through Belbin theory. The alternative ways of completing the task as team is that by allocating duties to every one so that they can accomplish the task together. Moreover, there are some other methods through which task can be completed is that, management should motivate the team members on a regular basis and provide them proper direction in order to carry out the task in an effective manner. Further, the team can also accomplish shared goals if they have been given a particular deadline and in this way, they will be motivated to achieve those deadlines. It is the duty of an HR manager to provide them proper rewards and recognition so that their morale remain boosted up which will help them in performing their task.


(A) Investigation and analysis of work-based problem

The real work-based problem arises in the organization and I am facing various issues due to this problem. People were not interested towards the training sessions and they were avoiding these sessions by making fake excuses. For the analysis of the problem, investigation was done using different methods of analysis that are discussed below:

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360 Degree Appraisal

This tool was used and in this, I took the feedback of every employee and from the stakeholders about the resistance of employees. Moreover, I also put a close observation on a particular group of people. After this the complete report was made.

Flow Chart

In this method, problem is stated from starting until end. This is one of the best method to identify problems, which are arising in the organization. Each and every possible areas are listed down. Furthermore, I can analyze the root cause of the problem.

After doing this, it has been assessed that root cause of the problem is that there is excessive workload due to which people are resisting to take training because they think their time will get wasted in these session. Due to this workload, people got frustrated and this way their deadline were not meeting on time. Further, this has impacted their work performance and also degraded the quality of services which IHG provides.


As per the study conducted on the employability skills of the training manager in InterContinental hotel, it has been concluded that he/she must possess all kinds of soft-skills in order to tackle the nature of the job. Further, the responsibilities have been identified and have been applied on a specific situation to enhance the skills of manager. Moreover, time-management strategies have been formulated which will help in performing the work in a definite period. Furthermore, by using 360-degree tool, work based problem can be defined and strategies can be made to resolve it.


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