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Ali Hamad

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I’m an assignment writer who is devoted to offering academic writing assistance to GCC-based students. I hold postgraduate degree in Textile Engineering. My credentials and expertise on this subject have helped many students till date. The topics that I have already covered include Textile Fibre, Fabric manufacture and Fabric Structure, Yarn manufacture and yarn structure & properties, Printing, Dyeing, Energy Conservation, principles of multiphase and circular looms,Roving production, Principle of ring spinning, Yarn contraction, principle of non conventional methods of yarn production such as rotor spinning, functional principles of weft insertion systems of shuttle-less weaving machines, etc. Contact me to score top grades in the assignments on any topic related to this subject.

Subjects Covered

Textile Fibre Fabric manufacture and Fabric Structure Yarn manufacture and yarn structure & properties Printing Dyeing Energy Conservation principles of multiphase and circular looms Roving production Principle of ring spinning Yarn contraction

Methods of Yarn Production

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  February 13, 20185

I needed assistance on a topic related to yarn production and took his guidance for the same. Thank you for so much!

Writer Feedback: February 14, 2018

Thank you!

Textile Fibre

Customer’s feedback:
  February 15, 20184

I find assignment writing really difficult. So, when I got the task, I took help from their team. Ali was assigned to me for the guidance and I am grateful for that as he proved to be of immense support to me.

Writer Feedback: February 16, 2018

Pleasure is all mine!

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